Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Me, my family and other Animals!! :P

1. With my sister gone, I feel completely uninspired to write. If you are completely out of your mind (read: if u have been following my blog for an year) you might have noticed that most of posts revolve around my sister, her husband, her house, her habits etc. When she was here she would give me so much of fodder to write humor. Everything she did or did not do would make me laugh. Her non existent IQ, her silly expressions, her stupid talk, her obsessive compulsive cleaning disorder, her insane conversations with my BIL.. Sample the following conversations between my sis and bil

Sis: its your turn to make the bed today.
BIL: mmmm ok
(after half an hour)
Sis: I noticed 4 creases in the bed sheet and my pillow is at an angle of 30 degrees to your pillow and you have folded the bed sheets inside out.
BIL: duh?

And she would proceed to do the whole thing again. I never did understand why she made him do it first because she would invariably find some fault and do it again. My BIL at least would try. I would deliberately make a mess of it because I figured that when she was anyway going to do it again what is the point of me doing it.
She would give me so much to write about and it is not a coincidence that since she has left for dubai I have been writing sad posts!!

2. my mother whenever she calls nowadays doesn’t talk. She only squeals in excitement. She goes “eeeeeeeeeee shruthi, wheeeeeeeeee. Oh my god we went to the niagra falls yesterdayyyy and I cant tell u how wonderful it was. We went behind the falls in this ferry called maid of the mist. Ooooohhh shruthi!! You should have come” or “Shruthiii, today we went and saw the place where wordsworth sat and wrote his poem on daffodils, we saw shakespeare’s village and it was sooooo much fun”. She sounds like a happy 5 year old who has finally been given a chocolate and taken to the circus and seen a clown. My father composed and serene as ever goes “hmmm. Nice place. I played a little but of golf and have been reading quite a bit”.

Their contrasting characters never fail to amaze me. My mother is this round ball of never ending energy and enthusiasm, always excited and always raring to go and do something. She joined dance classes some time last year and an year before that she was studying vedic mathematics and learning telugu in correspondence. At the age of 44 she went on a 25 km cycle trek on rough terrains, up the mountain and my dad and her were the only people above 30 to complete it. Knowing hindi, english and tamil well she helps translate books from tamil to English and hindi to English for this NGO called AID india. She lives life on her own terms and what a life she lives!!! I feel stupid, lazy, incapable of doing anything and uninspired when I compare myself to her. Coming to appa he is this laid back, relaxed, take life as it comes almost saintly person who enjoys a good book, piping hot coffee and my mothers company. I will never be able to understand how two people with such contrasting personalities exist together. Anyway they seem to be having a great time in the US and UK. I am glad.

3. my cousin sister has gotten admission in Amrita Coimbatore and she leaves for Coimbatore in another two days. For the past 2 weeks we have been shopping and packing and buying stuff for her to take there. I am the most excited person. I know how exciting it is to go to a new place, meet new people, set up your room in hostel, get ragged, eat miserable hostel food, be homesick, cry, make friendships, break them, wash your own clothes and sigh!! A part of me is jealous of my sister. I wish it was me instead of her going to hostel and back to college. I wish it was me people were giving advice to saying stuff like “be careful about the friends you make, study well and be careful of ur stuff in hostel”, I wish it were me going to Coimbatore (a place I have never been to though I remember getting admission into CIT- chemical engineering, but later dropping it.) to start a new life, I wish I was going to study there and not just drop her off. She is feeling quite apprehensive and I hope she makes a great set of friends because frankly in college friends is what matters. Studies, I personally think are a very very trivial part of college, something which I don’t remember doing at all except the night before exams. I hope she has fun because that’s what college is all about.

4. I look at my grandmother and I feel sad. I hate old age. There is no one in this world I love more than her and every time I look at her, the fact that she is not getting any younger and that each of her siblings are suffering from some ailment and not surviving it, is very very unsettling. Though a part of me refuses to accept it, I know that there will be a certain weekend when I wont be able to say “Na paati veetuku poren”, that there will be a day when she wont twist my ears and say “thayir sadam saapdu. Odambu naiya irruka”, that there will be a day when I wont see her wearing over sized spectacles, a pale violet saree, sitting on the floor and reading anandha vikatan or talking on the phone. The more I force myself to not think about it, the more I find myself thinking about things which I would be much better off not thinking about. Sigh!!!

5. I have been bugging the shit out of people for the past 3 months by writing and subjecting them to sad poetry written by yours truly. A friend of mine bought a car and I wrote a poem for him, another friend got engaged and I wrote a poem for him and yet another friend of mine has lost his marbles after I started writing sad poetry about him because now even he has started writing poetry. I wish i could copy paste some of that stuff here but all the poems are errr kind of personal and if the concerned person were to know that i am making it public like this i would cease to exist!! :-\ The result of all the curses which I am sure I would have received from the afore mentioned people is that the coding phase of the next stage of my project starts soon and sigh!!! This means no more useless chats on the office communicator, no more sad poetry, no more blogging and no more calvin and hobbes in office hours!!! Back to dreaming about Java, JSP and servlet pages, back to drinking 11 cups of tea in 11 hours, back to blank eyed stares at the Null pointer exceptions and quick 10 minute lunches. oh Java!! how much i hate you!! :(

P.S: please check out the photos of our skandagiri trek here. i havent taken any of these!! these are a compilation of the best pics!! :)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful post Revs...kinda sad indeed!
Having no elder married sis, I can't understand much of the pain and sorrow you are facing post your sister voyage to Dubai.
Parents are the best when they are right the opposite of each a kid, we get to see a wide range of expressions! ;) My mom too is outgoing and dad as much an introvert! Yet, they just hit off!! :D paternal grandma, is hospitalised...and I could very much relate to your thoughts about that weekend which would never happen to come! Sigh...hate the old age! you too gonna get busy eh? Back to dating your boyfriends...sheesh! Some times being single is bliss, isn't it? ;)

Awesome post buddy! :D

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Milinta said...

