Friday, September 29, 2006

Sometimes i wonder why there are so many things which being a girl i
should be immensely interested in but which do not interest me at
here are a few examples

There is this friend of mine who cuts her hair every fortnight(I m
NOT kidding!!)..she cuts it every fortnight and then the next day she
comes and stands in front of me and our conversation is somthing like

Friend : hey Revs notice anything new in me??
Revs : er...hmmm...(squinting my eyes as if i m really making an effort
to notice her)
Friend : oh c'mon yaar...isnt it obvious??
Revs : of course it is..i m just thinking of how i shud put it(this is a
terrible lie..i notice nothing new and just dont want to hurt her)
Friend: my haircut u moron!!! i have done a step cum layer cum crew cum
mushroom cut(ok i made that up..but seriously she did say something on
those lines)
Revs: ah!!yes ofcourse..i noticed it the minute u came into the
room..dint know the name of the haircut though(this is another terrible
lie..very frankly speaking her hair looks just the same to me.the
length is the same the texture is the same and the colour is the same
and she spent 150 bucks to achieve this effect)

Now i have literally no hair left on my head(courtsey hostel water and
food) and so i get a haircut only when my grandmother tells me "ur hair
looks like the end of a rats tail"(not very flattering i know but
grandmothers are not exactly known for their panache)


I have never really understood the whole idea behind painting toe
nails..i mean seriously speaking how many of u out there look at ur own
toe nails?? i ll be very frank..the only time i actually notice my toe nails is
when i m getting jacked by a prof for not submitting assignments on
time or for not writing a test and i m standing with my head bent
down(trying to look ashamed)..i hardly listen to what those anally
retentive professors have to say so i stand silently and admire my toe
nails(not painted of course!!!)

Many of my friends take great pains to wash their feet well,pat it dry
and then spend half an hour deciding what color would suit their toe
nails and then start applying one coat of paint, then wait for fifteen
minutes for that to dry and then apply a second coat(when asked why a
single coat wouldnt suffice i have been given looks which say "huh!!how
can u be such a dumb witted moron"...apparently two coats ensure that
the paint on the toe nails lasts longer and doesnt chip off, which is
useless according to me becuase after two days they take a solution
which smells worse than a public urinal and remove the paint to paint
their toe nails with another color that matches their dress!!)


One more thing which leaves me flabbergasted is why people make asuch
a big issue of not wearing earrings

This is the conversation which takes place almost daily between my
friends and myself

Friend: ugh!!!u r looking horrible

now i have no illusions about my looks but naturally when some one
makes a statement like that u tend to look into the mirror, which is
what i did and finding the result quite satisfactory i asked

Revs : why?? i look fine..
Friend : the hell u do..where r ur earrings?
Revs :(looking into the mirror and confirming the statement)yeah so i
havent worn earrings so what??
Friend: wait!!she disappears into her room, takes a huge box(she has got several(one for
earings,one for rings,one for chains...thats when i stopped
she comes back with a pair of earrings which are a feet
long and waves them at me and says "wear these"
Revs: ughh!!blech..
and i run out of the room
Needless to say she wasnt very pleased..

I had a serious talk with my friend and according to her if u dont wear
earrings and chains it means that u come from a very poor family and ur
parents cant afford to get u such things..such trinkets are the signs
of prosperity..i was so appalled that i just refrained from commenting.


Phew!!though this does sound surprising i just CANNOT stand kind of shopping would be going into a shop picking a
dress paying for it and coming out..the whole process should take 15
minutes...but my idea of shopping is very very different from my
friends idea of shopping
They go to this hellhole called Tnagar(which at any given point of time
in the day and at any given point of time in the year is
crowded,hot,sultry and dirty)
and u should see the grins on their faces
when they see a discount or sale..
And then they go into a shop and this is the conversation which takes
Friend: Show me the green one on the extreme left pile,the third from
the bottom
SalesGirl obliges
Friend then checks the color, texture, material, price, length,
breadth, volume, area, density etc for about half an hour and then
says: Not this one show me the blue one.

This goes on for about two hours after which the most shocking thing is
that my friend turns to me and says "i dint like anything in this
shop..lets go to the next one"
Revs(thinks) :What the #%$^&*????
but i willingly oblige..sigh!!the pains of friendship...


