Wednesday, May 02, 2007


The writing bug seems to have bitten me. I seem to be caught in a blogging frenzy. Words just pour out once I open MS-Word. This verbal diarrhea can be attributed to the fact that nowadays I have so much of time on my hands I don’t know what to do. Suddenly the ladies hostel is blessed with 24 hrs free super fast net (originally we used to have something like 15 mins of net a day. Its an irony actually. The times when we actually needed the net for “educational” purposes like project or assignments it never existed and now when we have no use for it, it is lightning fast). So what do I do when I get absolutely sick of orkut, sending mails to equally vetti ppl, chatting with some more vetti people and reading the novels which I have already read a zillion times?? Yes!! I blog. There is no subject or anything for this blog because this blog is just a proof of my utter boredom. I am qualified enough to write a book called “100 ways to kill boredom without spending a penny”. I have suggested some ways here. These are excerpts from my book. So be grateful that I am giving u some tips for free. I am sure my book will be a bestseller once it hits the market. :P

1. do a general survey and find out who has what movies in the girls and boys hostel.

2. ask them to share it and save them on to ur computer/laptop and watch when bored (I have watched forrest gump 5 times, green mile 3 times, first daughter 3 times and a walk to remember about 6 times.)

3. when feeling really low or lonely keep a copy of veerasamy, sudhesi, dharmapuri or Michael madana kamarajan and watch them again and again.

4. give missed calls to everyone in ur phone book. Atleast 50% of the people will call you and ask you whats wrong. WARNING: Never call a parent. They will ask you to study for CAT, or study for the upcoming exams or generally and waste ur precious time giving u advice which can be used effectively to do the other things on the list.

5. change ur profile in orkut, change ur profile name, change ur display picture, change ur interests and hobbies, change ur nationality, ur religion and scrap all the people who are online in ur friends list and be assured of atleast three replies.

6. catch up on all the lost sleep(even if u haven’t lost any sleep there is no harm in catching up on the sleep that u might lose in future). Go to bed at 2 or 3 after watching all the movies and wake up for lunch the next day. Start the movie and orkut marathon.

7. if u ever get tired of doing the above have a stock of Jeffery archers, sheldon’s, Wodehouse, ken follet, archie comics, malory towers, St clares etc. these books can be read again and again and it has been proved that boredom can be killed effectively.

8. make a list of all ur favorite songs(hindi,English and tamil) and google for the lyrics and try to master the song (ur voice is of no consequence. Even if u have a voice similar to rani mukherji's sing out really loud. This will result in people coming to ur room and asking you to shut up. Once they come do not let them go. Catch hold of them and irritate them by singing even louder)

9. if u are still bored then go online and read blogs. This has been proved to be a really good pastime and can do wonders to kill ur boredom

10. still bored??? Start a blog and write about inconsequential things which are of no use to anyone but help u kill time like me.

If all this still does not kill ur boredom then you are beyond help. You have reached a stage where you must spend money to kill boredom. So catch a friend, catch a bus and go to mayajaal, blow up 150 bucks on a ticket, another 60 bucks on a burger and voila!! U have killed five hours of boredom.
For any more details please feel free to contact me on orkut or yahoo or gmail or hotmail and be assured of a quick reply!! :):)


Harish said...

1) vaazha pazhatha uruchu thaan saapidanam.

2) inikku aavin card vaangina, naalaikku paal.

3) naalu paerukku nalladhu senja, nee anyaayathukku vettiya iruke nu artham.

nee mattum thaan ularuvuya? naanum ularuven :P

Ashwin said...

Hey I am moving to besant nagar. There are assorted stuff like impressing upon dumb BSNL about muy change of residence, following up with them for broadband, figure out EB office, cable tv, milk, news paper etc.

Now that you have time....can you please get this all done for me?

I assure you relief from boredom.

Revathi said...

LOL!! trust me man i was soooooooo bored that i dint know whaqt to do and the idea of studying software testing and TQM was even more depressing and hence the blog!!
overa ularitena manikavvum
who are you????:P:P:P

ragesh said...

Lol! You know what when i opened ur blog, I was just thinking that Revs is on a bloging spree, and sure enuf u have written abt it, btw why MS Word? type in the blog editor itself, that ll kill more time, and great tips Revs, from the expert herself. And ya like u, movie watchin , eatin out and hangin out, roaming and reading blogs has been my way of killing time too, may I too should increase my blogging frequency so that it kills my time as well as curious readers like u :p

ragesh said...

correction: what I meant is kill your time, not u! :p

sanjeev said...

he he.. really nice one.. u dont normally choose a theme ( like most of us in our class r doing..) but still the narration is excellent..and a great sense of sarcastic humour .. a real gift.. carry on.. awaiting more posts..!!!

revathi said...

LOL!!yeah it is HIGH time u uipdated ur blog!!

Srikanth LOGIC said...

If you are still bored (now you may be busy with books) you can write the remaining 90 ways too in the blog :P .

For you to update your blog, someone has to undergo the pain of writing a tag,tag you and even then you will write it only after few months.So dont say i will update the blog soon.I have heard in 'n' times.

Savita said...

totally approve of #6 to #10... somehow orkut and missed calls irritate me like hell....

howler said...

one more:
visit blogs of like urs...
they are so fun....