Friday, October 26, 2007


Hi all,
I need a favor from you guys. You need to fill this survey up for me. Now before u guys think this is one of those stupid things which says "choose the fruit u like the best and we will tell you your personality" and in the end says "if u chose orange u are a person who likes oranges" or something equally and incredibly silly, let me tell you that this is a real survey and it would help a lot of people if u took this survey seriously and gave your esteemed opinion (:P) on the questions listed in this survey. Your results will not be shown to you or anybody else (meaning it is an anonymous survey) so feel free to check whichever option you feel like. Here is the link which you need to follow and take the survey. Even if u dont like my blog and hate the way i write please be kind enough to take some time off your busy schedule and do the survey. Thank you!! :)


Anonymous said...

Eai ! When did you start working for a publisher !
You can rephrase your qnnaire for blog - you would have found out how
'interesting'(?) are your blogs

Archana Raghuram said...

Revs, it looks like you are upto some tricks. I refuse to take it till you tell me what it is about :-)

Priya said...

whats this all about? :)

Revs said...

Awwww!! c'mon archana!! you think i would do something like that?? tricks and me?? i am as straight as a coiled cobra!!:P
lol. just be the sweetheart u are and fill it up archana!! will tell u what it is after something comes out of it!! :)

last para for archana holds for u too babe!!;)