Monday, July 07, 2008

Lessons learnt by Revs - Part II

1. Sometimes little things which you do can make people really happy and you don’t even realize it, until they write or tell you about it. So I have been going around feeling as benevolent as mother Teresa, though I haven’t done a thing but because someone else thought I did!! :)

2. Never make new year resolutions. I have shamelessly gone and broken all my new year resolutions. I am PATHETIC. Earlier this year I promised myself that I would be nice to everyone, write accounts and do more of what I like and I have broken all of them.

--I was rude to a really really nice person and u know what’s the worst thing about being rude to a nice person? The nice person doesn’t mind it and says “Naaah. That’s ok!!” and gives a benevolent smile when u apologize to them making u feel lower than Mallika Sherwat’s neck line, lower than the blood levels in Vijay mallya’s alcohol stream, lower than the lowest form of aquatic life which resides in the marina trench of the pacific ocean (errrr.. the lowest point in the earth). Sigh!!! you get the drift?? Really low!!

--I stopped writing accounts two months back and my finances have again gone for a toss. I withdraw whenever I feel like and I have been doing quite a bit of withdrawing and my account looks malnourished as usual. When I was writing accounts there was some kind of control which doesn’t exist now.

PJ: what’s the similarity between Revathi’s bank account and Kareena Kapoor
Answer: both of them are a size zero!! Ha ha ha ha!!
Sad joke!! but then I am a sad person!!

--And despite lofty promises to self I have hardly been doing the things I like. And in fact I have been doing the things I dislike more and more. :(
--The only resolution which I have been keeping successfully is reading books. I have been religiously reading good fiction and spent most of my salary buying books, reading and re reading them but sigh that’s one resolution which I knew I would have no trouble keeping, given my inexplicable love for books. I always take time out to read however busy I am. Always!!! Its like taking a resolution to brush daily (I really do guys!! Cross my heart and hope to die!! )

3. It is not a very good idea to listen to music when you are working. Last week I was listening to “Love me Tonight” by John Denver and without realizing while listening to the song, I went “Kick of your shoes, turn of the lights, love me tonight”. Apparently I was really really loud and the men in my team have been maintaining a safe distance ever since. Sigh!!! I wonder what they think about me!!

4. It is best to read and re read your mails before u send them to others. Yesterday I had to send a mail to a team mate saying “Hi XYZ, mandatory fields have to be marked in blah blah use case” and I ended up sending “Hi XYZ, mandatory fields have to be naked in blah blah use case”. And I quickly scanned the mail for read marks and not seeing any I sent it and needless to say was the butt of all jokes the whole day with some perverts asking me what pleasure I got out of looking at naked mandatory fields!! :

5. Never grow up – It sucks: Lately I have been reading asterix and tintin comics over and over again thanks to my 9 year old cousin (I added the word cousin while re reading the post and editing it. before that, it read “thanks to my 9 year old who seems…!! Eeeeeks!! Thank god I corrected my own mistake!!:P) who seems to have taken a fancy to it. I completely LOVE asterix. Every time I read I am like “oh my god!! Now where does this guy get his sense of humor from?”. Will I ever grow up and stop reading asterix, tintin, archies and tinkle? I hope I never do.

6. Be careful what title you give your posts. I have been following Feedjit carefully for the past 1 month and I noticed that I had maximum visitors for this post. Not that my other posts are great or deserve to be read but this one is definitely not one of my good posts. A little bit of sleuthing ke baad I found out that when u say “lost my orkut account” in google the first link that google throws up is GBCI!! Eeeps!! Sigh!! no wonder I got so many visitors for that post. The number of people whose life orkut rules must be slightly more than the hair on TR’s face, slightly more than the number of pimples on my face and almost equal to jayalalitha’s weight. You get the drift? So I am sure that every day there must be at least a few addicted souls (whose idea of entertainment is refreshing their orkut page to check for scraps, idea of fun is replying to scraps and idea of passing away time is checking out the profiles on unknown people) who lose their orkut account who must be visiting my page!! Hmmm

7. I have decided. I don’t want to get married and I don’t want to study further. I want to go trekking and climb all the mountains in india. Sigh!! I just came back from a weekend trek to tada and it was amazing!! sigh!! will upload someone's pics soon!!

