Saturday, November 24, 2007

Home Sick

I want to go home. All of a sudden I am feeling really really home sick and right now I just want to quit my job, take the next train to Jamnagar and go home. It’s been 7 years since I left home to pursue my education, then a job and I have enjoyed every minute of staying in Chennai these 7 years but suddenly, though I completely hate Jamnagar from the bottom of my heart I cannot deny the fact that it is home and I so want to go there right now. (I was atleast hoping to spend some time at home after graduation but after staying at home for 15 days I got a call from Cognizant to join them. I joined work on June 1st after finishing my exams on May 11th!! :-\)

Right now I want to be able to sleep till 8, wake up to my mom shouting and calling me for breakfast, listen to my dad getting ready to office (yeah!! I love “listening” to him go to office. Its so much more fun than actually looking at him go to office. “Where’s my shoe, where are my socks, where’s my lunch, where are my car keys, ooouuuccch who left this hair pin in the middle of the drawing room, I almost killed myself stepping on it” are some of the sounds you will definitely get to hear in my house on any given weekday morning). I want to be able to eat a good breakfast, want to hear my mother say “you have lost so much of weight. U should eat green vegetables...blah blah” though I closely resemble a baby elephant.

I want to go back to the time when my sister and I used to fight everyday in the morning before going to school. We fought to decide whose hair amma would plait first, who would take bath first, we fought to decide which pair of socks were hers and which were mine (“you liar!! These are mine. See this bit of mud on the corner. That happened in PT class yesterday”. “you pig. I am sure u must have lost ur pair of socks and put this bit of mud on mine” “oh!! Don’t be lame. Anyway check out the new elastic on this pair of socks. Yours always sag. Mine always stay tight”), fought to decide which ribbons were mine and which were hers (yeah!! We had to wear black color ribbons to school and I will confess I always lost mine and pilfered my sister’s.), fought to decide who would have the first dosa in the morning for breakfast, who would make the bed in the morning. We fought for everything. Right now I make my own bed, we make our own hair we don’t wear socks or ribbons, she makes her own dosa (in fact whenever I visit her she has always been magnanimous and always offers me the first dosa!! It’s no fun fighting with her anymore).

Even as i write this my sister is in clacutta, my dad is in jamnagar, my mom is in bombay and i am sitting here in chennai. if dad were in delhi i could have said four of us live in four corners of india. ok!! sad joke i know but then i am not feeling particularly cheerful at present!! :-\

Yeah its fun living on ur own, fending for urself, staying with friends, etc but when I look at some of my colleagues who come from home, who bring lunches made by their mothers, talk about how they fought with their siblings in the morning I feel so jealous and wonder why software companies are so apprehensive about opening branches in a godforsaken place like jamnagar. And the funny part is that most of these colleagues envy me because I get to stay alone, have more freedom than they do etc. Sigh!!!

I love my life as it is now but I would give anything in this world to be able to spend one month with my parents right now. Sigh!! If wishes were horses the Revathi’s of this world would ride!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Revs, your homesickness u'standable. Live life moment by moment.Make this moment good and enjoy.There would be a day soon when you will be longing for 'these days'.If only ppl can rewind life ....There are also ppl who want to fast forward life !
Live life to the full in whatever time frame !

Kausikram Krishnasayee said...

hello madam,howz you? long time no thing i realized ..err you never mentioned about work... they put you on bench? or are they making you work like a slave?

Anonymous said...

/And the funny part is that most of these colleagues envy me because I get to stay alone, have more freedom than they do etc. Sigh!!!/

Grass is always greener in the other side.

/I love my life as it is now but I would give anything in this world to be able to spend one month with my parents right now/

Don't worry. You can visit them soon or ask Amma and Appa to visit you. That is even better. Don't you think so?


Revathi said...

thanks for all that gyan. i m quite ok now. guess that was just a phase. and yeah i am completely enjoying life now!!
thanks for visiting!!:)

hey there!! dont ask me man. they are taking the life outta me. been doing coding, desgining and all such nonsense which i have no interest in for the past 4 months!! :(. slave is the right word, only i get paid good money!! ;)

thank u!! i took ur suggetsion and my parents are visiting in march!! :)

Kausikram Krishnasayee said...

dudette is it true that they have a gym there?

Revathi said...

Lol. yeah. we have a gym in office!! why do u ask?? :)

Kausikram Krishnasayee said...

heard that a senior recently corrected his colleague over one of his gym sessions..also heard that he has been warming his bench for a long time now :)

Sandhya said...

hey... very touching post... feel so sorry for u:(
if u feel so upset, come and stay at my place for sometime.... i'll ask my mom to take care of u like ur mom:)