Friday, May 04, 2007


I have been suffering from this insufferable cold for the past three days and it is absolutely getting on my nerves. GOD!! Give me malaria, give me typhoid, give me jaundice. They atleast have a cure. But please don’t give me cold where medicines don’t help, the inedible unpalatable mess food does not help and the fact that I have my semester exams coming in a week most certainly does not help. I m sick of blowing my nose(the dustbin in my room is overflowing with pink colored used tissues), sick of coughing and sneezing, sick of this blasted weather which aggravates my cold by making me sweat, sick of not being able to smell anything, sick of not being able to drink or eat anything cold for this weather, sick of eating horse hide chapattis and a brown colored liquid with alien particles floating (proudly called by the mess workers as kurma) and sick of having to study a subject called software testing(which is almost as insufferable as this cold if not more!!) when all I want to do is curl up and sleep. I proudly got the photocopies for my subjects next week about two days back and at once I got this cold which makes it impossible for me to appreciate what William perry has to say about software testing (he is the jobless dude who writes book which we must read to become “engineers”). I keep telling myself that software testing might be a very interesting and absorbing subject but I am not able to appreciate its nuances because of this cold. :P:P. well whatever!! I better start studying if I must clear my papers and become another useless engineer of this vast country.

P.S: Ahem!!I read somewhere that a shot of brandy helps cure cold. Can some good Samaritan provide me with some???


Ashwin said...

Hey...back to form?

BTW try snuff...GO to petty shop and ask for "N S Pattannam Podi" or just"mooku Podi". You will sneeze your lungs out and bingo, everything is out.

And yeah when that works and you infact take your lungs out, avoid being graphical about explaining the use for those pink tissues..

I had good mangoes now and its already churning in the tummy..

badari narayanan said...

From personal experience, I would advice you to avoid McDowels, it gives a headache the next day. Napoleon is supposed to be better. Try out and keep us informed : )

Namita said...


Sheks said...

Brandy won't help but beer will!

BOB said...

Hyper OA in the P.S

ragesh said...

LoL! Read it a bit late, now exams are over na, happy? rejoice!