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People are the most interesting creatures on this planet. Maneka Gandhi and the late Steve Irwin might not think so but personally I just love observing people. Have u tried listening to random conversations around you when you are alone either traveling or sitting in a theatre or in a shop? Sometimes these conversations can be very interesting and provide the much needed entertainment you need when you are alone. This is not called eavesdropping. Eavesdropping is when you listen to some conversation which has something to do with you. Listening to the conversations of some random people and compiling them into a blog is what I call research!!! :)
Here I write about some conversations which I have heard when I have been traveling in the bus, train or in theatres etc

1. Heard in the bus. A conversation between a girl of about 20 and her boyfriend on the phone. I could hear only her side of the conversation so I conjure up the boy’s side.
Her: Hmmm. Then what else. What did u have for breakfast?

Him: idly

Her: hmmm. Just idly?? What did u have along with idly?

Him: chutney

Her: what chutney?? Coconut or tomato?

Him: Coconut

Her: Hmmm. Then what else?

Him: I need to go. I will talk to you later. I love u

Her: Hmmm. Bye. I love u too You keep the phone down. Last time I hung up first and u didn’t speak to me for 35 full minutes

Him: No. you hang up first. I promise you I won’t be angry. And I love u more.

Her: No sweetie. You hang up first. And no I am sure I love u more.

(the “you hang up first” and “I love u more” conversations go on for about 15 minutes after which the girls mobile goes out of charge and she is forced to cut the call. By this time I have lost interest and I am afraid I will lose my breakfast too if I listen some more and move onto the next conversation. I have never understood what two lovers talk or why they talk for such long duration. I mean I am sure they don’t discuss about global warming or about the condition of slums in India or about the agenda of the world development report. I think the worst thing that service providers like airtel and hutch have come up with are CUG or groups where they provide unlimited free hours of talking.) Note: My friend Milinta has written a whole blog on this “talking for long hours phenomenon”. U can check out her blog too!! ;)

2. This was the conversation heard between a mother and her son in the theatre when I had been to watch some animation movie

Boy: Mommy. Why have the switched off the lights

Mother: so that we can see the movie

Boy: but I thought u needed light to see

Mother: Yes. But only if they switch off the lights we can see the movie better. If they switch on the lights the picture won’t be very clear.

Boy: Why does it become dark? Why can’t we always have light?

Mommy: because the sun goes down in the evenings.

Boy: why does the sun go down in the evenings?

Mommy: because like u there are other children on the other side of the world who want the sun so the sun goes to meet them

Boy: other side of the world?? Where is that?

At this point I lose patience and move on to the next conversation. The boy kept asking questions and the mother patiently kept answering. A child’s inquisitiveness is amazing no doubt but something which is even more amazing is a mother’s patience. I swear had I been in the mother’s place I would have scolded the child and asked him to watch the movie quietly!!

3. Following was the conversation I heard between a husband and a wife outside a change room in a clothing store. She would go inside, change into something and come out and show her husband.

Wife(wearing a green kurta): Sathish how about this one. This is the the same kurta which preity zinta wore in Lakshya.

Now Mrs.Sathish by no stretch of imagination looked like preity zinta and to be very fair to her, Mr.Sathish also by no stretch of imagination looked like Hrithik Roshan.

Anyway mildly put the kurta wasn’t exactly flattering her figure and was hugging her at places which are best left unmentioned and I was expecting Mr. Sathish to say so much

Husband: Ummm..Errrr.. Well actually this color doesn’t really suit u.
He picks up another blue kurta which if it were worn by Jayalalitha would be loose for her

Now this is the color which would really really suit you

Wife: what u are trying to say is that I look fat. That’s it. Isn’t it??

Husband: no Uma. I am just trying to say that blue color would suit u much better than green.

Wife: ok. I will just go and ask if they have this green kurta in blue. Except for the color everything is fine with the green kurta right?

I am beyond myself with laughter as I see Sathish squirm. And I did not envy his position when Uma came with the same green kurta in blue color and told him she was going to buy.

