Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bar Camp for Dummies (read: me!! :P)

Bar Camp Edition 2 is here in Chennai on the 18th and 19th of October guys. This post if for all you people who are going “bar camp”?? does that mean like u know, ahem, errr.. a camp which gives you free booze ??(errr which is kind of how I went when I first heard about it!! :P)

So here is a bar camp FAQ which i compiled for people like me.

1.Ok. So what is this bar camp thingy and why such a name?
Ans: well, do u know this guy called O reilly who write books on Java and bugged the crap out of us in college? And remember how he used the words “foo” and “bar” to give examples of objects in Java? Well the “foo camp” was something which was started by open source publishing guy O reilly and was an invitation-only participant driven conference. And to counter the foo camp and have an unconference which was open to all and not an invitation only event the bar camp was started and is a very famous un conference with sessions being conducted all over the world. Just google for bar camp and you will know what I mean.

2.Eeeeeeeks!! You mean like a geek fest?? Where people will talk about technology and open source and the likes? I would rather be caught dating Rakhi sawant or Vijaykanth than be caught in such camp.
Ans: Jeeeez. no. That would have been the foo camp. In the bar camp everyone who attends it is encouraged to present or facilitate a session which need NOT necessarily be technical. You can talk about blogging, photo sharing, social bookmarking, pod casting, wiki-ing. Everyone who attends the session would be encouraged to pick a label which reads “I am blogging”, ‘I am tweeting’, “I am wiki-ing” , “I am podcasting” and the likes. It is basically a place for u to meet a lot of likeminded people and talk about your interests with people who share them. The bar camp was born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. Some of the best conversations happen in the corridors and in between sessions where u can get to meet a lot of interesting people is what I have heard.

3.Hmmmm. Tell me more. I am not really convinced
Ans: first thing. You do NOT have to be a geek to enjoy/participate/organize a bar camp. Organizing, getting sponsors, getting a venue, setting up a wiki for this event are fun. Apart from that bar camps mostly contain an all night session where they have fun events (an all night hackathon where you are given a very secure site and asked to hack it is an example) and is basically and arena where you can learn a LOT not just about technology but about a many other things. This bar camp in Chennai is basically trying to shatter the “techie image” of the bar camp. So rest assured it will be fun.

4.Is this the first time it is happening here in Chennai?
Ans: Nope this is the second time. Bar camp is very popular in Bangalore and it just completed its 7th edition

5.So why are you talking about it on your blog??
Ans: Oh well!! Apart from being on the organizing committee (albeit a very very dormant organizer :P ) Cognizant is sponsoring this Edition of bar camp in Chennai and we are hoping to make it big and plus if you choose to be a part of the bar camp you have to help by spreading the word and doing your bit.

6.Naaaah. I am still not very convinced. Jeeez!! you are asking me to believe a half baked bean like you and come and attend the bar camp?
Ans: errrr. Ok. Fair enough. Do read about the bar camp in the following sites. I am sure you will be convinced. Though I take offence to the fact that you don’t take my word but choose to take Wiki’s word!! :P
Read THIS and THIS

7.Hmmm. Ok. So how do we register?
Ans: all right!!! Now we are talking!! :). Hurry up and register for the bar camp because there is place only for about 200 people and places are getting filled fast. Pass this around and tell a lot of people about it. Go Bar Camp Chennai!! :)

Click HERE to Register


Kausikram Krishnasayee said...

great to see BCC2 coming up so nicely :)

rajagopal sukumar said...

Nice post on bcc2. The touch of humor has made a dry topic into an interesting one. Good luck with it.

banro said...

nice post revathi....!

Anonymous said...

tat was a good post for dummies.foo is expanded as friends of 0reilly. Keenly waiting for a 'good' (read geeky :p) barcamp. Bcb is boring these days. Kudos for your sponsership effort. Let bcc rock. Hopefuly catch you there.

Revathi said...

Thanks!! :)

Thanks for visiting and for ur wishes Sukumar!! :)

Thanks!! :)

Heyyy!! long time sir!! :)
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