The kind of shoes which some of the girls wear, shock the wits
outta me..i mean personally i feel that u should wear shoes,sandals
which u are comfortable in..and the look of the footwear should only be secondary..but the idea of comfortable footwear is taboo wit my friends..the more uncomforatble it is the better..some of my friends wear shoes which have pointed heels and have one string in the toe area and one string in the heel area both of which eat into their skin but it doesnt bother them as ong as it looks good..
me!! i wear a pair of black floaters which are torn on one side and have lost the velcro strap but i still wear it because it is so damned comfortable..

Phew!!i swear i havent exaggerated at all in this post..and i find some of the things which these girls do downright silly...i love my friends but i cant help but laugh at their idiosyncracies!!:):)


Preethi said...

ha ha shruthi good one.. but i doubt if ur friends are going to take very kindly to it... not many people like us around :):) .. but i kind of differ when it comes to earrings and shopping.. i am the same .. i kind of feel naked without a pair of earrings.. but ohhh i am not even for a second talking about those spikey weapons some of these girls sport, hell they are enough to ward them off from a rapist.. i mean come on.. u poke one such contraption in his eye and let alone leaving you alone i doubt if another girls shadow will produce any effect on that damaged retina of his :D :D....

and yeahhh footwear.. ugh there are some people in my office who walk with their five inch stilletos on polished flooring with a sound which feels as if a swarm of ants are conducting march past on ur nerves..... tik tak tik tak..... and it is so damn evident atleast to me that it is taking the life out of them especially their backs.. but do they care..? hell no...

again there are another set of people who would do anything to create a fashion statement and the kind of things that they do to accomplish that goal of theirs is a FAR cry from what they desire.... like the other day i saw this "otherwise normal" colleague of mine wearing a skirt with a very very revealing slit right upto her thigh (ok make it the mid thigh!!)... and she was so conscious about it that she forgot to keep the elevator door open for me.. goddamn it.. u can imagine.. there i was squashed quite in an unladlylike manner between the doors and she was still trying to decide whether the right amount of skin is showing... aaaaaaaargh makes me want to tear my hair apart.. would have probably done it if i werent using my hands to pry open the elevator doors.. bah....

shruthi u know what.. i dont think we deserve to fall under the girl category yaar.. i mean we dont drool and go ooooooooooooo over soft toys, we dont flutter our eyes at flowers (which we normally like if it werent to be handed over by a "trouser clad homosapien" hee), we most definitely are not suckers for guys with bikes who can ride their "thunderbird" at the speed of eighty.. hell i can do better than that... and we most definitely dont open our mouth wide and gape like a goldfish when our boyfriend opens the car door for us.. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeks..

shruthi u know what??? lets take a sanyas yaar..... :)

Revathi said...

LOL!!!sis i just cant stop laughing!!!whoa!!!!!what a comment..
damn i forgot to make a mention about that soft toy thingy...i cant stand it when ppl give me soft toys as birthday gifts!!bugs the shit outta just sits there and gathers dust in my already hurricane hit room..
and about guys flying in thunderbirds..bah!!!
i have never had a taste for motorcycles making a noise of "diiggga diga diga diga dig dig dig ddidiennnnnnnnnn".(unless of course it is me making that noise:):))

preethi..lets just take that sanyas u so wisely suggested!!:D:D

Preethi said...

Man shruthi sanyas has its own drawbacks.. i am sure we will meet women there who have atleast too hundred different ways of wearing that saffron saree.. some of them that i can think of off hand would be

1) no blouse... ur ooooomph shoulders can be seen
2) hiking it up a little so that ur delicate ankles can distract the poor men meditating!!
3) tying it as if god didnt provide you with natural skin.. thank god for the color difference in the skin and saree.. effects would have been disastrous otherwise...

nahh shruthi.. wouldnt suit us.... what do u think can be done????

milinta said...

hmmmm hmmm... that's a good one but i look at it from a different pt of view... for one, u might not be comfortable with high heeled shoes and the likes but that doesn't mean nobody else can be comfortable with them... i'm as comfortable in my two inch platforms as u r in your worn out floaters.. and i'm not simply saying this but i really am comfortable with them on.. i don think its wrong to make efforts to look presentable or head turning but its definitely not worth agonising for!! not everybodu's mindset's the same... a good novel n a steaming cup of tea might be heaven for u and u may need nothing more to get u thru the evening but i know scores of ppl who'd look at that n say "Uuuuggghhhh soooooo boring!!!" (u know i'm on ur side for this[;)]). it all boils down to whether ur comfortable with whatever ur doing... if u love what u r, the way u talk, the way u walk,dress up,eat,sleep,paint toenails etc etc u shouldn't care two hoots abt what other ppl comment or blog [;) ;)] on u...but if ur sombody who tries to follow the pack n do things jus because they're in vogue then re'veti' has put things in the right perspective for u!!

