Monday, September 25, 2006

Regarding the sudden change of the name of my blog, all i have to say is that i have decided that i am going to blog more frequently and not just about serious issues... right now in life i dont have anything much to do anyway...i have my CAT to prepare for and it is about two months away...but my preparation has for CAT has taken a turn for the is deteriorating at an exponential rate and frankly speaking i dont give a mock CAT scores havent exactly been very encouraging to say the very least...let me give u an scores in my mock CAT equal the All india ranks that a couple of guys in my class get...they get an AIR of 20 and i get a score of 20...depressing...yeah...for the first few mock CATs it was very depressing...after that u just become numb i guess...and now after about 12 mocks i dont give a shit...(i sure as hell hope none of my parents ever read this blog..but given the fact that my mom doesnt know that u need to press enter to get to the next line i think my worries are baseless ;);))
Hmmm well anyway so with nothing much to do i have decided to hang around in blogosphere for some time...Happy Blogging Revs :):)

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R@hul said...

Hey Revs.....

Too bad you're giving up on CAT. Always expected you were the never say never and try try try again till you're choking on your own blood and sweat and dying types.
Ah well...I guess I was wrong.

But seriously, don't chicken out. You have absolutely nothing to do right now and prepping for CAT is just another one month affair. I think you can invest that much time right?