Friday, January 02, 2009

Resolutions Checklist

How good have i been in this last year?

Have i followed all my resolutions?


I had taken the following resolutions last year

1. I am going to practice being nice. Nice to everyone I know, don’t know, like, dislike, everyone


As far as i know i dont think i have hurt anyone, killed anyone, blackmailed anyone or molested anyone in this past one year!! I have smiled at people though i have felt like kicking them where it hurts, i have helped people (errr a person) whom i dont know at all. So yeah!! i think this resolution has been kept

2. I am going to start writing accounts


Sighh!! next question please!! :(

I wrote accounts till mid february and then i realised i was still spending and burning money like i was doing when i was not writing accounts!! And Sheikheee and I took this resolution together. He lasted till April, but yay!! even he broke it. So i dont have to feel that guilty. (Not that sheikhee is an ISO certifed account writer mind you but still knowing that someone else also failed miserably helps!! Misery loves company you see! :P)

3. I am going to do more of what I like this year

Check Check Check!!

2008 has been a GREAT year for me w.r.t doing things i like, w.r.t spending time with friends, w.r.t being good to family, w.r.t making a lot of new friends, w.r.t having the time of my life!! 2008 was good!! :)

4. I am going to read more books

Check Check Check again!! :)

Read a lottttt of books. Bought a lott of books. Threatened friends to gift me a lot of books. Actually made my sister read Shantaram and appreciate it!! (Yay!! :)), discovered a lot of good writers (Indian mostly). So yeah!! This resolution was the one i kept with utmost sincerity!! :)
So what are my resolutions for this year??

Oh well!! Pretty much the same actually (remove 2) along with proper trekking thrown in. Did a couple of treks, loved them and would love to do more!! Western Ghats and North East India here i come!! :):)

Welcome 2009!! :). Hope u r as good to me as 2008 was!! :)
Happy New Year folks!! :)


Kausikram Krishnasayee said...

Cha!! didnt you know that resolutions are meant to be broken?:P

Dewdrop said...

Hope u stick on to ur resolutions... Happy New Year!!!

shyamala said...

Happy new year Revs..!! PPL changes but resolutions doesnt.. Hoping to expect same kinda resolutions next year also :P

Sree said...

ObAmA!! 75% checked!! Neat!! :D

Happy New year buddy! :D

Jaya S said...

"Misery loves company"...I so totally agree! Good luck with the resolutions :).

Annapoorani said...

Cool resolutions....AS always enjoyed reading your post....

GoodEarth said...

Happy 2009 & Happy Resolutions Revs! hope you fare well this year too :)

btw, i didnt know you were actually trying to be nice to people and you really really succeeded in this attempt!! Huh! :P :P

Revathi said...

heh heh. true. but mine arent resolutions exactly!! ;)
Thanks for visiting!! :)

Thanks for visiting!! :)
Happy New Year to u too!! :)

Thanks a lot

thank you!! :)

ahh!! experience speaks is it?? :P


thanks for visiting!! :)

jayanthi said...

hey revz...happy new year...
cool resolutions..half of these u knew u wont be able to do(accounts..:P) and other half u cant to do without books

when did all these come into resolutions category...!!!hmmm

i thght resolution is something that i make :) sample this..."am goin to read ur ext blogs(corporate..guess u have stopped)and comment..and mebbe write myself atleast one this year" phew...
nice post as usual...


Nautankey said...

Accounts!! thats scary..u will end up thinking ur bankrupt by 10th of the month.

Appy noo year too

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ajeesh dasan said...

happy new year..