Friday, March 13, 2009

Elder Sisters - Bah!! :-\

So the other day my sister called me and went

Preethi: Yaar Shruthi, Karthik India aa raha hai.

Me: ahaan!! good. Yeh karthik kaun hai?

Preethi: what?? I cant even recollect the number of times i have told you about karthik. Why are u behaving like Lord Emsworth. Next you will probably ask yeh Preethi kaun hai. sheeeesh!!

Me: Preethi. Is it a crime to not know who Karthik is. Bata na.

Preethi: Arey appa's mother's sister's son's son who stays here in Dubai very close to my place. K and I hang out with him and his family mostly

Me: ohh ahhh!

Preethi: he is coming to india

Me: mmm hmm.

Preethi: I want some stuff

Me: ohhh!! who is going to give it to him?

Preethi: Errrr. i sort of thought you would

Me: Like hell i will. What do u want, where does he stay and when does he leave? I will try and give it to him this weekend

Preethi: errr. He is leaving on Friday and he lives in Kodambakkam

Me: Friday?? thats like day after. no way man. Work is shit in office. Its been ages since i saw sunlight. I reach home at 9 everyday. there is no way i can go to Kodambakkam and give this stuff to him. Kodambakkam!! Sheeesh!! Thats soooooooo far. I dont even have a vehicle. I might as well courier it to Dubai. What do u want that is so important?

Preethi: Errr. I want some coffee powder.

Me: what??? You want me to go all the way till Kodambakkam for 1 kg of coffee powder. Hah!! NO way!!

P: Please yaar. Its been 2 months since i last tasted coffee. (Putting on a voice not unlike Lalita Pawar in all those movies where she plays the hero's mother and goes "Cough Cough Betaaaaa mujhe bahu ka moo dikha de phir mai khushi khushi yeh duniya chod ke chali jaoongi")

Me: Whatever happened to Nescafe, Bru etc

Preethi: Ewwwwww. You know how much i hate instant coffee. I want filter coffee. Proper Leo Coffee shop coffee powder put inside a filter with hot water around 100 degrees temperature poured over it and percolating to give the sexiest aroma ever. mmmm

M: there are children in Somalia who havent seen water/food for ages and you want coffee shipped to Dubai!! Sheeesh!! Talk about insensitivity!!

P: please yaar

M: Abey!! why dont you ask karthik to buy coffee powder. I am sure there is a Leo Coffee shop in Kodambakkam.

P: Chiii. accha thoda na lagta hai. Doesnt look nice. He has come to India on a flying visit and how can i ask him to buy me coffee powder, chilly powder, paruppu podu, vetthakozhambu and all that.

M: Its just coffee powder yaaar!! Eeeeeeeee!! I am not going!!

P: Please Shruthi. How many times have i taken you to the movies, played badminton with you, spoken to so many relatives, lied for you, not told amma about the time when you...

M: STOP!!! what else do u want

P: Thats more like it.!! Hmmm some idly podi...

M: Yeah ok. Will do!!

P: Aur Shruthi

M: hmmm

P: Dont go empty handed yaar. buy something for them go. Accha thoda na lagta hai. They are doing us a favor and you go empty handed

M: Sighhh!! Ok. Shall i buy fruits?

P: Fruits?????? Eeeeeee!! Dhadhi!! Buy some mixture and some sweet from Grand Sweets or something.

So today morning i woke up at a godforsaken 5.30 to go to Kodambakkam and give Leo Coffee Powder and Idly podi to my cousin for my sister who doesnt like to drink instant coffee and only likes filter coffee if the coffee powder comes from a certain Leo Cofee Shop in Adyar, the water is set at 100 degrees centigrade and percolated for exactly 7 minutes and 20 seconds!!And oh yeah!! I did buy something from Grand Sweets. Khali haath jaana accha thode na lagta hai!!

Sisters!! BAH!!! :-\
Sisters living outside India - Double BAH!!


Anonymous said...

Is this supposed to be a sarcastic joke?
I don't get it. I hope one day you won't be so frivolous!

Anonymous said...

hahahahahahaha ... lovely !

Madan Chander said...

haha trust me i know...
starting from pal gova for the 3rd cousin's friend's uncle's brother in law down to perumal padam for the house....
its all in the game...
not only from adyar to kodambakkam... but from adyar to hong kong also sometimes.... :(

btw??? whats crawled up this "anonymous" guy's arse? the first one i mean ...
I hope thats not preethi by any chance... lol

Sanket said...

Btw, I so envy you for your ClustrMap. Is there any part of the world people don't visit your blog from?! Man, you got traffic from Mid Africa and Madagaskar! Hats Off ! :)

Aaarti said...

hahah.. what all we do for sisters, uncles, cousins n who not...!!! :)

Aaarti said...

btw, nice blog..came over from Nautankey's space :)

Jass said...

"Why are u behaving like Lord Emsworth?"

LOL! Sahi bola! :P Revathi lord emsworth ramanan! :P UUUUUUUU:P

P.S: Nice post! Like way you have framed it and ended it :)
"Khali haath jaana accha thode na lagta hai!!"

