Tuesday, September 02, 2008

So this Saturday fermie and I were in odyssey browsing through the books section to buy a gift for a friend.

Suddenly I notice this book called “World’s best short stories”. I open the book , see names like E.M.Forester, Saki, O henry and my BP goes up by several notches, my heart starts beating fast and with my fingers crossed I flip the book to look at the cost, give a huge sigh, realize that I have already bought this month’s quota of books and unwillingly place the book back on the shelf not willing to let go off it.

Fermie standing in front of another shelf is holding princess diaries part I (errr. yeah meg cabot is Fermie’s favorite writer. If u know Fermie you will NOT find this surprising). The book which she has wanted to buy for a long long time. She has all other parts except the first one. She slowly flips the book looks at the price tag, lets a huge sigh and replaces it again.

Suddenly she looks at me and says “Revs, u know what? I didn’t get u anything for ur birthday. I saw your reaction to that short stories book. I m gonna get u that”

And I go “U know Fermie, even I never got u a book for ur birthday. I am gonna get u princess diaries part I”

We look at each other for a minute and start laughing like crazy, get weird glances from an old man holding a book by Leo Tolstoy (weight of book = weight of old man) go to the billing counter and bill our books with a huge grin on our faces

I walk away with my short stories and she walks away with her princess diaries, with no guilty conscience of having spent too much on books. Buying gifts for friends aint such a bad thing, is it? ;)

Friendship - I just love that word!! :)

P.S: Ultimately we never got anything for the friend for whom we went to buy a gift!! :-\

P.P.S: Errr if any of u guys are having birthdays in the near future do come with me to odyssey. There is this book which I have wanted to buy for quite some time, and I am sure there is some book which you would like to have too!! :P

P.P.P.S: the book which I was referring to in the previous P.S is the entire calvin and hobbes collection worth 4000 bucks!! :rolling eyes:.


Kausikram Krishnasayee said...

hey you know what lets go to odyssey :D i have been looking at the whole works of maxim gorky ...that was 5000 bucks when i last saw it :)

Milinta said...

I've just mailed you my wish-list.
All books which were too expensive for me to buy.. hope you wouldn't mind :D :D

ashwin said...

Unfortunately, my b'day falls during the month of april :) Advance gifts are always entertained :p

PS: I am not sure about odyssey but landmark is addictive :) I just accompanied my friend and bought couple of books :(

abishek said...

Or you could be happy with Calvin and Hobbes ebook. If you know how to use torrents, its an easy download- about 200 mb. :-).

Arun said...

hehe I have that book you wanted...you coulda asked :)

Anonymous said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww Reeeeeeeeeevvvssss...You are a good friend!! :D
pssst...PPS tera bada jaanleva hey!! :P

Revathi said...

errr. who are u?? :P
repeating what abhishek said "download from torrents"!! :P

i would mind!! :P

oh yeah!! landmark is much bigger and much more addicting but odyssey is closer home!! :)
Thanks for visiting you software professional!! :P

nothing like the real book. have never been the one to appreciate e-books!! :)
Thanks for visiting!!

yeah??? jeez. i should ve asked!! :(

tera awwww revs padhne ke baad mujhe laga u r going to buy it for me! :-\
humph!! :P

Anonymous said...

ha ha.. revs tis same thing happened for me wit fermie.. v ver in landmark goofin around as usual n suddenly v decided to get each other our fav book as a bday gift.. :) :)

BTW revs princess diaries is a really good book!! even i enjoy readin it! i bought the first part n got the rest frm library ;) :P


Anonymous said...

superb post :) You can express well :)

abishek said...

True....but have u seen the new ebook readers?? they are awesome. The amazon kindle is great but doesnt support a lot of formats. I hear....in spring 2009, sony is going to introduce a rocking new ebook reader for about 200$. Saving money here so I can splurge on that.....

Balaji Srinivasan said...

he he. hilarious post. :)

I too have wanted to buy the entire C&H collection, but its as expensive as my entire month's food expenses and thrice as much as my entertainment expenses, per annum that is ;)

btw, my birthday comes is in dec. i'll mail you my postal address. :P