Saturday, April 21, 2007

Yipeee!!Project over :):)

Finally at long last after three months of breaking our heads, worrying and truckloads and truckloads of tension finally I have finished the final review of my project and after the review I wonder why I took such pains. Seriously the external was as interested in our project as Mother Teresa would be in reading Playboy. We were the batch before tea break and He looked at his watch twice, looked at our five minute presentation for about thirty seconds and asked us to show him the demo in two minutes and all the while he listened to all this with an extremely expressionless face. I swear I have seen more expression on John Abraham’s face (who though he looks good cant act to save his life). No wait it is a crime to even take the name of this external in the same breath as john. Atleast u can look at john even if u cant stand his acting but this external looked like he was a cross between a gorilla and Rabri Devi and had been dropped on his head when he was young(his questions confirmed this fact).

All the time when we were explaining our project we kept screaming “encryption encryption” till our lungs were hoarse and at the end of it he looks at the three of us (stupid us!!we were scared that he might actually ask us something which we would not be able to answer) and says “all is ok. But how u securing ur system. U doing encryption?”. Even now I wonder how I controlled myself and how I restrained myself from showing him my middle finger. I am so proud of myself. With clenched teeth I told him, “Sir. We are doing encryption using 1024 bit key RSA”. Oh ok he said (as if it made any difference to him).

Actually it is my fault. After four years of studying in an engineering college in Chennai I cant believe I expected the external to know something and ask intelligent questions. I cant believe that I expected some guy who would appreciate the fact that we hadn’t “bought” the project at some consultancy but had sat and worked ourselves out for the project. All these years when I have felt that my college professors are dumb god sends some external from a college as if to tell me “u think ur college professor has no brains?? You just have to check out this guy”.

Whatever I feel ashamed to say that I was scared before in entered the lab to give my final review. I was pacing corridors, kneading my hands, sweating like a pig and yawning (something I do when I am tensed :P:P) and all for someone who was only interested in getting rid of us and going for tea. Cha so much for three months of sleepless nights, doing bloody documentation and useless worry. Whatever!! It is over and I am almost an engineer!! Almost( and a completely useless one at that).


rageshgr said...

wow!1 pretty straight forward, very candid and spontaneous, good one, ya its really painful they don't appreciate the sincere efforts done by us, and doubt whether we have done it etc.. anyways chill..

daman kohli said...

your post reminded of my crse project in college ,anyways it was quite opposite to urs ,since it was a sem project not a final one so we ccp(cut copy pasted)the code ,i wish i had an external like u .i implemented the blowfish encryption algorithm,but just forgot to remember the block size of it :) and the rest as they say is history

Harish said...

everywhere same case a? :(

naanga 3 months a uyira vittu came up with a super cool project. the external didnt even understand it :( we used converted a bluetooth mobile phone into a remote for the comp. Giving it so many functionalities that u have total control over the comp.

and the external asks us to do magic show with it! X(

shud prolly rant abt this on my blog!

Harish said...

"the external was as interested in our project as Mother Teresa would be in reading Playboy."
Where did u get that from :D