Friday, January 30, 2009


I am sitting in a meeting room listening to something which I don’t understand, listening to some technology which is beyond me, an application which I wont use, a knowledge which I cannot appreciate. Yes I am bored, yes I am sleepy and it will not look nice if I suddenly fall asleep on the glass table when 10 other people are listening intently. Hence I am doing what I do when I dunno what to do. I am writing. It is at the most inappropriate of times that I decide to do some introspection. I mean right now I am supposed to be listening, understanding and absorbing a new earth shattering application. Everyone else around me thinks I am scribbling some notes related to the meeting in my notepad. I cant help but smile when I think of how they would react if they really knew what I was writing. Oh shit!! A team mate of mine just saw me grinning and wants to know what I find funny. Turns out she is also bored. Think Revs think. What is so funny about this meeting/application that makes u smile?

"heh heh!!" I smile lamely "her voice" I say pointing to the phone from which emanates the voice of a lady who is teaching us how to use the application. "is so funny"
"heh heh" my team mate laughs
"heh heh" I reply
I am sure she thinks I have an IQ lower that lowest form of aquatic life. Whatever!! I am used to that!!

Ah!! Where was I ? yeah!! Introspection. Coming back to that. There is a voice inside me which is asking me "why are u doing this? Why are u even sitting here pretending to listen but paying as much attention as this country pays to its women (my blood boils as I think of the fact that Mysore issue and the Karnataka CM's statements about it. Maybe I will write about it next. But I need to simmer a little down to write about it. On second thoughts Maybe i wont write about it. This blog never made any sense anyway and i would hate for it to do so suddenly!! hmmm)

For the first time in my life I find myself shutting out my inner voice because for the first time I dunno what answer to give!! Why am I doing this? Why am I sitting in this room listening to some application which is earth shattering and I am about as interested in listening to it as you would be in getting ur daughter married to dawood Ibrahim. There is a saying which goes like this
"if u don’t do what u like u will eventually end up liking what u do"?
I am scared. I am scared a day will come when I will go "sigh!! how beautiful. What grace. What panache" and shed happy tears when I see a java code compiling or an sql query working. I hope that never happens to me.

Rofl!! A team mate just asked me if I was taking down notes and I cant help laughing out aloud. Another team mate quips "Revathi and taking down notes. humph" she smirks. "you have got to be kidding. Must be writing a blog" . I am glad for her support. I guess I must be really really predictable.

Anyway I am not complaining. I am really not. I am just errr..musing!! :rolling eyes: I love my life as it is now but sometimes I feel it really has no meaning. Sometimes I have these troughs in my life’s graph (this is one of them after a long crest period!! :)) when I feel I could have done something else, been someone else, done something I really like to do. Hmmmm. Sighhhhh. I hate the 'if only..' phases of my life.

Ewwww. Another team mate of mine just saw that I had written 2 pages and wants to read what I have written. I better stop now and continue my ramblings. Maybe when the next meeting happens. In S/W companies trust me there is no dearth of silly meetings!!

P.S: Yep!! Coding phase of my project has started!! Pretty evident huh?? ;)


JaLpArI said...

hey revathy...
there was an award in circulation...
The Butterfly Award...
you have been awarded one here:

plz pass it on

Arun said...

super minutes of the meeting ! :D

Sree said...

Hehe...I agree with Arun...good MoM there!! :P
Indeed there's no dearth just like there's no reason for meetings out here...sheesh! :D

D_Observer said...

nice MoMs!!
i normally draw during these meetings. My friends sometime do take out my notepad and try to admire the drawings - and they are always stunned - drawings are horrible beyond imagination ;) hahaha

// when the next meeting happens. In S/W companies trust me there is no dearth of silly meetings!!

just have been attending meetings from the time on bench - all on process improvement and innovations of which i dont have even faintest ideas :)

Anonymous said...

Ahh the amazing enlightening meetings.. I still remember the intricate 'stuff' they discussed in all the meeting when i was in cognizant.. In Tamil!!! with the onsite guy.. It was safe to say I understood as much as the next guy who's been speaking tamil since he was inconcept stage..

And let me clear another misconception.. Meetings are there Everywhere!! in All the industries.. but outside s/w its generally a grimfaced MD busting your ass for something you could not, cannot do.. :P

Revathi said...

Thanks a lot!! :)

Thankee!! :)

heh!! thanks!! :)

Thanks for visiting!! :)

Thanks for visiting!! :)

Jaya S said...

Oh yes, we have a meeting every Monday. And I hardly listen. So I'm not the only one :-P?