Saturday, September 19, 2009

Natural Haircut or a Haircut in Naturals? Former for me please!! :-\

Now I am one of those people who hate getting a haircut. I get a haircut once a year when I go home and this is not because I think I need a haircut but because you can get haircuts done for really cheap rates in Jamnagar. Yeahhh!! I am a cheapo because I just don’t (will not) understand the funda behind spending anything more than 50 bucks for a haircut. Though in essence, that’s what this whole post is about. About how I almost had to sell my kidneys to pay for a haircut. Sighhh. Am not a cheapo any more. No sir.

Anyway so about three weeks back I realized that it had been a year since I last went home and my hair errr…euphemistically put would make birds look lovingly at my head and go “Sighhh. Home Sweet Home”. Don’t get me wrong. I love animals and all that but not when they are thinking of starting a family on top my head. (I better be careful about what I say about animals. You say something as harmless as cattle class and a whole bunch of anally retentive politicos will start letting out steam).

I am digressing. Where was I? Yeah so I realized I was majorly overdue for a haircut because given my trichotillomania and my hair which is prone to split ends I had hair of varying length all over my head and let aside looking lady like, I didn’t even look human.

So I set out to get a haircut done. Now never having had a haircut done in Chennai I had absolutely no idea about the rates. So I started calculating. Since Jamnagar last saw civilization in….. oops. Sorry. Jamnagar has never seen civilization. My bad. So since Jamnagar has never seen civilization it was but obvious that the rates in Chennai would be say three times more than the rates in Jamnagar. So I guessed that a haircut in Chennai would set me back by 150 bucks. Not bad I thought. Given the fact that I had last gotten a haircut 15 months back it wasn’t bad at all. But yet I thought it would be better to ask coupla friends.

So I sent out a message saying “Hey. How much do you guys pay for a haircut in Chennai man?” to about 4 of my friends. And I got replies from two of them saying “Depends on the parlor and the cut” and I sent back an “eh?”.

My friends knowing me elucidated that there were different ways in which you could get your hair cut, called U, V, W etc and depending on the cut you would be charged. So how much for a straight cut I asked and the casual reply I got was “Ohh. About 250-300”.

And I freaked. 250-300 bucks for a bloody haircut? Who was I? Julia Roberts? Hell!! ideally beauty parlours ought to be paying me coz I am GIVING them MY hair. 300 is what I spend in 6 years for a haircut. So I decided to ask in a couple of parlors. First I went to L’Oreal (Sighhhh) coz that was closest and I walked in and asked them the rates. I shall not repeat the price for many a faint audience might suddenly choke and die. So I gasped uncouthly at the receptionist when she told me the price and made a hurried exit.

Next stop was Naturals (double Sighhh!!) where I was told that I would be charged 250 bucks. Now in relative comparison to the price I heard in L’oreal, Naturals sounded so cheap I agreed at once and sat to get a haircut done.

12 minutes. I counted. She cut my hair for 12 minutes and I sat there stupidly for 2 minutes when she came and told me “Over madam” and I gawked. What?? I had paid almost 25 bucks a minute for this express haircut?

“Hmmm. How much?” I asked

“275 ma’am” replied the receptionist with perfectly made eyebrows, delicately powdered nose and bright red lipstick

“umm. You said 250 right?”

“Yeah ma’am. But with tax it will work out to 275. Cash or card?” she smiled sweetly.

I looked in my wallet and found a lone 100 rupee note laughing almost derisively at me as if saying “Ha ha. And you thought I would be enough to pay for your haircut? Sheeesh”

“Card” I grunted

And I came out with 275 bucks less in my already impoverished account. (I am a student remember. Its been 3 months since I last received a salary) and a couple of hairs less on my head.

My cell beeped. I opened the message morosely and it read

“Hey sorry. Was sleeping so couldn’t reply. It will cost you 80-100 bucks for a straight cut in Green Trends”

It took everything in me to muster all the self respect I had and not sit in the middle of the road and bawl shamelessly. Green Trends was two streets away.


I think I will next get a haircut when I am 37 years old and I am NOT going to Naturals!! GAH!!!


Shivasubramanian A said...


I pay anywhere between 30 - 40 for my haircut. But then I am a guy (shorter hair = less labour charge? ;-) ) and I go to my local saloon.

Why did you go to the branded shops like L'Oreal and Naturals? Why didn't you try out the local beauty parlours? I believe they would do it cheaply. (Note: no idea about these beauty parlours, just an assumption that it would be cheap).

Sriram said...

Ha! Imagine my plight! neva paid more than 30 bucks and here I'd have to shell out $15 !! No haircuts for me for a couple of years :P

Seetharaman Trichur Narayanan Iyer said...

:-D :-D
Well, well. Talking about haircuts, self here looked like the chap Samson who had a lot of power in his hair and went about bashing up nitwits who dared cross his hairy path (maybe they accidentally stepped on his beard - that can pain u know!)
I almost brushed my shoes on my hair! But well, self went into a barber shop and told him to indulge in a shearing exercise which he so effectively did that people here just gawk at me and go - "Out of jail?"
I am next visiting barber ji 4 months away. But ye know what? Self paid a costly 35 fer it! :-|

p.s: Ye oughta consider being a follower of the chap samson! Not the beard though! Ye d look loopy with a beard!
P.p.s: Ye coulda snipped scissors yerself ye know!

