Monday, September 08, 2008

Of silly friends, the english language, office and marathons!! :)

1. So one of my closest friends Akila has gone to Sweden on an “on-site” trip. Being the first one to go from our group of “we-are-useless-and- we-hate-the-software-field-but-we-still-will-rot-here” group, all of us were enormously excited about her trip and asked her to mail us ASAP about Sweden, her hotel, her life, her work everything. Now Aki, nice though she is, for the life of her cannot write or type long mails. She uses all kinds of short forms whose meanings we are never able to decipher.
If I were to give an appropriate analogy I would say “Aki is to long letters as Osama Bin Laden is to world peace” or “aki is to words as maneka Gandhi is to non-vegetarianism”. You get the drift? She cant write.

So the other day we get a mail from her saying

(quoting her verbatim)

“hotel provides bf....thr r lots of stuff for bf...but then they don display the names”

And she sends this to our group of 6 friends all of whom are perverts in their own rights and whose thoughts are as straight as a Jalebi!!

One friend replies saying “they give u boy friends in the hotel?? Whoa?? Are they like tall dark and handsome. What do u care about the names of the ‘BF’??”

Another one replies saying “Aki, what the hell is wrong with u and what kind of a hotel are u staying in which provides blue films?? Eeeeeeyuck. And this is company accommodation??? And u want the names of the movies??? Eeeeeeee!!”

Another one thought it was buffet.

And not a single one of us actually understood that by ‘bf’ she meant breakfast.
It was only after she clarified, that we were enlightened!! :|

2.Sometimes wrong messages i.e messages of which you are not the intended recipient can be fun!! On Saturday I was to meet another very close friend of mine, Milinta, in bessy at 6 in the evening to share some high profile gossip about who’s going out with who and who’s marrying who. (Sighh!! Yeah. We are a group of sad individuals who meet at besant nagar ever other weekend, sit at Barista and discuss the lives of other people over a plate of dark temptation. Who was the dude who said “Great Minds Discuss Ideas; Average Minds Discuss Events; Small Minds Discuss People?” Yeah, so we are small minds!! :P). So on Friday after a friendly round of unparliamentarily words had been exchanged and after we had politely called each other a “stinking pig” and “rotting piece of garbage” for not calling/mailing, we fixed up a time to meet and “discuss people” we hung up and I suddenly get a message from Milinta saying (quoting her verbatim)“I am meeting Revs tomorrow. :) :) :). God. I dunno y but I am so so so happy”

:D:D. I was flabbergasted when I saw that message coz among us friends we have a rule. No gooey sappy senti shit whatsoever!! Anyway not the one to let go a chance to throw some weight around all I can say is “Jeeez Mi!! I know I am smart and sexy and awesome and funny and intelligent and people are thronging and languishing outside my gates to catch a glimpse of me but do u really have to be so explicit??” :P

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww Mi!!wipe that embarrassed expression off your face. Now not only me but the whole world knows that u like me and die to spend time with me!! :D

3. I hate the English language. I think it is the most illogical and ridiculous language ever. This Saturday as I was volunteering at deepam and teaching the kids the spellings of a couple of words I was stumped by some of the questions posed by the kids. I mean sample this. I asked a kid the spelling of culture and he says “c-u-l-c-h-e-r” and I go “no, that’s wrong. Its c-u-l-t-u-r-e” and he says “but last week u asked me to spell teacher. Wouldn’t culture be spelt the same way?” and I am like “errrr. Ahem.. cough. That’s english” and the boy says to his friends “Yenna da indha akka ke onnum therila”!! :| :|. Pretty embarrassing u say and I completely agree. I dunno how to tell the kids that, that’s how the English language is where “feet smell and noses run” and “plural of goose is geese but moose remains moose” and so many other things. Next was teaching them how to use the “conditional formatting” feature in excel. Now I am pathetic at excel. I cant even add two numbers using excel and I have never heard of conditional formatting. Needless to say I made a complete fool of myself in front of 20 kids half my age with one of them telling me that I if I wanted to enter a formula in excel I must put an “=” sign in front!! :-\
Sigh!!! so much for having done “computer science and engineering”!!

4. my enthusiasm (for people who don’t know, I have been blessed with amazing levels of enthusiasm and energy and I very rarely get tired or lazy) reaches a nadir when I am organizing some activities in office. I hate office, I hate organizing games for people who are about as enthusiastic and interested as a wet sponge. I know I am being judgmental but I sit like a zombie in all the “Connect” (that’s what the “fun” group in my account is called) meetings keeping my mind shut and refusing to give any ideas and refusing to refute crappy ideas like “lets play housie or lets play antakshari (who plays antakshari except 14 year old school girls going on a bus to picnics)”.
This is soooo not me but I just cant bring myself to be enthusiastic about something being done in office. :-\

5. I ran the marathon. Yay yay!! I ran all 7 kms.
Ok. I walked 6.75 kms and ran the rest. Don’t blame me. There were about 50000 people running and there wasn’t even place to crawl let alone walk or run. The bottom line is that we finished running all 7 kms!! I ran mainly to get a “I love Chennai“ t-shirt but didn’t get it!! :(


Milinta said...