Revathi said...
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Revathi said...

heh heh!!thanks man..
the blog wasnt meant to hurt anyone's sentiments or anything..i mean it is their own prerogative how they want to be and in the same way it is wish how i want to be..i just wanted to discuss things in a lighter vein!!:):)

Revathi said...

@ preethi
heh heh!!yeah come to think of it i dont think we will find any of our kind(read weirdos)..
we are very very confused..normal ppl would probably suggest us to have a sex change operation but since we cant stand the opposite sex too guess we are stuck as girls forever..
sometimes i feel god has been really unfair..i mean he created only two sexes..he should have created four..boys,girls boyswf(boys without frills) and girlswf(girls without frills)..

Divya said...

Shruthi awesome blog and preethi great fundas and about you two taking sanyas...hahaahhaa...i just cant gals will make the sanyasini world totally into a maniac world or the girls without frills world and trust me i would be the first one to join in!!!

I think of all the things you have talked about i think the only one i can relate to is the footwear...but guess i have gotten saner these days to be more comfy with one rather than what looks good on my stupid foot!!

The rest all of them i got to agree...and shruthi..these days its not just hair cuts....its hair coloring...gawddddd...really they just color one strand of ther hair red or bergundi as they call it..the other paati would say looking at it with beautiful intonations...enna asingama shembata naar mathiri irukku(i seriously dont know the tamil translation) although all she meant was it looked like the hair which has not been combed for years.....And seriously it does look scary...Indians wearing a blonde look...pleassssssssse give us a break!! And again this is no offence to anyone...its a personal view!!

And I too definitely am not for shopping for longggg..........just go pick what u want and come out...please leave that poor sales lady alone....there is this humongous saravana stores which i swear i would never get in God...i think i was the only one who went in and cameback in 15 minutes without anything ofcourse..There was not a thing worth buying there and worst part was people were buying even vegetables and fruits there!! All in the name of shopping.I guess people enter that shop at 10 in the morning and come out at 9:00 after dinner...sheessh scary!! And the crowd is exactly like what they show in the movie BOYS...its such a yucky feeling!

Shruthi and preethi we are definitely wierd!! Every gal would feel so offended with this blog and the comments for it too!! But still.....girls with frills are never our kinds i guess!!!

Preethi said...

LOL divya.. i have to agree with the hair coloring part.. i mean u look at that girl one day and think "wow what a beautiful mane of hair" and the next day she does something horrendous like ironing it (man i never thought i would use this word in association with anything else but clothes) and colouring it and u think "man what a fright"..... hee hee....that shembetta was too good.. that reminds me of what my father says "adhu enna di kadhula... velayal size kku.. interchangeablea.. appidina yedhukku rendu vangikarel".. cant refute that theory ha ha :)

Divya said...

Oh yeah. Seriously..these days everything is Multi purpose!!! Bracelets,bangles, anklets and earings are interchangeable!!! :)And one mor ewierd thing..anklets themselves are scary like these boothnis.....These days one leg anklets are sooooooo in...My paati would say paavam oru golusu tholanja poiduthu pola irukku!! What does she know about the IN thing..and these days even metti is a fashion in bangalore....colored...differnt shaped mettis....and its also a safe way to go around with a guy it seems!!!

Revathi said...

LOL LOL LOL!!!i just couldnt stop laughing at the shembatta naar dialogue..weightu!!!
all i can say is "WE ARE LIKE THIS ONLY YA"!!!:):)

srinivasan said...

LOL! U r the perfect girl (from a guy's perspective)![;)]

sandhya said...

Hey revs… Superb blog… I back u upon everything u mentioned except for the earrings… Though u may be comfortable with not wearing one, I feel its something which completes the look… Especially when people are used to seeing u with that for ages,its natural they suggest to look the same always… For all the other reasons u’ve mentioned, u need not go to the extent of a sex change cos I’ve many a times seen so many feminine qualities in u which u urself might not have noticed in u:):)

Preethi said...

ha ha shruthi, sabne tera blog pad liya hai.... especially uncle aur aunty ne pad liya hai..uncle says he dosent like ur blog very much.. and that u are not acting like a mature girl.. ha ha ha... mazaa aa gaya... aunty also said it is going to be very difficult find a guy for you.... and that she has stopped all her efforts towards finding a guy for you.. hee hee hee... mazaaa aaa gaya.. mazaa aa gaya motiiiiiiiiiiiii..... everybody is going to read this comment of mine and laugh at you.. ho ho hu hu he he...

oh btw looks like aunty wont have to trouble herself too much.. u seem to have lured guys with this blog getting them to comment "ooooo revs.. u are the perfect girl"....

ha ha ha usko bol ke mujshe aa ke pooche...hee hee

Ragesh said...

