Wednesday, January 28, 2009


It was a wonderful long weekend. Long weekends are like a family pack of chocolate chip icecream. Large and wonderful and delicious and SEEMINGLY never ending but when they get over you are left with a pleasant taste in your mouth and an empty box, hopelessly wishing there were more left. If you thought coming to office on Monday was the pits try coming to office on a Tuesday after a long weekend. I mean I almost think of it as capital punishment.

Boss: Revathi, We charge you with the offence of having a fantabulous weekend not staring at a computer screen but having maximum fun. You deserve capital punishment and will be placed on the death row. Go to office at 8.30 on Tuesday.
Me: Nooooooooooooooooo!!

Sigh!! Ok!! So I am overreacting but after a great weekend work is the second last thing I want to do. The last thing being drinking the vending machine ki chai.

I went on a trek to Javadhu hills this weekend. Javadhu hills are a part of the eastern ghats located near vellore famous for sandalwood trees and frequented by our very own Veerappan.
Maybe it is psychological or maybe the trek was super easy (who am I kidding. It WAS easy) but I trekked like a mountain goat. The kind of mountain goat which throws caution to the wind and leaps and skips and jumps confidently over rocks confident of its step. I would like to think its because of my 5km running in the morning. Ok. So time to blow my trumpet!! Ahem!!
I have been sincerely running 5 kms from my house (near grand sweets adyar) to Tidel park everyday in the morning all of last week. I didn’t bunk a single day or play hooky. If you know me you will realize what a Herculean task it is for me to get up in the morning at 6.00 to go running when the weather is cold and perfect outside and my bed looks so inviting. The fact that I have done it for a week makes me feel pretty much the same way Edmund Hillary and Tensing Norgay felt after they had scaled the baap of all mountains. I don’t know what my motivation is. In the past 23 years my mother has tried, my sister has tried my grandmother has tried, my roommates have tried waking me up at 6 in the morning without luck. I just wouldn’t wake up. Exercise to me was for people above the age of 50 or those who had some disease.
I think it is largely because of the pathetic form I was in during the Kolli trek panting and puffing like an 80 year, 95 kg woman that I am running so sincerely now. After Kolli I promised myself that I would try to regain the form I was in in class 7th when my physical education teacher had nicknamed me "Lambi race ka ghoda" because I had excellent stamina and would run 7km marathons as effortlessly as Obama delivers a speech. I mostly go wagging (errrr walking + jogging) in the morning nowadays. Jogging for about 4 minutes, walking for another 2, jogging again and so on and so forth and I seem to be doing better each day. the first day it took me 50 minutes and nowadays it takes me somewhere between 38 to 42 minutes to jog 5 kms.
Ok so that’s enough blowing my trumpet. I just hope I can continue in this spirit for at least 2 more months.

I came back on Sunday night from the trek and went to watch Slumdog Millionaire on Monday. It’s a good movie but I am not sure if its worth all that hype. I mean personally I think the media needs to chill a little because I have definitely seen better Indian movies which never got the kind of hype SDM did. I mean hadh hai yaar. Jahaan jao bas slumdog hi slumdog hai. I have seen T shirts, mugs, pirated VCDs, fan clubs, golden globes and Oscars associated with SDM. For the past 2 weeks both the Hindu and Times have had at least one article or "tidbit" associated with Slumdog.

Dev is a very warm human being - Frieda Pinto. (Yeah and we are all cold blooded mass murderers).

Dev has to work very hard to lose his accent.

SRK was offered Anil’s role but he refused..

I went to Odyssey and saw that Vikas Swarup has changed the name of his novel from Q & A to Slumdog Millionaire!! Sheeeesh!! Which reminds me there is a sale on at Odyssey. So all u book lovers now is the right time to visit Odyssey. I have already hoarded.

Coming back to Slumdog there were lots of places where it was unreal. I mean it would have been authentic had the kids spoken in Hindi. The Taj Mahal scenes were a little too hard to digest. I mean the part when the kids are young was nice mainly because of the use of Hindi.And whats with Anil Kapoor? I mean the least he could have done is learnt to pronounce the word "millionaire" correctly given the fact that he uses it so often in the movie. His pronunciation ranges from "mill-nare" to "mill-ner" to so many other things except millionaire. Anyway I liked the movie. Good time pass though at times I wonder if the movie would have worked if some Indian director had made it. Hmmm. And I loved the music but then again I have heard better from Rehman again. I think Bombay, Roja and all were classics and SM’s music pales in comparison to them.