Annapoorani said...

Revs brand of humour,super cool.i enjoyed reading ur also one person who never find a reason to spend more than 50 bucks 4 my hair...

Revs said...

Ohhhh!! You have no idea. Adyar is fast running out of small beauty parlors. With these giants taking up all the space with their fundoo facilities and nice chairs everyone prefers these. Sheeesh. I should have looked for a cheaper parlor. Sighh!!
Thanks for visiting man :)

LOL. Yeah. I have heard that from all my friends in the US. Ah well!! Consolation at last :)

35 "costly" bucks??
Die goofy!!
evaporate or vanish or something.

You COULD have replied back saying "Its ok Revs I spend the same or something". :-|
Now I think I will next get a haircut when I am 47!! :P

And yeah Samson is what I am going to be for the next 24 years till I am 47 and till my guilty conscience is soothed enough to go for a haircut
and Psssst Gooofy. In case you havent noticed, I am a girl. CANT grow a beard!! :-\
And scissors. How does one use a scissors on ones own hair??

Thanks (???) for visiting goof :)

Revs said...

Thanks so much :)

Arun said...

heh weeks budget down the drain eh :p

hey self scissoring works...sometimes... (i've done that a coupla times :p)

Aishwarya said...

Tough luck Revs!
Green trends is the cheapest in all cases.
And never say hair cut. just say trimming is all u gotta do.

Praddy said...

hehe yea Green trends is the cheapest.

You can also check Limelite if you wanna spend more than what you spent at Naturals ;)

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha!! too bad... you shud ve called me man.. Green trends is the cheapest I guess.. For ppl like us who only ask for a 'haircut' and not a 'step cut with a bit of layering in the sides and feathering at the bottom' etc etc, it's the best place.. Sets you back only by 100 bucks or so.I'm always confused when the parlour lady asks me What cut?Like I know the difference. Last time for the heck of it I said 'Step cut' and she immediately retorted, 'sorry maam it wont suit u'.
'What will?'
'A U cut'
So why is she asking me everytime I go if she knows none of that fancy cutting will suit my hair anyways? Crazy buggers :)

Revs said...

LOL!! so THAT explains your hair "style" at times!! :D

Thanks for visiting :)

Thanks a lot man. Will follow the advice. and green trends it is. I hope it is open when i turn 47 :P

Ahem!! u r supposed to mention cheaper parlors dude. :P

Thanks for visiting :)

:D :D
un kitta if i had come u d have cut all my hair and also convinced me that it is the in thing and the latest style. So i AM glad :P

Thanks for visiting melting :P

Vinu said...

It used to be 25 measly rupees back home. Obviously I wouldn't go to a "parlour".

Now, it is about $15. Which undoubtedly is making you happier. Maybe I can hear that evil laugh of yours :P

preeti said...

muhahahahahhaha :):) I get it done in bangy for 100 bucks in some anu beauty parlor :):) and the best part is the hair never grows :):) trust me, its true :)

Anonymous said...

That was hilarious! Hopped here from Blogadda :)

I had friends who used to cut their hair really short before embarking on overseas assignments to save money on hair cuts :)

Revs said...

I am soooo relieved. honestly. Yayyy. There are people who spend something close to 700 bucks on a haircut :P :P (Yeahh. I converted so that it makes me feel better :P)
Thanks for visiting :)

ha ha ha. Next time i come to bang, take me there :P

thanks so much for visiting :)

maxdavinci said...

pinged a frnd in blore after reading this post. She says its upwards of 650 each time she gets one of those!

I wonder if they use diamond studded gold clippers of something. Plus they dont have to 'cut' as well, just a few snips here and there!

Gawd, we are in teh wrong bijjiness!

Revs said...

yabsalutely baaaas!! :D
All of us should start a "shavaram" bijness i guess!! :P
700 is what the l'oreal female asked me to pay

Thanks for visiting :)

Rajlakshmi said...

Hehe haircut in chennai is a costly affair.. Usualy my röomie would do the job .. Thora idhar thora udhar .. Chalta hai.. But i so badly want a proper haircut bt dnt knw where to go.. Thats a wonderful post..

The Survivor said...

An Interesting Post,

Never thought that a haircut would cost so much, thank god I am still charged less than 50 bucks :)

Jaya S said...

Oh for a haircut in India :P!

My roomies are more fond of the layers and the feathers than the alphabet cuts, but I don't really see much of a difference- even after they tell me they've gone and had a haircut. My point being, wise decision. Let that hair grow for a good 20-30 years more.

Good to have you back :-).

Revs said...

Thanks so much :)

I never thought so either. Sighh
Thanks for visiting :)

Thanks so much man!! Its good to be back :)

Madan Chander said...

"Am not a cheapo any more. No sir."
Your just a cheapo with no kidneys... ROFLMAO...

Antarman said...

Even I didnt like going to try Black And White..

Balaji Srinivasan said...

ROFL!! I spend not more than 50 for a haircut. and i have not more than 1 haircut/year :P hope it adds some more fuel :P

Ashwin said...

Hey journo..Good to see the blog re-opening..BTW check my blog for some news-worthy (!) item..