Gosh Revs you are on a rampage! :) "the more uncomforatble it is the better...". Guess Murphy is still around..

Atanu Bandyopadhyay said...

I am sure your friends would agree with the observations you have made, only they would wonder if there is anything wrong with it. The truth is, and am not just speaking from a male's perspective, that people often lead lives where their occupation (profession) does not involve them emotionally. What they do for a living often does not mean a lot to them, they do, I suspect, for they just have to. That is true for both the sexes. Men, if you observe, have their own idiosyncracies, only less explicit.

srinivasan said...

Preethi ji,

Aapko hum sidhe "scrap" likh dete "orkut" pe...lekin, wahaan do "preethi"yaan thin Revathi ke friends' list mein...isliye, "comment section" se kaam chalaana padega! This comments section is even more hilarious than the blog itself! Aap sab ko sanyasins ban ne ke liye haardik shubh kaamnaayen and haan, aapko jo bolna hai revathi ke baare mein (yehaan ya orkut pe) bol sakthin hain!;)

srinivasan said...

And yeah, like they have courses for "alternative medicine", may be you all can come up with an "impression maarne ke alternate ideas" for the "no frills gals" 'cause the accumulated wisdom of centuries of menfolk says women dig soft toys, jewelry, etc.!:) Men already are clueless about workings of the feminine mind...what will happen to them if they can't even trust the sure shot things?!:) LOL...

Revathi said...

LOL!!thanks for reading my blogs..and yeah one more thing..dont mind my sister..teasing me is her lifebreath..and she is not on orkut..
man..looks like u finally found ur match eh??;);)

srinivasan said...

Was the pun in "looks like u finally found ur match eh??" intended?!;)

srinivasan said...

I was just reading the comments section of u'r "weddings" blog...absolutely hilarious! Are u guys like this at home too? It must be fun...U'r sis sure is amazingly sportive with two of u ganging up against her! And, u gave me the false impression that u were a victim of her leg-pulling!:( I have been converted...I am on her side now! And, I guess there was no pun intended in the statement afterall...

Hum abse aapke paksh mein hi bolenge...pehle ki gustaakhi (yadi kiya ho tho) ke liye maaf kar dijiye...hum se nahin dekha jaata koi kisi ko itna chidaaye, woh bhi apni badi didi ko! LOL!:)

Revathi said...

Not fair can u shift ur loyalties from me to my sister..:X:X..and trust me I HAVE been the victim of her leg pulling for the past 21 yrs..only on my blogs do i get a chance to do vice versa..
and yeah about "impression maarne ke alternate ideas" lemme tell u that 99.9% of the girls come under the girls(not girlswf) u neednt worry..go to the nearest archies,odyssey(or whatever they call these gift shops in Texas)and stack up those gooey,sappy,cuddly,sickly sweet soft toys and roses..More often than not it will surely win the heart of that girl u r trying to woo..;);)..
but if u unlucky and it happens to be a girlswf then dude all i can say is "heh heh have had it"!!!

Preethi said...

ha ha ha man this is fun!!! i think i should be more regular with catching up on your blog sis!!

Srinivas "ji" (the ji here is more appropriate than as a "post-fix" to my name since judging from your profile, u are a 79 born which means you are older than me by four years :P)

hum aapke bahut shukru guzaar hai ki apna hamara paksh join (shit i cant think of a hindi word for "join" at this moment) kar ne ka nirnai liya hai aur hume sabse zyada khushi is baat ki hai ki aapne hume humaari behan ke baare mein poocha hai :P us dog ke baare mein to aapko bahut kuch bata sakti hoon.. but first let me tell you that though i love hindi and that is what shruthi (aka revathi) and me speak most of the times we dont do it the way i have typed :P... we dont really say "hum hum" like juhi chawla in "kayamat se kayamat tak" :P that was just to use big sounding words.. bole to apun ko munnabhai wala tapori hindi sabse zyaada pasand hai..

