Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Of easy exams, strange students and electives

Had an anti climax of a test today. My first open book test in college and I dunno what i expected that i studied like it was an IIT entrance exam or something.

Its like you study for a paper of Advanced Mathetmatics and the question you get is "Please add two, two digit numbers (Calculators allowed)"


Anyway not that I am complaining about the paper being easy and all that but saala mazaa nahi aaya paper likhte waqt. You know the usual reactions ranging from "Is this the subject I studied for" and glancing at the title to confirm your suspicions to "Do I know enough to pass" to counting every mark of yours to see if you are anywhere near the border to "How long will it take to study all this shit again if i fail" was all missing. But a part of me is also immensely glad because I have had it uptil here with exams.

It is liberating to be in a college where they give you truckloads and truckloads of assignments and say no to exams. It is so much more easier and helps improve your understanding if you ACTUALLY do the assignments than sitting on your backside and reading for some shitty exam. One of the main reasons I joined this college was because the prospectus said "no exams" and like all colleges which lie through their teeth, we are having exams for a couple of papers this term but if they are as easy as this one was then all i can say is "Bring it on" :)

I somehow cannot understand the attitude of people who hound the lecturer after class to ask "doubts". I mean what is so secretive and special about your doubt that you cant ask it in class in front of everyone? Or do you think that the lecturer will suddenly reveal something which will help you become the best journalist? Or do you believe that the lecturer's intellignece will rub off on you if you stand close enough to him/her? I just don't get it.

And this is not one stray lecture/lecturer I am talking about. But lecture after lecture the same people hound the lecturer and if thats not enough there are a couple others who probably think they will choke and die if they sit in their seats for one more second when they see some other person asking a doubt and they will go and swarm around the lecturer and furiously take down notes.

So effectively one person has a doubt and goes to clear it but ultimately 10 people are standing around the lecturer, nodding their heads prosaiclly though they probably cant make head or tail of what he is saying. But hey thats ok, because we are atleast standing there and not losing out on any pearls of information thrown by the lecturer. DUH!! This goes on till someone has to come and shoo these people like flies and rescue the lecturer. I mean seriously. The average age here is 23 or probably more. And yet this kind of 5th standard behavior. Sighhhhhh.

Submitted my elective choices today. I hope I get my environment and gender electives. I loved those two lectures and are probably the only two things I am passionate about. Aaaaaaaaaaaah!!!


Seetharaman Trichur Narayanan Iyer said...

Ah well!!
Jer open book exams sound fun gal!!
Them here are much much worse......In the exam, trust me if u open ur book u are dead....for definitely u wont find anything in it
And match paper here was even worse.....
U just had to find the mean and standard deviation of a table of 30 5 digit values over and over again 3 times in a calci started bawling :-(

And I know about that end lecture phenomena!! Hopeless!! Like I dunno,maybe it makes them feel special cos the lecturer talked to them personally.......!! that makes them feel important and soon they start to exhibit pompousness with renewed vigour.
Gee!! DOnt get me started on these things!!

Seetharaman Trichur Narayanan Iyer said...
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Madan Chander said...

Still the same old geek eh???
Studying like crazy for an OPEN book test...
Did u prepare chits??

Anonymous said...

ur becoming some nerdy geeky alien i never knew. :( konjam distance maintain pannu hereafter.

praddy said...

i somehow wish that life of being a student and studying and writing stupid exams was so much better than sitting in office till god knows when! and doing some stupid programs for goras!

One of your previous posts on quitting job and studying kinda inspired me! sigh i wish i can do something like that :)

Aliyah said...

Same thing happens in my hopeless class too. Dubious characters they are :P