Sathish: ummm… maybe we should just visit some other shop Uma. The prices here are too steep!

Uma: Are u crazy? This kurta’s original price in 650 and I am getting it at 300 after discount. There is no way I am letting it go. Why are you so apprehensive?

Sathish: (He is really gutsy I decide) No it’s just that maybe this kurta is a little tight for u. maybe we should try the next size!!

Oh my god!!! You guys should have been there to witness what ensued afterwards!! Phew!! They had such a big fight and they kept on fighting. Yours truly just left the place!! ;)

4. This one was while I was traveling in the train from Chennai to Bombay. Some of the moments of my life which I cherish are the train journeys when we as a family would travel from wherever-in-India-we-were-at-that-moment to Chennai. So I love observing families when I am traveling alone. It takes me back to the good ol’ days. Anyway this particular family had two daughters, a mom and a dad and was ur usual gujju parivar.

Daughter 1(called Pinky): mummy!! I want the window seat

Daughter 2(called Sweety): mummy!! Nahi. I want it. Remember last week when u were talking to gupta aunty on the phone and the milk was boiling in the kitchen I asked u if I could have the window seat u said I could have it.

(I pitied mummy and appreciated sweety’s cleverness. The best time to ask a parent for a favor is when they are extremely busy, totally un-interested in what u have to say and cant wait to get rid of you.)
Pinky: but mummy the last time we went to madras Sweety sat at the window seat

Mummy: we had 2 window seats then Pinky and both of you were sitting at one.

Pinky(obviously not very pleased): but I want it.

Daddy: Pinkyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! Sweetyyyyyyyy!!! Bas Karo!!! Enough of ur nonsense. Pinky will sit for half an hour then Sweety will sit for the next half hour

Pinky: I get to sit first.

Sweety: no!! I do. Daddy tell her.

And the fight went on. I didn’t think pinky and sweety were being childish. My sister is 25 and I am 21 and we still fight for the window seat when we travel together. : I have always maintained that it is good to have a bit of fighting/squabbling between siblings. (I am not sure how many parents concur with my views though)

5. Following is the conversation which took place between my mom and my dad when I was in class 7 and till date remains one of my most favorite conversations

Mom: (talking to my dad): Shruthi (yeah that’s me. That’s what I am called at home As to why I am called shruthi at home, well that deserves a separate post in itself) has been really naughty. I have been getting lot of complaints regarding her behavior from all her teachers.

Dad(reading the newspaper): Hmmmm

Mom: She actually put horns on the head of her computer teacher and it got reflected on the monitor and she got caught (this is completely true. This did happen and till date it has been the funniest and most embarrassing situations in my life).

Dad: Hmmm

Mom: And preethi doesn’t study at all. I am worried she will hardly score in her 10th exams.

Dad: Hmmm

Mom: Maybe we should send her to coaching classes

Dad: Hmmm

Mom: you never listen to anything I say

Dad: I don’t believe it. I just don’t

Mom: what?

Dad: in a country with 1 billion people isn’t there a single doctor who can find a cure for Sachin Tendulkars shoulder injury??

Mom: *&^%*%&**^.

Errr. The scenes that followed were errr. Not very pleasant and hence I shall refrain from elucidating for fear that some children by chance might come visiting and get scared!! :P
There are many such conversations which stand out in my memory but this post is getting way too long anyway. Maybe I will do a conversations part-II. :). So till then Keep Talking!! ;)

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Ragesh said...

Lol! ya it's very entertaining to listen to such random conversations, i too love observing ppl, so i know how much u have enjoyed it, this post was actually a long due I guess. All were so ROFL! man!, hey so u wont windows seat, go in a car, u have 4 window seats, even better go in a bike, there are only window seats! lol!, and hey! u always take a dig at lovers don't you? what's wrong in two ppl in love chatting, there is no rule that it must be about global warming, do u chat global warming in ur free times, lol, and what if they got CuG groups dude? avanga pesittu poranga, just hear ur loved one the other side of the phone, and coz of ppl like them, ppl like u and mili get some entertainment in ur lonely and vetti times, better thank them, lol!