Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Operation Sunrise :)

Though today can go down in history as one of the most depressing days in my life I am quite happy that finally after the end of four years I have been successful in completing operation sunrise. Before u guys decide that I belong to some terrorist group which goes around murdering people before sunrise let me tell you what operation sunrise is. Operation sunrise in ladies hostel of SSN means that we stay awake till the sun rises and after dawn breaks we hit our beds..:P:P..i have been unsuccessfully trying to complete operation sunrise for the past four years but I always doze off by four. But yesterday I sat up till six and watched the sun rise over the horizon and for the first time in my felt that I could have been a morning person. The dawn looked beautiful, the weather perfect, the breeze just right and the company just awesome!!(thanks Mi:)). I am sure I will be overwhelmed with emotions if I start writing about operation sunrise in detail. So I will just tell u in short about yesterday night (my last and most perfect night in hostel)

Toshibha laptop with 80 Gb harddisk : Rs 35000

Thiruttu DVD of Chennai 28 : Rs 40

Packet of Murukku and two diary milk bars : Rs 50

Sitting under a tree at 3.00 in the morning watching the song jalsa pannunga da..from Chennai 28 with some of my bestest friends in the cool summer night breeze and wishing the night would never end : Priceless :) :)..

I dedicate this post to all my friends in general and to Milinta, Aki, Fermie, Madhu and Gowri in particular who made my last night in the hostel all the more special by staying up all night with me. Love u guys a lot.

Today is my last day in the hostel and I have met some amazing people and made some really great friends. I sincerely hope we remain in touch years after we part!!

P.S: a special mention about preethi who came in at 3.00 and provided us with diary milk (she specifically wanted me to mention this..happy now preethi?? :D:D)

P.P.S: Another special mention about Thiru who tried to stay up with me but dozed off in between. Love ya loads

P.P.S: No more special mentions girls. I Love all u guys. :):)


Ragesh said...

cool Revs, but sad that Operation sunrise happened on ur last day at coll hostel, i can understand how sad its for u, btw coming to operation sunrise, lol, everyday operation sunrise for me, I sleep at 6:00 am, min 5:00 am, my record is 10:00 am, he he , so nest time u embark upon operation, sunrise, do contact me for tips :)

ragesh said...

correction: next*