Monday, May 21, 2007


After the happenings in my life in the last one day I have come to the conclusion that I must have been very very busy collecting bad luck and jinxes when god was distributing good luck and charm. Before yesterday I used to find Murphy’s laws funny and laugh at them but considering all that has happened yesterday if Murphy were alive today I would have given him a slow painful and horrific death.

Before u guys decide to call Kilpauk and institutionalize me let me recount the happenings of 17-18th May. For the first time in my life my parents had booked me on a flight from Chennai to Bombay and another one from Bombay to Jamnagar (usually I go in flight from Chennai to Bombay and then from there till Jamnagar in train). I was thrilled and overjoyed at the thought of traveling in comfort all the way from Chennai to Jamnagar, something which I had never done. Jamnagar being an extremely remote underdeveloped and disgusting city is situated in the western tip of Gujarat (don’t sweat if u have no clue where Jamnagar is. When my parents first told me that we were shifting to Jamnagar in class 7th I thought it was some foreign country) and is the worst connected place. There are no direct trains from Chennai, there is only a single flight from Bombay and the trip from Chennai to Jamnagar is an adventure in itself. An auto from home to Chennai airport, flight from Chennai to Bombay, train from Bombay to Jamnagar and another two hours of car journey on disgusting roads to home. By the time I reach home the excitement of coming home would die down and the fact that I would have to undergo similar torture a month from now to come back to Chennai would totally put me off.

This time I was beyond myself with joy that the torture trip would be a lot less tortuous because I was going all the way by flight. My happiness was very very short lived to say the least. I caught the flight from Chennai to Bombay and landed in Bombay at 11. my flight to Jamnagar was at 12 and I so I had to rush to another terminal to check in my luggage and get my boarding pass. The two terminals are separated by a distance of half a km and I ran like a woman possessed to reach the correct terminal at time(all this while my cell was ringing away but because I was running like my pants were on fire I couldn’t talk). I reached just in time puffed and panted and checked in my luggage and went to the counter to collect my boarding pass. This was the conversation between the guy at the counter and me

Me(puffing and panting and heaving): Jamnagar.. Bombay Jamnagar please.

Guy: sorry ma’am??

Me: boarding pass for the flight to Jamnagar please

Guy: Oh!! Sorry ma’am that flight got cancelled in the morning. Dint u get a message from us??

Me: what????????????? What the#@%#$%R%*&

Guy: yes we sent a message to everyone in the morning at 9.00 ma’am.

Me: but I was in the flight from Chennai to Bombay then and my cell was switched off (I have no clue why I said this. It made absolutely no difference to him if I had come from Chennai or Chicago or Czechoslovakia and he was about as interested in my case as I am during a class of software testing)

Guy: I am sorry ma’am. U can go to the ticketing counter and get a full refund on the ticket or reschedule for the same flight tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Me :( thinks) U As******. Don’t say sorry for the inconvenience when u don’t mean it.
Me: (says) ok

Now I had no clue what to do who to call. That’s when I realize that I better call my parents and tell them that they can enjoy one more day of peace without me when they call me and tell me that my flight has been cancelled and that I need to contact my cousin in Bombay who would come and pick me up. Now for people who know me u know that I never have balance in my cell to even message let alone call. So I went to the nearest STD booth called my cousin fixed up things and went to the ticketing counter to re schedule my tickets. When she asked me for a photo identity I rummaged in my bag for my purse to get my license when I realized that my purse was missing. With all my luggage I ran like a crazy idiot to the STD booth when I heard the loudspeakers in the airport blare “We request Miss. Revathi Ramanan to kindly get in touch with the airport manager as soon as possible”. I rushed to the manager’s office and had to listen to a fifteen minute lecture from him about carelessness (I hope my parents never stumble across this blog. I still haven’t told them that I came very close to losing my purse with 1000 odd bucks, my license, ATM card and my identity card and if they come to know about it they will never let me live it down) and then for another fifteen minutes he made me describe the contents of the purse in detail. (it was silly because my photo is there on my license and on my ID card and he just had to look at my face to know that it was my purse he was holding in his crummy hands). Anyway I had to again rush to the original terminal where I had gotten off because the driver was waiting there. He took me to my cousin’s place. I was kind of happy because I have two angelic nieces and an awesome sister in law and I was really looking forward to seeing them. But as luck would have it they had all left for delhi for the summer and my cousin was leaving that night.

