Saturday, July 12, 2008


Aravind has tagged me and because i am as occupied and as busy as a 90 year old woman and have as much work to do as Parthik Patel does in the indian cricket team this weekend i decided to do it. So here goes the taggg!!

6 whatever’s about me:

1. I have two completely contrasting personalities. Revs-1 is a brooding, morose, silent person who speaks only when she is spoken to, doesn’t like the presence of people around her, wants her personal space and enjoys solitude.
Revs-2 is jolly, extremely talkative, speaks all the time, silly, needs to have people around her all the time and can get depressed when she is alone.
People who know Revs-1 cant believe that Revs-2 exists and vice versa. Mt attempts to merge these two personalities have not succeeded.

2. I am extremely scared of sharp things and fire. Surprisingly when I am holding a knife or a candle I am not scared but I get the heebie jeebies when someone else holds a knife or candle.

3. I suffer or rather used to suffer from severe obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) but thanks to a friend of mine who told me about it, its under control. I used to do crazy things like
--I have this fear of odd numbers. I dunno why. When I get into the bus I try to make sure there are even number of people in the bus. When I am walking from one place to another I count the number of steps in between and if its an odd number I decide I am going to have a crappy day.
--I cant stand it if one hand of mine is wet and the other is dry. I feel the need to necessarily wet my other hand too. Apparently this is because people suffering from OCD need to have a feeling of evenness
--I also have this obsessive habit of adding up the numbers on all the number plates of the vehicles I see. There have been times when I have ignored a signal change and gone on adding the numbers
--if I see a square flooring I do the knight walk. I dunno why but involuntarily I take three steps forward two steps right when I am on a square flooring.
--I have this obsessive spell check habit. If I am typing on MS Word I HATE the red and green squiggly lines I see. I have this habit of doing away with all the errors however small and silly they are. Most of the time I end up doing an ignore all but still I must do it
And many other such weird habits.

4. I don’t dream. I have never had a single dream till date. People tell me that I dream but I don’t remember them but personally I think I don’t dream at all

5. I am a very very very absent minded. I pull push doors and push pull doors, in the rest room once I dropped my cell into the dust bin and put my tissue into my bag, weekly at least twice I board bus no 38 though the bus which goes to my place is bus no 39 and I end up walking at least a km everyday, I cant carry two things. If I carry my handbag and another bag I misplace one of the two, if I carry my handbag and a pen or book more often than not I will lose the book. Sometimes I think I lack a brain.

6. I hate milk. I cant stand the sight, color and smell of milk. In spite of threats from my mother who says if I carry on like this all my bones will crumble and fall due to osteoporosis at the age of 30 and I ll die a premature death I find myself unable to assimilate the goo.

5 things I miss right now:

college life. My carefree existence. My friends. My room. My room mate. My warden. The hostel food. The hostel dog ganguly. The snake catching pit behind our hostel. Our gossip talking nook behind the mess. The culturals. The symposiums. The crazy night outs. The insane semester exams. Makku. Watching 5 movies a day. sleeping till 1 in the afternoon. The trip to stores. The walks to the temple. The miserable cup noodles. Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I wish I could go back to college.

errrr. That’s 20 things I miss right now. I hope that’s ok.

10 things I wanna achieve in a decade:

Achieve?? Naaah!! I don’t like that word. Makes me feel like Anil Ambani. I have small dreams which I hope to fulfill by the time I reach the age of 35 and they are:

1. To go on a tour of India with nothing but a backpack with four pairs of clothes, a good pair of shoes, some friends and some money. To climb all the mountains, at least those in India. To go on a trip to the north east and see arunachal Pradesh, imphal etc.
2. to go bungee jumping
3. to do scuba diving and go in a submarine
4. to adopt a girl child
5. try my level best to not get married
6. to start an NGO
7. to start and be the editor of a good youth magazine
8. Build an independent house with a large library with all my favorite books and huge couch for me to sit and read all day, a small garden lined with flowers of all kinds, a white picket fence, a swing and slide in the back yard for my little girl to play in and a golden retriever called Popeye in one of the following places. Goa, Chennai, Pune, Bangalore.
9.To ride a black bike wearing black clothes, a black helmet on ECR in the dead of the night and to learn to drive a car.
10. Earn a lot of money to be able to do all the above!! ;)

I have already done the boring book tag so I am skipping it. I tag the following people

Kilpauk Mental (Have fun. I cant wait for ur tag and the crazy answers!! :))
Jass (Muwhahahahahahaha)


Anonymous said...

