Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ganguly - Part II - Ganguly doesnt like Hide and Seek biscuits!! :P


Slowly but surely ganguly became an integral part of our lives. We sought ganguly as soon as we came back from college and played with him till he got absolutely tired of us. He was adorable and the friendliest dog we had ever come across. His mother soon forgot about him and it was just us and him. He would mourn woefully when ever (if ever) we left for college and would wait eagerly for us to come back from college leaping on us with his forepaws on our body and his hind legs on the ground. In spite of the plethora of dogs on the campus it was ganguly who attracted us the most and was our favorite mainly because he was the cleanest dog on campus. All the other dogs were flea infested and growled fiercely and menacingly when we tried to shower our affections on them.

Ganguly apart from being clean also had class. He completely REFUSED to eat the mess food and turned up his nose at it just like us. We would coax him and cajole him and try to make him eat the inedible unpalatable muck dished out by the mess workers but he would stubbornly refuse. On the other hand give him anything which we bought from home or the college stores and he would eat it with relish. Milk bikis, ribbon from grand sweets, chicken biriyani from home, pulikachal from home would be gone in a jiffy. Keep a chapatti from the mess in front of him and he would stare disinterestedly at it and give us a look as if to say “you don’t really expect me to eat this do you? I have my standards” and refuse to touch it.

Another characteristic thing about ganguly was that he hated bourbon and hide and seek biscuits. It was fermie who discovered this I think. On the nights of exams when we would stay up till 3 or 4 in the morning studying (errr. We would have figured out what paper it was only at 12 in the night and hence it was mandatory to study till 5 at least to get the much coveted 36 marks) we would be ravenous with hunger and one of us would have a stock of some biscuits to keep the pangs off. Fermie, who loved ganguly more than any of us would keep at least 4 biscuits for him. This would be conversation between us

Me: (coming into her room) hey Ferm. Mi and I are hungry. There are still 4 biscuits left. I am taking this.

Fermie (usually a very soft and kind person would flare up saying): Adhu na ganguly ku vechirukken. (I have kept that for ganguly)

Me: Duh-huh?? I could die of hunger, I could faint at 7 in the morning and not be able to write the exam and you Fermie dear would be the only one responsible for this. Whats more important, my life or Ganguly’s?

Fermie: (making shrek pussy cat eyes at me): please Revs. He hasn’t eaten anything since dinner (neither had I but that didn’t seem enough to invoke fermie’s pity. I have often joked that Fermie would probably have liked me better and given me more to eat in college if I had had four legs, a pink color tongue hanging out and if the noises I made sounded like “Woof woof” or “bow bow”. Aaaaargh. Stop imagining me like that guys!!! :-\)

Me: Fermie please. Mi and I didn’t even have proper dinner. And u r wasting hide and seek biscuits on that mutt?? (don’t get me wrong. I loved ganguly but this was the heights. Given a choice between saving a malnourished kid in Somalia and his dog humanitarian that I am I would choose the kid. Fermie unfortunately didn’t think the same)

Fermie (with a determined look on her face): I am going now and giving it to Ganguly.

So I followed her and watched as she threw one hide and seek biscuit at him. He sniffed at it and looked away in disdain.

“Maybe we should feed him. It was kind rude of me to have thrown it at him” said Fermie

“Aaaaaaaarghhhhhhhh!!!” – that was me

So she called him close to her, opened his mouth and pushed yet another biscuit into his mouth. And would you believe it? Ganguly spat it out. 2 perfectly delicious, edible hide and seeks had been wasted all because Ganguly didn’t like chocolate biscuits. Eeeeeeeee!!!
Fermie tried the same thing with bourbon biscuits and discovered that Ganguly didn’t like even bourbon biscuits. KKK

In spite of our love for Ganguly, It was during exams that Ganguly irritated us the most. During exam times when we would spend sleepless nights and restless days worrying about how we were going to fare in our exams he would sleep peacefully, eat good food and play the whole day. oh for a life like ganguly’s is what we all wished for. Because he stayed with us we thought it was only fair that he should be made to study what we studied and know how difficult (?!?!?!) it was to be an engineer. And so we forced him to study thermodynamics, electronics, operating systems, DBMS etc with us. Following is a picture of muhizh and Tanya trying to teach him the basics of thermodynamics. Ganguly just wasn’t interested and only slobbered over the books and hence didn’t learn anything. I guess he didn’t want to become an engineer. I wonder why? Given the fact that most of us with an engineering degree work like dogs I wish he too had graduated with a degree

Then in second year when Ganguly was 14 years (ideally 2 but 1 human year is equal to 7 dog years) old he became an adolescent and before we knew it he went into heat and started fathering children left right and center all over the campus.
(To be continued)


Sanket said...

Cool. Waiting for the next part :)

Mi said...

Gawd!!! How i still remember that night when Fermie refused to give us those biscuits!! We did everything but fall at her feet and the moron didn't even budge :-/ And another day, she didn't give us some measly Parle-G biscuits saying she's saving it up for the times when Ganguly MIGHT end up hungry in the middle of the night!! Wonder if he's still doted over like this now... Sigh!!
And is there a Part-3? I wish it never ends... :-)

preeti said...

hey revs and mention abt ganguly sleeping till eight am when we groggily walk upto our depts. I remember this stupid fermie buying crackle and giving it to ganguly, she didn even let me sniff it. hmph. enakku ganguly kitta ponum :(

Revathi said...

Thanks!! :)

sighhh!! yeah. part 3 is about how ganguly impregnated all the female dogs on campus!! :P

:). Thanks for visiting!! :)