Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Last week hasnt been quite the perfect week.

Things with a friend arent going to great. As in not with regards to my relationship with her but her relationship with someone else. Thats the problem if you are real close to someone. You can almost feel their anguish and pain and i have been worrying myself sick wondering if there is absolutely anything that i can do about it. Hmmmm.

Things at home are also taking an ugly turn and after ages and ages I had a fight about a really petty issue with people at home.

I have been completely avoiding human contact as much as possible. There was a time when i would talk for at least three hours on the phone daily with certain friends in bangalore, certain friends in ayanavaram and certain other friends completely losing track of time and yapping away to glory. I just dont feel like talking anymore. So much so that i switch my cell off at night to avoid talking on the phone. Sighhh!! I never thought there would be a day when i would get tired of talking but i hate talking on the phone when i am not my usual cheerful and enthusiastic self. I mean I hate talking to crabby people and I am sure no one would have liked to talk to me these last few days.

Books and Music are my only solace now. Oh by the way one source of happiness in the last few days has been the fact that Viva la Vida of Coldplay won the Grammy's for the song of the year!! Yay!! Coldplay - Congratulations and Thank you so much. If not for you the past one week would have been hell. I love your songs!!

I have also been reading like never before. Reading well into the night, Reading in the bus, Reading while eating..... I have had quite a capital time reading. I finished reading two books over the weekend. Three men in a boat by Jerome k Jerome and last couple of chapters of "The hungry tide" by Amitav ghosh. Loved both of them and I have started reading 'Emma' by Jane Austen - a book which i got for a steal price in Odyssey. If not for friends,books and music (in that order) life wouldnt have been worth living i tell ya.

And the fact that work has been rearing its ugly head and has made it near impossible for my lifeless life to perk up is not very consoling.

Sighhh!! I need a break. Yes. I think i will take a break!!


Sriram said...

:( was my first reaction. But then you've got excellent company. Nothing like drowning yourself in books and of course some delhi-6! Besides, think of things like this and cheer yourself up! Good times are arnd the corner :)

Revathi said...

Ahhh!! Delhi 6!! but of course!!
I have been trying to cheer myself up from morning by singing "Mujhe kya gham mera rishta gagan ki bansuri se hai, pavan ki guftagu se hai sooraj ki roshni se hai" :P:P
ARR!! what would we do without u!!
and yeah. i know good times are just around the corner!! :)
or they will be as soon as we get some severe typhoid or viral fever!! :P
Thanks a lot for visiting man!! :)

Kausikram Krishnasayee said...

yedu aruvala sriram you have stolen my place :P revs kolla panalama is that allowed ???
and lucky bum you. the last book i read was object oriented javascript :D.
oh yeah it was a good book ;)

Revathi said...

Ahhh!! Perspective!!! Thats all it takes to cheer oneself up!! :P:P
Considering the fact that the last book u read was OOP i am a blessed soul when compared to you!!
Ahhhh!! yer comment cheered me up immensely!! :D
So much so that i give u full permission to aruva edithify and attack Sriram!! I am sure he will give u a good fight. We dont call him Brigadier for anything!! :P

vijayaraghavan said...

You are doing the wrong thing. Take your eyes off the book. Look at the world and it will give you more reason to be perked up. Child's laughther, Blossoming flower, Good Ilayaraja melody etc.

Balaji Srinivasan said...

Get well sooon :)

Arun said...

gee the 1st 2 parahs werent you at all !
didja catch the grammies?

so whatcha doin for the break?

Sriram said...

Ha ha.. veecharuva veerasamy a adhu :P

that works too. diff strokes for diff folks.. just forget everything and become a spectator. but of course, remember werner heisenberg :P

Madan said...

if u ignore calls from friends and isolate so obvious that ur gonna depressed... LOL

So stop worrying abt stalkers and make frequent calls to a 'jalandhar' friend... things will surely look up... ;)

Madan Chander said...

my renewed sense of blogging...
so will take time to read up ur jib jab...

Revathi said...

errrrrr. thanks???
ilayaraja is music and so is coldplay!! (rolling eyes).

heh!! thanks man!!

no man!! no TV, no grammy!! :P
and break. ah well!! actually nothing!! :P
should practise meditation

didnt get the heisenberg connection. i dont like the fact that yer talking about quantam physice here dude!! :-|

hey! thanks for visiting!! :)

Kausikram Krishnasayee said...

brigadiera?? okay comment take back ....especially so since he seems to know veerasamy .... ayyo veerasamy veshti ku minala veecharuva waste :|

Milinta said...

Mi back :)

And Emma is a lovely book Revs.. One of my all time favs... but u should like classics to like the book..
And u'll get a call from Choolaimedu tonight.. so DONT u dare switch off the phone :| :|

Aishwarya said...

Well, life cannot be always great can it?
But I'm sure things will sort themselves out and u'll be the cheerful Revs we know.. :)
Know what, sometimes it is good to stay sober for sometime.. Builds character (as Calvin's father would've put it :P )
Wishing that all the gloomy clouds move away and the sun shines again! :D

Harish said... is not perfect u see :(

Sanjeev said...

nice one.. straight from the heart :)

Revathi said...

Heh!! If brig were here he d say "andha bhayam irrukatum" :P

Started Emma. I like it!! :)

@aishu papaaaaaaaa
Thanks for visiting snowwomen!! :P (Errrr that was a joke. because u r in a place which is so cold i m assuming u would have become snow woman by now!! :P)

Sadly..Yeah!! :)
Thanks for visiting!! :)

Thanks!! :)