Sunday, April 08, 2007

Have u ever been the source of a rumor and then have that rumor come back to you after an hour or two completely blown out of proportion. Believe me it is one of the funniest and most stress busting of all activities. So if u feel stressed out just catch a maami in ur flat or apartment and tell her some gilma matter and then sit back and wait for the same thing to come back to you.
This is what happened to me. A few days back suddenly the electricity went out late in the evening at my grandmother’s place (which by god’s grace is generously endowed with maami’s of all sizes and shapes). I was feeling extremely bored and I was just sitting in the balcony doing nothing when suddenly one of the maami’s strikes a conversation with me. (once these maami’s start talking it is very difficult to get them to shut up. I just took advantage of the situation). This was the conversation which took place between a maami and me.

M : yenna pa ippidi valaku etharu nerathala current poiduthu. Eppidi samaikaradhu??

Moi : aama maami. Kashtam dhaan.

M: yedhunaala current poirruku??

(I mentally rub my hands gleefully and spark off the rumor with an innocent look on my face)

Moi: yengyavadhu transformer veduchirukum maami..

M: (assimiliating this new piece of info with great joy): oh apdiya..

For the next fifteen minutes maami makes small talk asking me for the nth time about my final year project, about the company where I have got a job and why I m not studying further and if I m not studying further why I m not getting married and if I m not doing any of these then why I m wasting time at the grandmother’s place rather than living with my parents (at this time I decide to start off another rumor saying that my parents have taken sanyas and gone to the Himalayas but I decide against it thinking of the dire consequences I will have to face once I go home). After all this maami wanders off to talk to yet another maami and I sit back and enjoy the drama

This is the conversation between maami 1 and maami 2

M2 : yen di ambujam current yen poirruku ippidi valaku yethara nerathala??

M1 : theriyala di anguchi. Adyar area oda Transformer vedichirukkum nenaikaren.

M2: Oh!! Apdiya..seri seri seri

This is the conversation between maami 2 and maami 3

M3: adiye anguchi current yen poirruku ippidi sayangala velai la??

M2: theriyala di rangam. Adyar area oda Transponder (God bless NASA and ISRO. I hope this never happens ;)) vedichirukkame!!

M3: Oh!! Adhu dhaan vishayama?? Seri seri

This is the conversation between maami 3 and maami 4

M4: yenna di rangam current ippidi poiduthu

M3: Adyar area oda transponder bayangrama vedichuduthaame!! Yaaruko adi patudho theriyala..

M4: ayyayo…seri di

This is the conversation between maami 4 and maami 5

M5: adiye vanaja yenna di velichaame ila??

M4: unnaku theriyadha?? Adyar area oda transponder vedichu 4 perukku bayangra adiyama!! Malar hospital dhaan kuttinda poirpaanga nu nenaikaren.

M5: ada kadavule.

This is the conversation between maami 5 and maami 6

M6: adiye jalaja kelu di.. yenna achu?? Current kaanum. Neeyum ippidi paraparaapa irruka??

M5: ayyo unnakum theriyadha?? Adyar area transponder vedichu 4 perukku baynagram adi pattu ippo malra hospital kuttindu poirkanga..yeppo current varum nu theriyala

M6: ayyayo

This is the conversation between maami 6 and maami 7

M7: adiye savithri yenna orey irrutu. Current ila ya??

M6: aaman di. Adyar area transponder vedichu 4 perukku baynagram adi pattu ippo malar hospital kuttindu poirkanga. Inniku full day current varadhame.. yenna pandradhu nu theriyala.

At this point I can no longer control myself and I approack maami7 and ask her what the commotion is all about. She tells me.

M7: ila di. Adyar area oda transponder vedichu konja perukku bayangrama adi pattu ippo dhaan malar hospital ku kuttindu poirukka. Innum 4 days ku current varadham!! Na velacherry lu yen ponnu aathuku poren. 4 days ellam current ila ma irruku mudiyadhu.

After the maami goes I am rolling on the floor laughing like I have lost it. Had some great fun that day. I started off the rumor with a "maybe a transformer has broken down" and it comes back to me as "a transponder in the adyar area has broken down.some people have been badly hurt and have been taken to malar hospital and there will be no electricity for another four days" :D:D..Man!! These maamis are just priceless. You can count on them to provide 24 hr free entertainment...


Dupa Jasia said...

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Harish said...

"Once these maami’s start talking it is very difficult to get them to shut up."
Hee hee hee....adu sari. Clock a fasta otti paaru...innum aduta 10 yrs kazhichu innorutar indae post a unnai pati poduva...jaakiradai :-)

dipika said...

very interesting..!ur mami kadhai kept me laughing for one whole day:))esp d tansponder..heehee

Harish said...

Next time try "pakkathu veetu Savithri irutoda irutta boyfriend oda odi pogarathukaaga pota thittam idhu.. avan thaan fuse pidungeerupaan." :)

when it comes back to u, Savithri ku kozhandhaiye purandhurukkum!!!

Ragesh said...

LOL, ROFL, he he, but there is int much diff between M4 M5 and m5 M6, so tha gain of the M5 rumour amplifier is very less I guess, ask her to add a capacior to the input, LOL

Dinesh said...

HILARIOUS!! :-). God bless all maami's, they are the salt of the earth!

K.Srikanth said...

very humorous post !!! really enjoyed reading it :)
and s ,rumors spread like forest fire when maamis are around...
always a fun to listen to their rumors