So I was stuck in a house with a laptop for company and no books to read. Absolute heights of boredom. Somehow I killed time spent the night in an empty house and got up in the morning to a message from the friggin airlines (air deccan) telling me that my flight had been delayed by an hour and that they were “sorry for the inconvenience”. So I spent another three hours at my cousins place and finally reached the airport confirmed if the flight was on today and sent the driver away, checked in my luggage, got my boarding pass and waited for 1.00 to come. Till 12.40 when they hadn’t called for boarding I went to the counter and asked them and the lady at the counter very coolly tells me “the Bombay Jamnagar flight has been further delayed by an hour ma’am. We will be leaving at 2.00 and boarding at 1.40. sorry for the inconvenience ma’am”. I still dunno how I controlled myself from hitting her and boxing her ears. In an extremely sarcastic tone (which was wasted on her) I asked “will it atleast leave at 2 or will it be further delayed?”. “no ma’am we will be leaving at 2.00 sharp’

That done I sat and waited for another hour at the airport counting the number of lights the number of vents in the AC and trying to solve the sudoku, kakuro, crossword etc in the paper. Finally at 2.10 I boarded the rickety flight(I am not exaggerating but I swear I have seen PTC buses in Chennai which are more hi tech than air deccan’s flights. No AC, dirty seats, sleepy sir hostesses and a captain whose English was pathetic). And then the runway wasn’t free so we had to wait for another 45 minutes and finally the flight took off at 3.00 and I reached Jamnagar at 4.30 pm.

After I had reached Jamnagar for some time I dint believe it. I saw my sister and mom at the airport and rubbed my eyes to affirm the fact that yes, after much ado I had finally reached the godforsaken Jamnagar. I just cant wait for CTS to call so I can leave this hell and go back to my paradise a.k.a Chennai!! :)


Nivedita said...

LOL!! Interesting one :)

Ragesh said...

he he he , u could make a Hollywood movie with this, I was just picturing the scenes in my mind as I read, nice flow, but no A/C in a flight? what do u mean? coz its air tight and pressurised , don't tell me u opened the windows to get fresh air, ROFL!

logic said...

lol..running to terminal... was able to visualize scenes of home alone -- lost in newyork.

And really PTC is way better than air deccan.About delays, i saw a chennai-bangalore flight(40 min) delayed by 10 hours,the road travel takes 5 hours.Horrible..

sanjeev said...

n if u tht this was pathetic .. u better check out ksrtc( blore-chennai)it happened to me jus 3 days ago.. all details written in kannada.. .. i was waitin for a bus sceduled at 10 15 .. there was a serpentine jam inside the depot at 10 o clock.. .. i asked for the reason.. a driver said .." saar i am incharge of the bus sceduled to depart at 10 40.. we r waitin for 9 30 bus to arrive saar.. it is caught some where behind.. so we cant move until tht bus gets going..."
after some time .. at 10 30 .. the bus scheduled for 9 30 arrives.. the driver says.." kya saar all this delay bcos of the bus scheduled for 10 40 saar.. it is stallin our way.."
n now comes the ulti comical part..
9 30 bus driver" we can start only if 10 40 bus clears the way...!"
10 40 bus driver .." i can proceed only after 9 30 bus leaves the depot..!"... n by the time i boarded the bus scheduled for 10 15 .. it was well past 11 30....

Harish said...

one doubt.. takeoff munaadi evanavadhu kizhinja banian, azhukku lungi potundu "verkadalai verkadalai" nu vuththaana? :)

Anonymous said...

oo come on don't think u can get away saying things like u A**** dont be sorry if dont mean it..considering if he didnt say sorry u uwld be even morepissed and uw uld have written another blog on it..grow up kid