Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Weekday paanch aur weekend sirf do??? BAHUT nainsaafi hai!! :P

If u were born after the year 2000 (even thats no excuse actually) or if you are living under a rock chances are that you wouldnt have seen Sholay and dont understand the title of this post. This is the dialogue which comes in the BAAP of all Hindi movies Sholay and our quintessential villain Gabbar Singh says it. Errrr. he doesnt say it verbatim but he says something like this to indicate that it is a great injustice that 7 men fought against 2 men. Ahhh!! Anyway the crux of this post is not the dialogues of Sholay. (Ah ha!! i heard you say 'your post doesnt have a crux, it only sucks'. HUMPH!! :-\)

So it has been yet another great weekend. Finally after 1 and a half years of Aki calling us to bangalore every weekend six of us decided to grace bangalore with our presence and what a weekend it has been!! One amazing trip to banaglore, mekedaatu, the promise of a waterless chunchi(or is it chuchi or chuchu or chenchu??) falls and bannerghatta national park and yet again coming to office on monday morning felt like someone had pushed me into a garbage dump. Notice how i write my posts about my weekends two or three days after my weekend? I need those two three days to moon about and be depressed and generally go about having a face like a dead duck. I tend to write my posts only after i have recovered from my weekend hangover!! :P

I aint gonna bore u guys by giving u details about mekedattu, sangam, chunchi, bannerghatta etc. There is enough information on the internet.

But i will say that it is a great place to go with a couple of great friends and have a weekend out being silly and having a whale of a time.

Surprisingly i didnt find bangalore that irritating this time around. Usually the weather, the "we-will-have-boards-only-in-kannada" buses, the "so-slow-that-i-d-prefer-walking" traffic, the "we-dont-know-any-other-word-except-gothilla" people and the "so-sweet-i-dunno-if-its-kesari-or-sambhar" sambhar get on my nerves but this time none of it bothered me (errrr because the weather was perfect, not too hot, not too cold, we didnt take the bus at all except to go to bannerghatta, since we were out of the city all the time i didnt get a taste of the traffic much and thankfully we didnt have to ask for direction to be answered with a gothilla. Aaaah!! Pro-Bangaloreans i am sorry and maybe i am biased or maybe because i have been in chennai for so long i cant appreciate or love any other city as much as i love Chennai)

Akiiiii, Thanks for being a wonderful host and also for the treat in Metro and errrr please dont tell anyone about that goof up i did in Metro about the train leaving and catching the next one. OMG!! i dont think i will ever live that down!! :D

My IQ levels on this trip to bangalore were at an all time low. I was unsually absent minded, pathetically slow in understanding things, horrendously stupid and kept saying things which made no sense whatsoever.

Me: Hey Sandy who paid for the caps
Sandy: I did Revs
Me: oh ok. I need to keep an account of who is spending what.
after 5 minutes
Me: oh by the way Sandy who paid for the caps?
Sandy: ^*%#^#^#$@

Sandy: Hey maybe we should get a breakfast parcel for the rest of the girls Aki
Me: Yeah good idea.
Aki: Yeah. I will call them and ask them what they wantMe: Yeah ok
(after 2 mins when Aki was talking on the phone to the others)
Me: Heyyyyyyy!! i have a great idea. Why should all of them come here and have breakfast? We can pack a parcel for them and take it home right??
Aki: Duh!!!!!

Sighhh!! Slowly and steadily (or rather at an exponential speed ) i think i am losing it!!

I also spent some time with a friend who recently got married. It gives me immense happiness when i see a very good friend of mine happily married and settled after having had a somewhat tumultuous life. He has married an angel or rather a super woman who cooks amazingly well from morning to night for 20 people, maintains the house like a hotel room, talks well with everyone whether she knows them or not and also manages to study for her exams and all this just 2 months after her marriage!! Sheeesh!! She is the kind of girl i would never want my mother to meet or see!! The ideal woman!! :P
So it was a great weekend and i just realised that since the start of this year i have been home only one weekend!! :P. Nowadays if i stay home weekends my grandmother thinks i am sick and gets all worried!! :P
Sighhhh!! Oh for 5 day weekends!!
Some pictures. :)
errrrr..this is not a bunch of retards. Thats us doing kung fu!!:P:P. Notice the one on the extreme left hanging like a clothes hanger in a cupboard!! :P

Doing what we do best. Being stupid!! :P

A friendly zebra in bannerghatta!! :)


Milinta said...

I missed it :( :( :(
Oh, the perils of being married...

Nivedita said...

damn, i cant see the pics here at office.. but the kungfu pic showed :) looks like u had a gr8 time!

Jass said...

LOL@ the kung fu pic, reminded me of kungfu panda actually... The Furious five :P

//My IQ levels on this trip to bangalore were at an all time low.
Are you sure it was only this time or is it just the 1082361231231th time ? :)

Revathi said...

