Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hamra Pehla Interview!! :):)

So the guys at blog adda decided that they needed some looniness on their website and decided to ahemm!!!cough!! cough!! interview me!!!!! :P:P
After reading my answers i am sure they would have hit themselves with the nearest lethal weapon they could lay their hands on but nice that they are they eventually did publish it!! :):)

Do read my first ever interview HERE

Man!! Do i feel like a celebrity or what!! ;-) ;-)

P.S: I didnt write the VGP wala line!! God Promise. Mother promise!! :P


Sanket said...

Wow, congrats!! Typical Revathi answers :D

Iyer Education said...

congratulations celebrity :)

Anonymous said...

Truly nice one Revs and hey the VGP line is very true, that's what i always felt about you. Way to go girl.

Arun said...

Congrats Celebrity !!! :D
first of many to come !

Sriram said...

can't you answer any question directly? :P Man! :)

way to go btw! :)

Anonymous said...


(I had been repeating "Be Nice atleast once. Be Nice atleast once. Be ..." for five minutes and that was all i could write.. :P)

Anonymous said...

Congrats Celebrity Blogger!!! Happieeee!!! :) :)

Sandy said...

Congrats!!! One of the funniest interviews I have ever read... U actually said all these???

Anonymous said...

Hey! The VGP wala line was not written by you, I also know that :)! For a change ppl, we can trust her :P

Jass said...

Kya zamaana aa gaya hai! Aaj revs kal pappu khatri, saala kisi ka bhi interview lete hai log. :P

Kidding! ;)

Well deserved interview, Typical revs istyle jawab-s. :)

Alphonsa said...

That was superb Revs! :)

shyamala said...

couldn stop laughing...
U rock !!!

Srinath S said...

hehe..good stuff..congrats:)

Freya said...

Hey! I read it, you are cool and we are kinda similar, so I enjoyed reading it.

btw, i'm a tam-brahm too and i have been in Gujarat for some time

Revathi said...

Heh!! Thanks man!! :)

@iyer sir
thanks!! :)

really?? whoa!! Thanks a lot!!

Heh!! thanks man!! :)

i tried man. i tried my best but my sarcasm just got the better of me!! ;)
Thanks a lot!! :)

(I had to keep saying "dont call him names..he left a nice comment..dont call him names..he left a nice comment" and i didnt get beyond the tha :P:P)
Thanks man!! :)

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! :D:D

one thing they havent done is quoting me out of context primarily because there was no context!! :P
Thanks for visiting man!! :)

heh!! Thanks man!! :)

Kameenaaaaaaaaaaaa!! :D:D
yeh pappu tharki kaun hai? some one u know?? :P
Thanks man!! :)

Thanks man!! :)

heh!! Thanks man!! :)

Thanks!! :)

yeah?? thanks for visiting man!! :)

Sanjeev said...

revathi.. !!! congrats.. semma interview... autograph please ;)

Jaya S said...

Great going. So who's coming to you to be slaughtered next :-P?

Hemalatha said...

Revsssssssss.. our very own celebrity!! :) :)

Kausikram Krishnasayee said...

now tell me who is the celebrity :P. i actually got requests for intro....:P

Revathi said...

Thank you!!
and autograph?? LOL!! :D:D

heh!! no one i think. after this interview definitely NO ONE!! :D


Thanks for visiting!! :)

LOGIC said...

Congrats ! Try writing columns in papers.. next possible step to get rid of IT and earn a decent income.

That was a nice dig against Big G adsense. :)

PS: I am not even signing with my wordpress which could be soon expired due to inactivity

harsha said...

Loved your interview on Blog Adda..
browsed through your blog a bit.. you have a new fan.. subscribing to your feed..

ps: A feedburner/rss(not the swayamsevaks :p) feed subscription button on your blog would be very convenient

Aishwarya said...

Hey Revs! Cool!
Congrats! :D

sheikhee said...

kalakkita po shruthiiii :D

R3 said...

hey congrats revs. tht was a kool interview :D