Madan Chander said...

more like revathy lord voldemort ramanan...

Revathi said...

@anon - 1
nope!! this aint a sarcastic joke!!
and hopefully i wont stop being frivolos.
do leave a name next time u commment!! :)

Thankee!! :)

lol!! looks like u have faced such problems too!! :)
Thanks for visiting man!!
and anon-1?? Ahhhh! dunno who that is!! :)
definitely not preethi!! :)

heh!! Thanks a lot man!! :)

Thanks for visiting and for the comment Aarthy!! :)

//Nice post! Like way you have framed it and ended it

Ab tujhe kya ho gaya?? meri taareef kar raha hai?? :-|
And eeeeee. between the 2 of us i would definitely say u r more lord emsworth than i am!! :P

Pah!! :-\

Nautankey said...

Wah wah wah.What a dootifull sister you are. I am moved. Add another line, sisters living outside your city - triple BAH!. Last month went to pune to see my sis,all bcoz they claimed my 2yr old nephew said[?? spurious claim as he cant talk still] he wants to see his mama.And there I went, delivering a whole consignment of idli podi,vathal,vadam..If I had sold it in the train I wud have been able to buy a business class return ticket in KF.

And hey noticed something..SSN? if so same brinch.

Sriram said...

"Please yaar. Its been 2 months since i last tasted coffee."

Trust me. Theres no feeling like being deprived of life saving drugs like coffee. Tasted my first decent coffee in two months. You just have to be starved like that to understand. And instant coffee is like the very plague. Never, even in my deathbed will I be forced to use it. And i'm sure I speak for all true filter coffee drinkers :) So I perfectly understand your sisters situation. Besides, you can always go out and hog to your hearts content at any chat place. Imagine having to do that in the desert amidst camels! :)

Now, if only I can make my sister do something on those lines.. sigh, not happening :(

Sree vidya said...

Younger sisters are always sweet :)
How much ever we crib,we will finally do it.(note 'we')
Hey, do u know?
I import anywhere between 1 to 3 kg of LEO COFFEE POWDER everytime somebody comes from Chennai. I have been drinking leo coffee for atleast 20 yrs. I got so much brand loyalty that I became so excited on seeing 'Leo coffee'. It is 100 deg and 7 min 20 sec for me too:P
I too hate Bru and nescafe. Same pinch
Oh it is not just me. There is one more person like me. Will tell my husband :D
If your sister needs leo coffee when she comes to US ask her to drop in
From next time onwards, why dont u send some coffee powder for me too :) Adding fuel to the fire

Arun said...

hehe ! hilarious conv !!!
but hey come on you do know how bad the other coffee powders are ! :)
perhaps one of these fellas shud open shop there...they can mint money offa these indians there ;)

Anonymous said...

I don't know what it was about your post but I just got a craving for the items from Grand Sweets.

Revathi said...

oooooh!! an SSN-ite commenting on my post!! what an honor, what an honor!! :P
:D @ ur comment!! elder sisters can be quite a bane!!
and talk about ungratefulness. the next day my sister calls me and says "why didnt u send adhirasam from grand sweets"!!
bah!! :-\

i wouldnt know man. i have never tasted coffee in my life. ok u can brin those eyebrows down!! :P
i just dont like the smell but yes, when i look at my sister i can imagine the kind of addiction u guys have to liquids like coffee!! ;)
and tru emotionally blackmailing ur sis. if that still doesnt work i will put u on to my sis. u can get tips from her on how to emotionally blackmail siblings!! :P
Thanks for visiting!! :)

@sree vi
heh heh!! another coffee crazy cuckcoo!! :P:P
but i m sure when my sis reads this she will go "I soooo know what u r talkin about!!" :)
and sure thing!! will send coffee powder for u too!!
address kudu!! :)
Thanks for visiting!! :)

heh!! like i said i have no clue how good/bad coffee powders are coz i hate coffee!! :)
but yeah the way my entire family turns their nose up when Bru/Nescafe are mentioned i guess they must be really sad!! ;)
Thanks for visiting!!

@deepak iyer
ok here goes. this weekend i had
adhirasam, ribbon, panniyaram, adai aviyal, ravaladoo and manohara urundai at grand sweets!! :P:P

Thanks for visiting man!!

Anonymous said...

as long as don't mention thatai and murukku .. u are fine.
i dont even know half the items you so proudly mentioned :)

Deepa Garimella said...

your blog ROCKS.

Srinath S said...

haha..nice post..

tht is best part about younger sisters ..they crib etc but they finally do what u ask thm..

I have a younger brother unfortunately..if I had called him with a similar request like ur sis..he would have laughed heartily and gone back to sleep:)

Anonymous said...

Revs, I had a very good laugh over this. Awesome post.

vijayaraghavan said...

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Revathi said...

@deepak iyer


ur comment rocks too!! :D
Thank you so much!! :)

LOL!! have u tried emotionally blackmailing ur brother!! Just might work!!
and :D:D. Tell dont tell my sister that younger sisters are the best. She will come hunting for you with a dagger!! :D

Thanks a lot!! :)
Thanks for visiting!! :)