But like I said its good time pass watching the movie and when Dev Patel looks so cute who am I to complain?? ;)

So that was my weekend. Wanted to badly watch the plays and attend a concert at Saarang but trekking takes preference any day.

Signing off in the hope of another long and fun weekend
Yours Truly


Jibi said...

Hope you had a nice weekend...
One query, Did you go for this trekking trips as part of a trekking club or something??

If so can you please let know how to get in touch with them..


Jibi said...

Hope you had a nice weekend...
One query, Did you go for this trekking trips as part of a trekking club or something??

If so can you please let know how to get in touch with them..


Revathi said...

Thanks for visiting.
I belong to a club called Chennai Trekking Club which treks in and around TamilNadu each weekend. You can check them out at
There was an article about CTC in Monday's Metro Plus. Maybe u can check that out!! :)

Sree said...

Bilkul Bakwaas! :P
Good to know you are covering 5kms...hope I get to see you next time...btw, am alergic to bones! ;)
Enjoyed the trek eh.?? cool...I enjoyed the beauty in around IIT..the blackbucks and Saarang! :P
Par concert ka ticket nahi mila (goddamn saved an arm worth of cash)!! :D
Have a nice week Jamnu-ben! :D

Thoorika said...

Odyssey has a sale?!!! Thanks a lot for informing! :)

Arun said...

Revs,isme koi bakwaas nahi hain !!!

gee ya run 5 kms at 6 AM???!!!!!!!! whoa ! salut !

ah yea been awhile since ya wrote abt yer treks...was wondering if yud stopped...
when does the odyssey sale end?I didnt know it was on...

Jibi, I dint know ya liked trekking :p

Sanjeev said...

Nice article.. bang on.. SLUM DOG was good but not great.. lots of screen play technically it was far from perfect..but the spirit of the movie was infectious..Music wise too,your views were correct but i just think that the jury got carried with movie and hence the overflow of nominations.. personally i felt " o saya" was worthier than "jai ho" for the awards.. but again one heartening fact is that "jai ho" was oozing bollywood good to see it getting noticed :)

GoodEarth said...

Nice post madame! Happy jogging & happy shopping at Odyssey! Have a memorable weekend! :)

Jibi said...

Many thanks for the info madam. Will try to get some trekking into me.

Not into heavy trekking(Physical limitations :)). But I have thoroughly enjoyed whatever light trekking I have done till now. So trying to expand.

Dinesh said...

I agree. Slumdog was good but I was puzzled that it got such rave reviews.

Revathi said...

Heh!! Thanks for visiting!!:)

yer welcome!! :)

doing a curtsy!! thank you thank you!! :P
Lets hope it lasts though!! ;)
the jogging i meant!! :)

i have nothing against slumdog. looking at all that hype i was like wth!! Hmmm
Thanks for visiting!! :)

Thanks!! :)

well!! if u r looking for easy treks and all that i would say reconsider joining coz the treks labelled easy are moderate and the ones labelled moderate are tough. i ve never been on a tough trek before. These are serious trekkers who camp out so dont expect any sorta luxury or proper "restrooms" and such. its proper wilderness!! :)

mm hmm!!
Thanks for visiting!! :)

anu said...

ok..that does getting off my butt and hitting the gym....I haven't done a stroke of exercise for the past 8 months...and though I cant run 5 km without collapsing after the first 500 m,walk I can and walk I shall...

Jibi said...

Hmmm... All the more interesting then.

I hope they dont make us swing on ropes on most treks.

Maams said...

Wow revs... Way to go! :) I so wish i have the conviction like you.. i have been planning to go for a morning walk for months together still not able to execute it... :( Anyways.... About SDM... I second you!! :)

Revathi said...

Ahhhh!! suit yourself!! and errrr funny u should ask but we did swing from ropes on one trek!! good fun it was!! :D:D

aieeeeeeeeeeeee!! maaams!! :)
conviction um ila oru mannum ila!! :P
Thanks for visiting!! :)

PV said...

George Clooney to Dev Patel....Good choice!!! :-)