Yay! I'm so happie ur back to the 'Java coding' phase of your life, revs!. Was just about to write a motta petition to your team when this good news came. In short,
"Yaam petra inbam peruga ivvaiyagam" :D :P :D

Kausikram Krishnasayee said...

revs what about the thayir saadam thingy? please tell me you do not eat it, tell me that it is first degree toxic waste for you which you detest and will not ever eat in this life time.
and general gyan, ditch java, python is so much more fun.

@ 900$ dubuku jason:
buddy either you are a first degree geek who managed to fool captcha or you are plain stupid. in either case i bet you wouldnt have made a single pisa out of it. and if you really made some money then why not pass some to me, i am doing a favour by driving publicity to you, here. and yeah i am eternally broke.

Sheks said...

Java--pesaama 'Saava'-nu vechirukkalaam paer-a!

Sanjeev said...

Great one.. enjoyed reading it.. yeah cheers and high five..I know how it feels,when the elder sis packs up to a different place after marriage, and more so when she is pampered by all at home,though she is miles away:D

It was wonderful to note the things that your mother has been doing..! hats off to her..!

>>Jass said...

This whole post is making me go awww!

Why do i feel that deep down inside you actually love java coding ? ;)

Chill out revs!
Jo bhi kar post likhna mat band kar!

>>Jass said...

@Kaushik :

You like talking to bots? :P

Karthik Subbaiah said...

lol at your sis's pyrotechniques. I am sure she is a great entertainer for your 'BIL'ly!! I remember your post on how she cried that they serve milk in bottles in dubai..hehe..

Awww at your mom and dad... and their chemistry. No wonder the quote, "Opposites attract" is so true.

You write poetry... I mean you write poems... :O:O What on earth am I reading!! Am I missing something?? :(
Great to hear you are back into Java world. Now you'll start dreaming about it. Hehehe.. I truly wish you reach the state where you start speaking one java term in every sentence you speak. Like how it happened to me few days back!! :D
One qwestin: Namakellam 'java' la dhan 'sawa'?? @Sheks: Sorry man. I love plagiarism. Its fun!! ;)
Nice post...but the lack of the usual humor is pretty evident. Make a short trip to dubai I say. :)

Aravindan said...

Revs, i have tagged you here.

I know you will like as much as java.

Karthik Subbaiah said...

@aravindan: Sorry man, to dampen your tagging of revathi but she's already been there and done that!! :)

@Revs: Okie... I dint want a repeat telecast you know. :D Kidding!! And yeah... Can I be like your official spokesperson around here?? You know..its kinda tough to survive with a meagre Infy salary. :P

Revathi said...

Thanks a lot man!! Thanks for visiting!! :) and yeah bye bye to single life and romancing with my exceptions errr i mean boy friends should start soon!! :)

Thanks a lot. you are really kind. how did u know that i am eternally broke and never have more than 20 rupees in my pocket? are u an angel whom god sent??

BULL SHIT!! cut the crap and get back to work. 900$ aama!! moonji!!

errrr. i just read jassi's comment. you a bot?? :P. sigh!! i knew i had lost my marbles. now its confirmed. i am talking ot inanimate things

sigh!! (happy tears in my eyes). nee dhaan yenoda uyir thozhi!! BAH!! :-\

errr. no. i actually like thayir sadam. its like this. if i had an option i wouldnt eat thayir sadam but if thayir sadam were the last thing in this world to eat, yes i would eat it!! :). and dont be rude to the few commentors on my blog. jason pavam thappa nenchuka poraan!! :P

oru line comment adichalum summa nacchu nu adikara paaru, anga mikaara nee!!! :P

thanks matey!!! :)

Thanks!! :). (awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww - you know what this is for!! :P)


@kilpauk mental
shall send u some of my errr "poems"!! :P. approm thiruppi kekave maata. thirumbi paakama odi poiduva!! :P
ROFL @ java la dhaan sawa!!
sigh!! so true. pora pokaa paathu appidi dhaan nu nenaikaren!! :(. what a sad saavu that would be. and yeah lack of humor is eveident ila?? hmmmm. yenna pandaradhu. vazhve maayam!! :P

naiye!! i have finished this tag already. nalla velai!! phew!! :P

@kiplauk mental
ippidi vechukalam. the fact that i have elevated you to the status of being my official spokesperson you pay me 900$ a month (thanks jason. you are not compeltely useless!! ;)) for giving u such a high position. meagre cognizant salray la vazharadhu rhombha kashtama irruku!! :P

Minkowsky revamped said...

well, nice to meet you and other animals of the family.. :P liked the post very much .. happy that i stumbled upon ur blog.. :)