I'm quoting Revathi Ramanan's reply messages verbatim here for folks who might want to hear both sides of the story before deciding which of us was the gooey-mushy one.

2)"Muah Miiii. Love ya loads and loads :-)"
3)"Goodnight sweetie pie! even i'm thrilled about meeting you..."The rest of it cannot be given here for fear of having our sexual preferences misunderstood.

So there revs, now the world knows how desperate you are to spend time with me as well :p :P

>>Jass<< said...

Reevs! Now it all coming to me clearly! That's why you weren't interested in marriage. OH! It's okay revs ! No big deal if you have , slightly different sexual preferences. It's normal. I guess people will have to understand.

Aki... said... is a comment abt ur blog...n its all the way frm Gothenburgh...

Hems is the most brilliant gal in our grp next to me ofcos...bcos she understood wat is BF....


ithula oru blog vera..

Sanket said...

Hehe...hilarious post Revs!!
Good to know that akki has gone onsite.

Kausikram Krishnasayee said...

Jeeez Mi!! I know I am smart and ...
200 chars
revs ever written something within word limit :P

Now I am pathetic at excel.
+1 ..excel sucks :(

@ Milinta
total damage :)

Anonymous said...

I was in splitz after reading Aki's BF stuff. Nice blog. I am happy I bumped into ur blog.

Brundha (named myself)
Himabindu (named by parents)

Nautankey said...

1.Too good :) i remmebr my onsite so excited and pumped up about it..but finally realized the clients location is spencers plaza

2.Reminds me of the weekend meeting where we bitch and rip apart all the couples we know. X married Y bcoz she was filthy rich.. C married F because he had a greencard ..on n on..and for past 3 years all the 5 of us have been doing that with no scope of us getting settled :))

3.Guess ur students were smarter. Cant fool kids around they arent Project Managers u see :P

4.Antakshri..eeks..think of some unique game,hide n seek probly provided the room of CEO is allowed as a hiding spot

5.I wanted to..but have never sen 6.30 that too on a sunday morning.

Hema said...

good one mii!! :)

cmon akila i know u better.. neeyavathu boy frnd avathu!! ithula blue film vera.. comedy! i dint even have second thots abt wat u wud ve meant by BF ;)

as usual revs sooper blog :)
u forgot to mention who thot blue film for BF. u evr thot SHE wud come up wit that???? ;)

Revathi said...

ohhhh SHADUPppppppppp!! :-\
P.S: i think we ought to be institutionalised and be let loose!! :D

*comment ignored* :rolling eyes:

lol. ur comment can ALWAYS make me laugh. always. the lack of eloquence in all ur comments is very refreshing. no kidding!! :D:D
Akiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!! :)

Thanks for visiting!! :)

word limit?? whats that?? i remember in class 2nd i had to write a 100 word on essay on my mother and after writing "she cooks, che cleans, she looks after me and teaches in the same school as i do" i had nothing else to say!! :P. that was the last time i wrote something within word limit!! :D

thank you so much!! :)

firstly nice name!! :D
//finally realized the clients location is spencers plaza

errr. not very exciting what?? lol!!

Thanks a lot for visiting nautankey!! :)

lol!! :D
Thanks for visiting!! :)

Divs said...

:)Hey! Hilarious post..

You remind me of my crazy bunch of friends..

bf = breakfast! now how did she come up with that abbreviation of all the things!! :P

nice post!

Karthik Subbaiah said...

Whoa... The Raavathi Raamanan humor is explicitly visible and I had a huge laugh..
And especially after reading Mi's comment...I am like...err...ummm... you know... ahem!!
Its been a long time since i commented and hence you see the rustiness...totally thoughtless. But nice post revs..
Dont go about giving me those lame, "thank you with a stupid smiley"!! Give me like real stuff... Like an abuse as to why i've stopped bloggin and i have stopped commenting!! :P:P

nithya said...

too gud as usual... wat the hell is rong wit milinta nw?i ask dat coz obv everythin is always rong wit u..nd i liked de “Yenna da indha akka ke onnum therila”!! part de best... rofl..

Revathi said...

:):). Thanks for visiting. and you oughta ask aki that Q!!

thank you so much for visiting karthik (happy tears springing in my eyes at the thought of THE great karthik having gracde my page!!). ooooooh@@ i am soooo honored!!!

P.S: i know this wil irritate u more than any rebuke!!! :P

humph!! all the way from atlant u leave a cheeky comment!! how rude!! :P

anee said...

ha ha
revs,blog sema comedy
hema sonna madhiri,akil kitta poiye boy friend,blue flim ellam too much dhan....

akil sappada patthi peasma vera edha pathi firstu pesa pora ;)

Balaji Srinivasan said...

Hi Revs,

visiting your external blog for the first time. Its as cool and hilarious as the one in ch1. :)

Wonder why you ain't as frequent in ch1 as you are here.

revs-fan-in-the-making. ;)