Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Become a Java expert and you will lose all ur hair and here I break the record for giving the saddest titles!! :P

1. I attended a lecture on Java today in office. There were four people who took the session and my net learning has been
a). The net total of all the hair on all the four men's head = hair on one half of my head
and if u have seen me you will know how little that is!! :P
net learning: Never become an expert in Java. You will lose all your hair

2. Volunteered and attended Swabondhini's annual day as usual this weeknd . It came at the right time and gave me the much need perspective that i need in life right now. For the whole of last week i was wallowing in self pity and asking profound questions like "Why does shit happen to me always" and generally going around keeping a face like a dead duck. After Saturday's event I am like "I have a great set of friends, a decent job, a great family, hell i have arms legs and a brain that functions ok" and i have been trying my level best to not keep a face like a dead duck.
P.S: if my natural face is like that of a dead duck, its hardly my fault, dont u think?? ;-)

3. Saw Evam's play "Who murdered Hamlet" on Sunday and my admiration for Evam has increased exponentially. I am amazed at the amount of talent these guys possess, the absolutely brilliant sense of humor, the unbelievable energy they exude on stage and their ability to weave humor into the most mundane of things/topics/current affairs. I mean they are such naturals. Their performances are spontaneous, not rehearsed and the way they blended current affairs into it was just brilliant. But i have completely forgotten the original hamlet after watching Evam murder Hamlet!! :P

4. My cousin S had his 9th birthday on Sunday and we got him a nice red flashy bike. the thrill and joy which you see on a 9 year old's face when he beholds the bike for which he has been waiting for a long time is just priceless. He kept going to the balcony every 5 minutes till he feel asleep to see if his bike was alright and if someone was touching/fingering it and going "Deiii, Adhu yen bike. Kai vekkadhe, pakkadhe, moochu vaangadhe etc" while we looked on in amusement. Now all of a sudden he has problems with his old bike. Its small, the brakes are sad, the seat is torn etc etc.


Aishwarya said...

Never did I think I'll get this rare opportunity to comment first on ur blog! :P
Well, it is not just Java i guess, any technical session can hav that effect on you..(atleast according to me.. :P )
Though I was not that impressed with the play, i'll say it was good enough.
And when it comes to kids, i go speechless. :D
You should've seen my 4 yr old music-oriented nephew, when he got his new small drum (we call it 'chenda' in mallu)He went around showing every stranger in the vicinity, whooping in joy all the time.

Jass said...

I have lost more than half the hair on my head after i was introduced to java. There more to come you say ? :O

Srinath S said...

i think that the number of comments on ur blog are an ample indication tht u should make this blog public again...

gokul said...

Hi Revs....

I read your blog on one of my friend's insistence and from then on am a frequent reader of your blog for its humor, simple language and topics... Thanks for giving access and thanks to Dinesh also... As Srinath said u may consider making your blog public... :)


Sujatha said...

revssssss, thanks for giving me access!!! Reading your blog is a thorough stress buster :-)

neeraj said...

Heyy Revadu,

Nice post Kid! By the way, hasnt Evam been started by four ex Micans ... Hmm I think ill open one theatre too, n ill give you the role of a dead body. Yep, we will at all times keep you covered from head to bottom with a bedsheet, so that you have no chance to overact ;)

What say? Shall we extend the "legendary" Nero-Revs battles to the realms of blogspot too? ;)

Siva said...

You are right, JAVA made me hairless, but also made me fearless in this field :)