Whoa...that seemed more like a rant than a tag! ;)
And you giving me an opportunity to brag and rant is I must say, complete bliss!! :D
Cool post Revs!! :D

Aravindan said...

You want me to believe that you dont like to be tagged??

Sree's link is misleading re. Change it.

Karthik Subbaiah said...

You know what Raavs.. I am speechless!! Ippo naa inda tag ah yeduthu yezhadinena, everyone will say are you 'Powered by Ctrl+C and Driven by Ctrl+V'... :(
Nearly 80% of it is probably what I would have wrote. Now I really have to think and write. How boring??
But then really... I am simply shocked at the uncanny nature of similarities. I mean.. its not just weird. Its creepy. Are you sure it wasnt the milkman?? I mean... Wait a minute. Let me ask my mom straight. Its time I know the answers. Had she ever been to kumbh mela at the same time when your parents had been there... :D

Anyways... Me will take the tag coz you know... I asked for it!!

@Other comment readers: Sorry guys... if you dint understand a word I wrote here. :P:P

>>Jass said...

mmm Ambiguous Tag!
PLUS jeeeeez you dont want me to think do you ?!

Arun said...

heh ! controlling OCD isnt fun !! humph !
point 4 is scary !

Anonymous said...

heh heh.. of all the above points, all i can remember and say is.. "that poor girl (who gets adopted)" she'll be punished for life.. no fault of hers though..

Nice one.. and trust me.. I've done the bike thingy.. Not on ECR but somewhere else) and it is bliss..:)do try it..

My Musings said...

Nice one, Bungee jumping! i love that,,,

and for ur absent-mindedness, thank your stars n be glad that you still remember your absent-mindedness. its a state-of-being and no complaints!!!

Revathi said...

thanks!! :)

@kilpauk mental
i know, i know!! just read ur post and i have sued u for plagiarism!! :)

awwwwwwwwww!! dont take up the tag. 2 year old babies cant think. how did i forget that?? hmmm
i untag u!! :P

scary? why?

oooooooh!! ebing cheeky are we!! humph!! arey she will be the luckiest kid in teh universe to be blesed with a mother who cant cook, hates cleaning, hates milk, slips and falls even before she starts walking...
sigh!! you are right man!! :)

i was bored!! :P and will correct the mistake!!Thanks!! :)

lol!! yeah. that is there!!
Thanks for visiting!! :)

avani said...

ITS PARTHIV :D.. namma oor payna pera thappa sollita? nice rant :).. why activity declined? CTS la vela kuduthaangala

Harish said...

(1) holds good for me too, at times!
and I thot I was the only adult to be afraid of sharp objects and fire!
me feeling a lot better now :)

but adhuku aparam vara points ellam paartha, ur much much weirder :P

Harish said...

oh, and yaar andha Parthik Patel? :D

Revathi said...

oru thappu vidama note pandraye!! sigh!!
and velai yeah!! i think i need to tell them that i m human and not one of the umpteen computers in office!! :|
Thanks for visiting!! :)

hmm. i think all of us have 2 personalities to some extent but for some of us its more prominent!!
and yeah weirdd!! thats me!! :P
and sigh!! yellarum note pannitela andha parthik patel a?? am not gonna change it now!! :P
Thanks for visiting!!

Ashwath said...

"I cant stand it if one hand of mine is wet and the other is dry"

this can create lots of confusions.. rite ;-) LOL..

apram.. u said "trying best to not get married"
well, many gals are saying this these days.. ;-( (worrying factor for us) ;-)

Anonymous said...

Done with the tag...finally!! Phew...take a look...approve or disapprove, but I am done with it!! :D

AKB said...

phone into your dustbin!!!! thank God you didnt put it somewhere else! :o u know what I mean... phew!!!

and all those 10 things you wanna do.. do you really think you can do, or those are just dreams or wishlist??? :)