8. It’s a bad bad idea to say “Jeez!! Go jump into a well. You depress me” to a person who is depressed. They, I have noticed, don’t like it. my relationship with a certain friend of mine is at its breaking point coz I couldn’t really understand her mood swings and depression and wasn’t patient enough to listen her out. :S


>>Jass said...

mmm hmm !

New year resolutions? Who needs them!

*approving nod

You got a long way to go kiddo. :P

Arun said...

* toc toc toc * this revs is crazy ! ;)

rV said...

Heh heh.. nice one. :)

Kausikram Krishnasayee said...

i for one will never give up asterix find a new interpretation for ever slapstick there as you grow old. i have all the 50 books and i have read them and re read them at least 500 times and can almost tell you the sequence by heart.

alone in d crowds said...
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alone in d crowds said...

er... 'Red' marks in ur mails isn't it?

Yeah. Now we get d point.

Karthik Subbaiah said...

First things first... Do not comment back @Kilpauk Mental. What'll people think of me... Image spoil aagardhu illa?
Illa... Adadan naanum sonnen!!
After the customary plagiaristic crap, lets jump into blog commenting.

@1: Remembered an old tam saying... 'Uppukku chappaani...Oorukku maangottai'!! :D

@2: Unkept New year resolutions..haha.. Join the club. ;)

@3: Thank god I am safe here in Infy. Phew. God is great.

@4: ROTFL...superb. Only you can pull it off. But I have done something like that too. Wrote 'The criticality of the module and the dependency on XYZ has made XYZ really impotent(read important)'. I hate microsoft...more importanly English. Phunny language. :P

@5: Never grow up!! Never!!

@6: Hey...thats super cool. No wonder you get so many hits. How much money you have earned from adSense?? Pass me some... pleaseeeeee

@7: Where is the travelogue?? WTH is tada??

@8: Poor he/she. Very much related to #2. You still have 5 more months to keep your resolution.

Phew...that was some commenting. My hands are tired. Now please transfer that 500 bucks you promised to give me if I write the longest comment in your blog. :D

Sue said...

i stopped making new year resolutions because i realized i wasn't strong enough to go through with it beyond Jan 3 of any year! mid-year "panic" resolutions work for me though. i resolve to do something when i have reached the point of going up in smoke!

Sheks said...

Sad joke-nu sollittu neeye sirikkarey! Thunbathilum oru inbamaa?

Aravindan said...

Back with a tag. :evil:

Anonymous said...

Whoa...different kinds of expressions I did find in this post...sad, happy, sarcastic, humouristic!! :D
Whatever may come and go, never grow up you the crazy way that you are! ;)

Revathi said...

errr. thanks??? kiddo??? look who is talking!! :roll:

toc toc toc. thanks!! :)

thankee!! :)

seriously. every time i read i can find new interpretations for every dialogue spoken!! :)

sigh!! i must be really stupid because i never understand any of ur comments. by red marks i meant the red marks which come when u make spelling mistakes in word by the way!!

@KILPAUK MENTAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

image nu onnu irundha dhaan spoil aagum. thats like having no teeth and saying chocolate saapta pallu kettu poidum!! :P
ROFL at impotent!! jeez. i m sure XYZ wouldnt have been impressed!! :D
dont worry. i dont plan on growing up EVER!! :)
i have earned 25 cents till date form adsense. will give u 12.5. dont worry. we will go on a world tour together with all that money!!:P
travelogue, too lazy to write and tada is a place around 4 hours from chennai.

will transfer the 12.5 cents to u. sandhoshama iru karthik ooops i mean kilpauk mental!! :)

heh heh!! thanks for visiting!! :)

:rolling eyes:. sigh!! dude. yenna pandradhu. yenna thavar vera otthrum andha joke ku sirika maatale!! :P

aravind u dog. u r soooooooooooooooo dead when i meet u on monday!! NAIYE. humph!!

Thanks s3. will remain crazy!! :)