Monday, February 23, 2009

Of chaddis, Delhi 6, infinite loops and other bakwaas!!

1. I saw exactly 57 chaddis in bangalore this weekend. I mean what is it with people in bangalore and showing chaddis. I mean c'mon man!! You can hardly sit in an ice cream parlor, restaurant, theatre or mall without beholding at least 3,4 chaddis around you. Maybe i am old fashioned, maybe i am so archaic and ancient that i m scandalized at the sight of a mere 50 gram chaddi peeping out of pants so low i cant believe they actually stand up there, but i liked the days when chaddis were something very personal, were not sent to politicians when u were offended with them, were not brands but were just u know chaddis. sighhh!!

2. All you people out there who are planning to watch Delhi 6 one wise word of caution from this wise girl!! :P (okk!! the me being wise part was a joke but not the wise word of caution part). It is a TERRIBLE movie. I wasted 165 bucks to watch the movie in a seedy theatre called "Urvasi" theatre in bangalore and since yesterday i have been unable to sleep just thinking about all the things i could have done with 165 bucks at the end of the month. And it doesnt help when you have friends who tell you "165 bucks??tch tch. you could have fed 4 kids in somalia for that money."But seriously. I dont know what Rakyesh Omprakash mehra was thinking when he made the movie. now RDB was a wholesome entertainer but Delhi 6 is a sloth fest with such a horrific climax it makes u wonder if this was made by a first time director. Trust me Vijaykanth's movies where just a "tambalam" would prevent our captain from getting hurt seemed much more logical than the climax of Delhi 6. The music seems to be wasted on such a good movie. The songs hardly play for 30 seconds each and Abhishek irritating-fake-accent Bacchan makes sure he gets on ur nerves every time he opens his mouth to talk in English. Dear AB jr, rolling your r's when u say serious and works DOES NOT constitute an american accent. It seems like the director started making the movie, hired ARR (he won 2 oscars!! woo hoo!! :)) to make some FANTABULOUS music, made AB jr work on his crappy accent and after shooting 10 minutes of the movie he realised "Ooops!! no story", after 20 mins he realised "Ooops!! no climax", after half an hour realised "Oooops, American accent doesnt work" and then just because he had spent so much decided to go on and continue making the movie using the monkey man (Kaala Bandar) concept. The movie is also a walking adverisement for motorola and IBN. every frame has either one of these products. Untouchabliltiy, Casteism, Family feuds, Unmarried girl being a stigma, Girl getting married against her wishes, Grandmother wanting to die in "apni mitti", showing the pathetic state of Indian traffic and calling that "real" India is all passe and cliched Mr.Mehra. Seriously, i expected much more from you and i am very disappointed with Delhi 6.

3. Sowrangutan who had promised to meet me this weekend decided to ditch me in the last minute citing lame excuses. I still cant believe that someone would want to meet an architect when they have the opportunity to meet me!! :P. Something tells me I intimidated the little (in the literal sense. I hear she is not more than 4 feet tall) kid and she was just scared to meet me!! Or maybe because she met Goof and S3 she kind of developed an image in her head of the kind of people all the Chennai bloggers are and hence refused to meet me!! :P

What the real reason is I never shall know!! :P

4. I have eaten enough ice cream in corner house this weekend to feed 20 kids in somalia for 2 days. An year back on my first trip to banaglore i expressed an interest to eat at corner house. My friends sicne then think that eating at corner house for me is almost equivalent to having a date with George Clooney, so they play the good samaritan and without fail take me to corner house every time i visit Bangalore and watch lovingly as i wolf down the ice cream. I think i have tried all the flavors of chocolate ice cream in Corner House (which has the dubious distiction of being the place where i saw the maximum number of chaddis)

5. RK Laxman is as amazing a writer as he is a cartoonist. I bought an omnibus of his with the three books he has written and i m floored. Please do read his autobiography "The Tunnel of Time". The simple language and subtle and dry humor is brilliant and I cant put the book down. i was just wondering how proud RK Narayan and RK Laxman's parents must be of their two boys!! Pretty much the same way that my parents are NOT proud of my sister and me!!

6. A certain binary search algorithm was getting on my nerves from last Thursday, irritating me by getting stuck in an infinite loop and stubbornly refusing to do anything except crash my entire workspace. I found the bug today. I had not incremented my loop variable and i realised that it is not possible for oneself to kick their own behinds. Would someone please do the honors?? (That was a joke!! Ha ha!! :roll:)


Deepali Jamwal said...

I second u on Delhi 6 opinion. The movie sucked... Where it is from the makers of RDB, one must not forget, it is also from the makers of Aks...
And yippie: Rahman finally got recognition for his work... very well deserved

Nivedita said...

Delhi 6. Tell me abt it! After u told me, i looked for rehna tu translation.. and i was looking some romantic picturisation in the movie, but a fat guy is playing billiards.. All songs have been wasted. Sigh.. I watched an early morning show of this movie [X(]

Kausikram Krishnasayee said...