ha ha srinivaas before u think i have lost it let me tell come back to asking you about your true intentions behind knowing more about my darling sister (hee)!... well as you very wisely mentioned that pun (read "perfect match yada yada) is kind of wasted on me since i am married :P.... ha ha now you know that u are dealing with a pack of maniacs..

jokes apart srinivas both of us are quite normal actually.. so dont go about imagining something out of a horror movie.. but yeah we are a little cynical and scornful about things around us which might land us in trouble some day or the other.. but hell whats life without spice, huh???

i read your blog.. i quite liked your opinions but it is not the kind of blog which can be given a general glance over.. u need to spend some quality time to read ur posts especially the one on bomb blasts and stuff :)

btw can i ask you something.. u most definitely dont look like the kind of guy who likes to dwell on the serious things in life.. so why write serious posts... and no i am not against it... just asking :):)

and hey pssst.... if u really want to know more about my sis this aint the place dude.... its her blog after all :P cant be using her comment section as a means of communication.. so u just have to say it.. i will send u my email id :P and just in case u are wondering as to why i dont like orkut it is because i think it is a little too impersonal.... never liked it much :):)

allright.. shall sign off.... before you doze on ur monitor reading all this rigmarole

Preethi said...

Shruthi, U are right... most girls fall under the frills category so i dont really think you need to worry Srinivas.. and yeah it really is difficult to read the female mind :D no exaggeration... i mean most of the times when you ask some girl as to what is bugging her and her answer is "nothing" the you can be sure as hell that something is most definitely bothering her :)....

hm if my inference about you from your blog has been right i dont think u like those frilly girls do you???? :P..... you probably will like somebody with whom you can have some kind of meaningful conversation instead of somebody who keeps fluttering eyes at you and wants you to take her to macy's where she saw this "little inexpensive bauble" which she so dearly wants :).. ugh!! what say dude??

i mean seriously think about it... some conversation which goes on these lines

girliee: Srinivas, how do you like my tan. I spent weeks in Hawaii trying to get just a 54.278% tan....(flutter flutter flutter)

AND just in case u say something like

Srinivas: Hm not bad but what do you really think about the verdict on the 1993 bomb blasts in Mumbai???

sigh sigh!! man i really wish i could be a witness to this if something like this happens :P

actually i dont think i should be pulling your leg since u are in my "paksh".... tell u what dude... the next time u meet some girl you think u want to spend ur life with and u need some "pearls of wisdom" , u know who to contact :P:P!!!

Preethi said...

sorry just cant help laughing at your badi didi line.. how i wish shruthi would call me that... vaa di podi nu kupdaame irrukale.. adhuve periya vishayam... how about your brother??? Does he call u Anna :P btw what was his bitsian name.. though karthik sounds familiar i knew quite a few of them.. was he a part of some department???

srinivasan said...

One of the reasons for my "katchi marifying" was that revs mislead (even if it was unintentional) me into believing there was a pun in "finally found ur match eh??"! Here I was thinking what a cool younger sis to have ;)...then, in a few hours I crash to reality!:( I suppose I invested too much meaning into the ";);)" at the end of that statement! Besides, if u go by the "akka vukku line pottu, thangachi mei pottu" philosophy so wonderfully expressed in the song "suppose" in the tamizh movie "sukran", the shift in loyalties may be seen as a consistent and strategic move on my part!;) But, don't stretch u'r luck...My loyalties are subject to change at any point in time!:)

Though I find merit in the idea of differentiating the sexes into 4 categories viz. guys, guyswf, gals, galswf, I believe the disproportionately small number of women in the girlswf category is due to the rather stringent criteria being used for the separation! I would like to propose an amendment...If revs can be considered as the extreme left, I suggest we include girls slightly to the right of revs (e.g. preethi, u u'rself are uncomfortable not wearing ear rings)...We should discuss this further and may be we can write a ground-breaking paper on a different way to look at people and become famous! Mera "official research" tho kahin publish nahin hota...shayad yeh ho jaaye...kya pata?! :)

