Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Week that was

It has been a good week.
On Monday I did something which I have always always wanted to do and I am glad I finally got around to doing it. A tiny feeling of guilt still lingers but the sense of achievement (however small) kind of overshadows the guilt
On Tuesday a part of code which I had written actually worked. Now this is something earth shattering and mind blowing. Right from class 12th when I first started coding, till now not a single piece of code of mine has ever worked and I was elated when something I had written actually worked
On Wednesday I got the following mail from one of the readers of my internal blog and I haven’t stopped smiling since. It always feels great to be appreciated but this mail just made me soooooooo happy. :)

Hi revs … was thinking to write to u from a very long time …Chakkas post likha hai yaar …Loved reading it ….But whenever I go to d comments section , I read ur or someone’s retaliation n start laughing out so much tat I forget what I was about to comment …I enjoy reading all your posts …D best part is d choice of topics …Everyone can relate to them…u r very witty and u know wats d best part is tat ur humor is clean n neat n u never make fun of others … Ur posts tells us tat revs is a simple , down to earth and very approachable gal…And thanks for linking me in your post … I was so happy to be linked by u … Please continue d great job …Keep Blogging !! Keep Rocking!! Kudos to u!! J

Thanks a lot Sona. You absolutely totally and completely made my day. :)

Since I have had a great week till now obviously today/ Thursday had to be a spoiler. Got up to find no current hence no motor and hence no water (Aaah!! I know what u guys are thinking. No!! the next statement is not hence no bath). I rushed to my grandmother’s place early in the morning to take a bath. Fought with an absolutely irritating auto fellow in the morning. I hate these fellows!! Seriously. Almost missed the bus and on top of it I have this absolutely infernal cold which refuses to go away so my eyes are constantly watering!! Sigh!!
Anyway I will get back to work. And yeah Happy Birthday Namu!! Hope u have a great day. You are one of the nicest people I have known and the past 11 years of knowing you have been fantabulous!! :). Have a great day!! Love you!! :)

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Namita said...

hey!! thnk u sweetheart for d lovely wishes... love u too!! blog thoda late padha...