Monday, March 09, 2009

I HATE Monday Mornings!!
So whats new?
I hate Monday mornings, especially if u have had one helluva Sunday, right from 3 o clock in the morning on Sunday till 2 o clock in the morning on Monday. For all you guys whose eyebrows have risen up an inch bring them down and wipe that skeptic look off your face. I went on a one day trek to Nagalapuram near Chennai.

This was the 15th time that Chennai Trekkers were doing a Nagalapuram and my first time. I had almost begun to believe that i would die without doing a Nagala and the thought of having missed Nagala 15 times began to haunt me in my dreams. So when Peter sent out the invitation on Wednesday i jumped at it and decided that come what may i was attending this trek even if Geroge (clooney) suddenly called to tell me that he would marry me on Sunday. So on Sunday morning 4 o clock if u saw a pretty young girl sitting with an alien like creature which vaguely ressembles a human (only vaguely mind you!!) at Madhya Kailash, it was me and the weird creature which likes to call itself Rahul!! :P

In this trek for the first time i jumped into water. Yayyy Revs!! Way to go!! :) In all the other treks that i have been to, I have always been terrified of water and when everyone enjoys in the pools i dont even venture close to them. I think of myself as hydrophobic (Just clarifying that I take a bath daily and i am just wary of huge water bodies!! Wary mind you and not scared!! Phew!! That was close!! :P). But this time we didnt have choice but to go splash in the water and I went SPLASH and maa kasam it was SO MUCH fun. I mean for a minute there when all that water went up my nose i was like "Oh my god i am dying" but as luck would have it (your bad luck and my good luck) i did survive and had immense fun!! :)

And so by the time we finished and came back to Chennai it was like 2 in the morning and I was completely and thoroughly exhausted and shamelessly slept in the front seat and made the driver too feel sleepy!!

Sighhh!! So right now my leg feels like a sugarcane after it has been passed through one of those umpteen sugarcane machines u see on the roadside, climbing a flight of stairs causes pure unadulterated agony with each muscle crying out in pain, my eyes are burning from the lack of sleep and the light from an unfriendly computer, my neck is completely cramped because of an errant branch which hit me wham!! in my neck and the slightest movement of the head sends shooting pains through my shoulder and back. So every time someone calls me i move my head in a very royal and slow manner like an emperor. I knew i had blue blood running within me!! :P

not to mention the many thorns which now proudly reside under my epidermis and every time i hold a pen to write something or hold a cup of tea or keep my hand on the mouse there is something which pricks me and makes me go ouch. :P

And on top of all that i have so much work that i started writing this post in the morning at 10 and just about managed to finish writing it.

But i feel good. Yay!! Finally finally i did a Nagala!! :)

P.S: I deleted my previous post for obvious reasons. Some of the comments which i received were in really bad taste and before the discussion grew up to something which would not be favorable for family viewing :P, i decided to remove it. Personally i thought it was a plain harmless post, one of those posts which you write in the spur of the moment as soon as you think of it but sadly people started having silly fights in the comments, started calling each other names and started discussing many other graphic details which i feel are best left unmentioned.


Amilie said...

As it is monday morning suck big time... add to it a sooper weekend that you don't want to let go and you are stuck with a terrible monday :( Don worry Revs.. just four more days to pull thru :) :)

Srinath S said...

hey..i've just moved to chennai and want to join chennai trekkers club too..i signed in at the website but nothing happened.

Can you help me with some contacts?

Jass said...

The awesome-est one day trek ever! Yay!

Sanjeev said...

nice post :)

but i missed reading the comments for your prev post :( :D

The alien like creature which vaguely ressembles a human said...

Ahh.. My First trek and what a trek.. :)

To top it off I had to get up at 5 and go to work!! :( ;(