Jokes part, though I can't stand the flickering eye lids, over-done make-ups, 12 inch heels, colored hair and the like, I do like women who have a sense of taste in what they wear and I don't think that is incompatible with other qualities of a girlswf! I am also fairly indulgent when it comes to taking women shopping. I have even spent 7 hours in a mall with a girl (with whom I share a totally platonic relationship btw!;)) who did the exact same thing revs described to buy 3 or 4 items finally! It is beside the point that I don't fail to mention that incident to all and sundry!:) If women don't do such quirky stuff, life will be so boring...kya leke chidaaunga unko?!;) But, yeah u'r hypothetical situation will be SOMETHING. But, I don't see that happening...I can't see myself around anyone that superficial! And thanks for the advice offer. This is a first!:) All the girls who have had the misfortune of knowing me (and it is a pretty lengthy list I must confess) have only offered to give HER "pearls of wisdom" about how terrible I am and how much revenge she has to take on behalf of all the mentally tortured women folk!:)

And rahi baath mere hindi ki, hum zara old-fashioned hain...bole tho, yeh tapori hindi apun ko khaas nahin aata (or is it aati?)...bihari hindi jarooor koshi kar sakath hain!

I would love to write humorous blogs too...I even had a nice blog planned about women (not girlswf kind) and their attributes...but, never got around to writing it...hopefully, I'll have more time after I complete my PhD! For now, I'll manage with pulling other's legs verbally or be amused by reading blogs like this!

Bro calling me Anna??? Aasman toot padega aisa koi din dekhne ko aagaya tho! He was in B.E(Electrical)/M.Sc (Phy) dual and officially goes by the moniker Subramaniam. He hazards a guess that u were in biology...

I don't think Revs will be taking too kindly to this unwarranted assault on HER blog! May be we SHOULD take our conversation to emails ;)...Preethi, I am sure when u could figure out my YOB, u r smart enough to find my email address too...

srinivasan said...

On further contemplation, I think I have a plan for the wider world to recognize and acknowledge that the breed called girlswf exists. Though blogs like this one and the potential research paper we are going to write will give some exposure, I think there must be an organization that accurately reflects the beliefs of this misunderstood minority! The key thing is a catchy name...foreign names are always good! So, I have one in mind: fille sans collerette (a shameless hack of medecins sans frontieres) a.k.a girls without frills. I have no freaking idea about French. I just formed this by referring to some online english-french dictionary. I am sure Preethi with her french gyaan can refine it! The next step is to hammer out the vision, by-laws and beliefs of the organization...keep them simple and a little flexible for now so that as many people as possible can be co-opted into the organization. They can alway radicalized later!;) This obvsly will be followed by a media blitz with a no frills web page, email signatures carrying the name of the organization, asking people to write blogs on the wonderful organization, blah, blah. The final goal of the organization will be to add this fundamental right to the constitution: "No female shall be subject to frowns/scornful looks because she forgets to wear ear rings!:)" (again subject to refinement of course)! I should have made a blog out of this on my web page! LOL! If only my brain worked half as imaginatively on my research problems! Ok, back to research now!:(

R@hul said...

Hey Revs.....

Firstly....Oh My God!!!!! 27 Comments. What is this? Orkut..??? Shashi Tharoor might not make it. But you're definitely up in the people polls. Congrats.

As far as the post is concerned.....STATUTORY WARNING: The following is my personal opinion. All boys do not, I repeat, DO NOT think or do things like this.

1. HAIRCUT - As far as I'm concerned, Unbraided Straight Long hair looks greatt. So whatever girls do for that, I appreciate it. Besides, every friend of mine likes girls with different kinds of hair. So, whatever your hair type or style(or lack thereof) is, I'm sure there'll be some guy who'll just love it.

2. TOENAILS - I paint my toenails too. Only the thumb-ish one actually. I use 4 or 5 colours and mix 'em up to make a geometrically perfect design. I call it TOWART.(Don't let me sis know about this, or she'll terminate me for unauthorised use of her nail polish.) Besides don't you just love the smell of Petrol fumes and Nail polish Thinner?

3. EARRINGS - No comment. Wear 'em or not. We don't pay too much attention to such minute details.

4. SHOPPING - Amen to that Revs. I really really hate girls when they are shopping. They are so indecisive. I mean, come on.....magenta, scarlet, whatever...are barely differentiated by the naked human eye.

5. SHOES - Everything in this world is not made to match. And it is not meant to match......Girls think otherwise. Shoes were invented to prevent stepping on shit or getting cut by stones. That's all there is to it.

But all said and done, I am a true feminist. When guys can drool at Ferraris and F16s, women have equal rights to drool over Svarovski earrings and matching dupattas. When guys can channel-surf, girls can menu-surf.

Nanyaar? said...

Looks like some is acceptin that she has been exaggeratin'