I found the bug today. I had not incremented my loop variable.... LMHO....

Jaya S said...

Wow. Your lecturers in college must be proud of you. And thanks for the Delhi 6 tip. But tell me, which would you rather watch: this or Rab Ne...?

Sanjeev said...

ROFL at the first paragraph.. semma semma.. perhaps they were trying to promote their own brands :D

Movie ticket rates are way too expensive..better stick to DVDs ;) Watch Naan Kadavul if you havent watched it/ you are feeling so low that nothing else could bother you.. it is pretty good but a very serious movie

Srinath S said...

i like ur movie reviews..:)

I love the music of Delhi6.

I wanted to kill the director for how short the songs are in the movie.

Rehna tu and dl gira dafatan are my faves.

Sriram said...

Re #1, why exactly are you looking at chaddis? :P Ppl not only have loose wallets but loose pants too I guess :)

And thanks for the advance warning abt delhi 6. ARR rocks though!!

Madan Chander said...

Can i paaaallllleeeeeeeaaaasssseeee do the honors......
And what IS with you and Clooney...
He is a looney... He's got in his name for god's sake... Aw le le le le...

Revathi said...

very true. Aks was another horror!!
Thanks for visiting!! :)

awwww baekkie!! LOL!! i understand hindi and i completely loathed the movie. i cant imagine how it must have been for u. on second thoughts u wud have been better off i guess!! :P
and Rehna tu and dil gira dafatan!! sheeesh!! both my favorite songs completely massacred. :-\

very funny!! :-\
Poi velaya paaru!! HUMPH!!

it would be a tough choice. Since i cant stand SRK i think Delhi 6 but i think Rab ne had more of a storyline than D6!!

Thanks man!! will catch NK sometime!! :)
Thanks for visiting!!

Rehna tu and DGF. my favorites too. completely massacred.
Thanks for visiting!! :)

i was not i repeat NOT looking at other people's chaddis. is it my fault that everytime i looked up i saw only colorful chaddis peeping outta pants??
and yeah ARR sure does rule!! :)
wat heavenly music!! :)

Just jealous man that you can never been be half, quarter or one sixteenth of what he is!! :P
Thanks for visiting!!

Anonymous said...

:( You did not mention you mused over the weekend if they produced more people like me :P

Anonymous said...

I can only Imagine what your intentions were while Counting and spotting those chaddi's.. :P

Nautankey said...
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Nautankey said...

Reminds the days we used to nickname girls based on the brand of chaddis they wore or rather they displayed :D :D. R.K.Laxman is the best thing that could have happened in indian writing, sometimes I used to feel bad abt the lack of international recognition for him just bcoz he was not using queen's english. But then given a choice most genuine readers wud buy his book rather than a vikram seth [leaving alone the fact seth's books r costlier :D].

Algorithm, pseudocode..romba teqniqala irukkey..I am better off I only forget to declare the loop variable or wud have used it the same fella somewhere else too.. wish we can name variables as arumugan, angayarkanni etc so that there wud be no confusions :D

Yazhini said...

Am floored...

It was very strange and kind of awkward when I read my thoughts on all the topics you 've mentioned except delhi-6 (coz i dint see the movie yet) and infinite loop (coz i don't code, i debug :D).

Last week I happened to pick up RK Lakshman and was wondering how I missed his books for so long... Amazing writer he is!

Tell me about corner house, though am living in bangalore for quite some time esp. stayin near a corner house, I happened to go there only last week and I devoured the DBC. (It's an other story in itself where me and my frend had to compliment the icecream taste with pani puri and the spicy taste with milk shake ;-))

Anyways this post is as cool as always.. Keep writing :)

Revathi said...

@iyengar mama
trust me that deserves a separate post in itself!!! ;);)

i will tell u what my intentions were. i wanted to take them to the nearest shop and get all of them belts using MY money.

I am surprised sooooo many ppl have read RKL and here i was sitting and thinking i am one of the very few who has discovered him!! :P:P
and naming girls based on the "brands" they displayed.tch tch!! not good man. not good!! (psssstt.. what did u do when two girls wore the same brand?? call them 1,2 etc?? :P)
Thanks for visiting!! :)

whoaaa!! :)
i am glad u like RKL too!! :)
and being in bang u went to corner house only now?? tch tch!! u should go oftener.
and heyyyyyyyyy!! thats what my friend and i did too. had ice cream at corner house and then pani puri at shoppers stop!! :)
Thanks for visiting!! :)

vijayaraghavan said...


Srikanth said...

57 Chaddis in Bangalore?? Can't believe you actually had a count!!

Thanks for the warning on delhi 6, but I guess I am going to watch it anyway..

I can't say much about infinite loops with bugs in them but I sure do know a thing or two about kicking my own behind!! :P

Nice post!!

Emjoyed reading it.. As always!!

Revathi said...

will do!!
Thanks :)

//I sure do know a thing or two about kicking my own behind
you can kick your own behind?? whoa!!!
and ah well 57 was just a ball park figure!! :P

Thanks for visiting!! :)