Sighhhhh!! we missed u big time man!! :)

Thanks bakeddie!! :)

My god!!! what creativity on your part to think of such a fabulous comment. really. i am very impressed!! :P
how did u find out? your IQ levels were sure not low man and never will be. and how did u arrive at that number? wrote some program for random number calculation or something in java!! i wouldnt be surprised!! :P:P

Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Jassi Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!! (look at the zebra in the pic. its actually going Uuuuuuu!! :D:D)

Anonymous said...

U cheat!! Thats not a zebra, Thats U.. :P :P

U thought u could pass it off as a stupid looking, dumb animal which sticks its tongue out at everyone?? Nah..

Now I see the connection between sholay and ur post, Basanti.. :P

Kung-fu?? Ahem..

waise I see u've had a nice weekend.. :)

Srinath S said...

I just love the Zebra pic:P

Bangalore is ok...

You'll love it whn chennai is boiling hot in summer..

Thoorika said...

Seems like u had lots of fun!!! :) Saw ghajni off late?! ;P

Revathi said...

oooooooooh!! sherlock holmes man!! thats what you are!! of course that zebra is me!! i thought i could fool everyone but i guess u are way too intelligent!! :P
mujhe pata tha. people like u, jassi and all are only capable of leaving sad comments like this. kabhi koi dhang ka shareef comment math chodo!! humph!!

Thank u. will convey ur love to the zebra!! :P
and bangalore yeah!! ok is the word i would associate with bang too!!
hot or cold i prefer chennai anyday!! :)
Thanks for visiting!! :)

yeah man!! Thankee!!
and ghajini no i havent seen it. why do u ask???

Sriram said...

Looks like you're having a lot of fun. I know it sounds impossible but suppose you and your friends suddenly develop 'typhoid/intense viral fever' you guys could do a big trip across karnataka including some really nice places - hampi, udipi, sringeri etc. Trust me. Even in the height of summer, it was great despite bad sunburns and dehydration :)

the "we-dont-know-any-other-word-except-gothilla" people and the "so-sweet-i-dunno-if-its-kesari-or-sambhar" sambhar get on my nerves

Say what you want about the other things but please, don't ever criticise food! Any food! Ever had lunch at the Udipi temple? :D The sweet sambhar is a variant and a wonderful variant at that :)

Hema :) said...

Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevvvvvvssssssss :) :)

Revathi said...

@BRIG!! :)
Right sir. Time for us to get some ghastly disease which will force all of us to bunk office for at least a week and recover!! :P:P
Thanks for the suggestion!!
and nope!! Udipi food not eaten and heyyyy i thought sambhar was supposed to be spicy. sweet sambhar is like having slaty gula jamoons!! hmmmm!!
Thanks a lot for visiting brig!! :)

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeems!! :)
Yenna sollara?? Unnaku typhoid vara madri irruka?? yenna konjam apdi dhaan irruku!! :P:P

Kausikram Krishnasayee said...

i am:
1) guilty - for not visiting here for over a month. had been busy / ill/ busy and ill.
2) jealous: that you enjoy weekends when all i can do is sleep it out .
3) angered: as an animal activist that you scared a poor little zebra by pointing a camera at it and shooting.
5) LoLing: after reading your comment on @jass.

Boy what a catharsis of emotions. should hopefully be a regular from now. save the first comment for me please :)

Abishek said...

which married friend are you talking about?

Vinod R Iyer said...

How abt being a travel guide .. That way even on those 5 days you will be travelling .. If wishes were stallions ! :)

Sree said...

Cool...great to know you loved Bangalore this time round...everyone does that when they are not in the city!! I love that place when I'm in Chennai! :P
Waise am not biased when it comes to places...just like am not about anything else! ;)

Hanger wala group pic was amazing...It would have been amazing on a mountain tip...but I hope this lake had some underlying currents! ;)
And the last pic with you Zebra fancy dress was so UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!! :D

Revathi said...

Awwww!! Thats ok. i havent really written any earth shattering stuff for u to feel guilty!! :):)
first comment unnaku dhaan!! kavala padadhe!! :P:P
Thanks a lot for visiting!! :)

u know all my friends?? strange considering i dont know who you are!! :)

Heh!! sighhhhh!! if only!! :)

sheeeesh!! that zebra is not me!! please!! i mean jus look at it. its so pretty looking!! why would it be me!!:P
Thanks for visiting man!! :)

GoodEarth said...

The zebra is sooo cute :)
am gonna visit Bannerghatta zoo pretty soon & say hi to this friendly zebra!!
i was digging the Kungfu pic to spot you... but anyway... you wouldnt look any diff right? :P :P

e t e r n a l said...

//hanging like a clothes hanger


u ppl were rocking :) and you gals were at your best being stupid!!

Zebra pic is awesome!!