Thursday, April 19, 2007

Am I silly or are there other people out there like me. The other day I was walking on the road when a malli poo (the night queen or raat ki rani) fell on me and it brought back memories of the lazy summers spent at my grandmothers place when the pookari used to come home and give it. Certain smells bring back hordes of memories for me. I dunno if this happens with everyone or not. A week back the smell of a lux soap brought back memories of second and third std when I spent of most of the time at my aunt’s place where they used the same lux soap.
There are many such incidents like this.

1.The smell of diwali firecrackers brings back the memories of second standard when I lit fire to my neighbours son’s hair(before u guys start giving me the looks let me tell u that it was completely unintentional.) and my mother put it out.

2.The smell of mysore sandal soap and filter coffee brings back the summers of sixth and seventh when we used to go to madras for summer hols and after a two day long(and smelly) journey in the train we took bath using mysore sandal soap and freshly brewed coffee(made by paati dearest) used to await us.

3.The smell of mavdu thanni brings back all the summer holidays when we used to come back after playing for a full day in the hot sun completely sweaty and dirty and after having a bath paati used to give us thayir sadam in our hands with a little bit of the mavadu thanni on top. It was the closest I went to experiencing heaven.

4.The smell of the rain(mann vasanai/mitti ki khushboo) brings back the memories of the days spent cuddled in a sofa reading an amazing book sipping tea and having some heavenly bhajjis made by amma.

5.The smell of Vaseline reminds me of those cold winters spent in Jamnagar when my skin used to be like the sahara desert(It used to be so dry. This is a joke. This is where u r supposed to go ha ha ha ha.)

6.The smell of garnier face wash brings back memories of first sem when I sincerely used it and later stopped because I started spending my own money on these things after first sem (when mom bought all my provisions). Shifted to the much cheaper hamam then .LOL.

7.The smell of surf excel brings back memories of third year when I used that to wash clothes in hostel.

8.The smell of vicks brings back memories of second sem when I suffered from severe sinus problems and that particular vicks dabba was like my life breath.

9.The smell of Fa deo takes me back to the fifth sem when I used that till I started itching in various places.

10.The smell of fevicol brings memories of final year where we destroyed a zillion rubber trees while doing the decoration work for our technical and cultural events.

I could just keep going on. These might not mean anything to u guys but each of these smells evoke hordes and hordes of memories of summer, winter, monsoons, college days and lovely school days. And before you declare that I am a sentimental fool me let me tell u that nothing can be further from the truth. I have no sentimental value for things people or places. I love change. I don’t keep the dress which I wore when I wrote my first english unit test in college and since I scored good marks in that I have been wearing that ever since for all my exams. I swear some of my friends have such sentiments. One of them does not take a bath before she leaves for an exam because it is lucky for her. LOL. No I m not such a person but what I have written above is something I just cannot control. If I smell something it just brings back all the good bad bitter sweet memories. Like I have already mentioned I dunno if this is normal or not. There was even a time when the smell of a public urinal bought back memories of the time I went to manali on a camp and was forced to use a loo used by fifty other people. Sheesh!!! Am I crazy or what??


sanjeev said...

nice blog..yeah golden memories tend to get induced by senses, be it smell or just a glance at some objects that can be related to pleasant moments.. talkin of sentiments.. yeah im bound by it too.. i always make it a point to wear "blue" for all important tasks.. really cool tht u have taken up simple incidents to put together an enjoyable blog.. keep going..

ragesh said...

Hey!!!!!!! You just nailed it dude, very excited to know u too have that thing with smell, I totally have it, and I have tried to explain it to other people. When we get certain smells, we are automatically, magically transported to that place na.. like if I smell my muscial Keyboard, I ll be transported to my 1st day in keyboard class. In fact there was an episode on this topic in Darma & Gerg on Star World in 2004.. Great post dude..

ragesh said...

typo : Greg*

Anonymous said...

:-) True.. mind associates smell with place/time etc. On the not so good side of it... There is a soap called Irish Spring that I got a whiff of when i was pregnant and puking. Even today if i see the work irish spring or smell the actual soap, I can feel my stomach turning... :-)

Harish said...

concentrate pannanam na ellarum kanna moodipaanga.. un smell-associations ellam paartha, nee mooka moodikanam pola iruke!!

Ashwin said...

Very Profound...Very Profound..You infact helped me find an answer for a question i had all these days.

Whenever i crossed a loo, i felt like peeing. I always wondered if the bladder had an invisible alarm..ah now i know, its after all this silly nose. Capital! Capital!

But hey our office loo smells more of lavendar spray, than urea..How come this intelligent nose smell it then?

Oh ageing question ,is never gonna find its answer?