Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I really really need to control my anger. I really do. I am generally a very nice person(Really. I swear :P) but if I get angry I just seem to completely lose control of myself. And the minute after I have literally raped the object of my anger with the choicest of words I begin to feel sorry and wish I hadn’t done it. The other day a certain colleague of mine and I were having this discussion about our favorite authors. This is how the conversation went

Me: Oh cool!! You like Grisham too?? I love “The Client” written by him. Have u read that?

Colleague: oh yeah!! I loved that one too. And Erich Segal's Class and Doctors is simply mid blowing

Me: oh yeah!! I just completely fell in love with Class. And more recently, did u read khaled hosseini's kite runner and 1000 splendid suns

Colleague: Oh my god!! Yeah yeah yeah. Absolutely loved them both. I cant believe our tastes match so much

Me: (Moving on to the acid test): Hmmm.. errrr. Then I presume you like PG Wodehouse

Colleague: Shucks No!! I HATE him. I just can’t stand the way he writes

Until this point I was genial, friendly and nice, even cracking little jokes but once she said I hate PGW I think I completely lost it. u can tell me stuff like "I think your father is a terrorist Revs, and he is the master mind behind the WTC bombing" and I wont be provoked, or u can say stuff like "I think ur sister is a cannibal and the only reason she calls u home so frequently is so that she can fatten u up well and then eat you" and I would probably just give u a little smile and say "Oh!! Is that so??" but if u say stuff like "I hate PGW" I get livid. Come on. My dad can turn terrorist (errr.Appa if you are reading this u know I love u!! :)), my sister can turn into a cannibal (on second thoughts she already is one. Preethi if you are reading this c’mon sis it’s time u faced some facts). Both these events are not entirely impossible but hating PGW?? Now that’s impossible. PGW aint a writer. He is a magician who plays magic with words.

Shit!! This is exactly what I was talking about. I need to simmer down. I just need to.
Anyway after my colleague made that statement I went "What??????? You don’t like PGW and u call yourself a person who likes to read books??" (Now, I realize that I was being entirely unreasonable. I cant understand a word of what Paulo Coelho is trying to say in alchemist and I don’t understand why the boy must speak the language of the desert. call me shallow, call me un-philosophical but that’s the way I am but then when I was at the peak of my outburst I wasn’t really thinking reasonably). But the point I am trying to make here is that there is a world of difference between saying "I don’t understand what PGW writes" and saying "I hate PGW". The former statement I can tolerate,even understand, the latter, I have realized sadly is beyond my tolerance level. Needless to say after that little outburst of mine my colleague hasn’t been very cordial to me to put it mildly.
Same thing happened with a friend of mine who said she didn’t like the way Atif sings and I again went "What???????*&^%^##@$%&"

I just need to get a hold on myself

Following are some of the things I need to do

1. Need to tone down Sreesanth like behavior
2. Need to visit the Himalayas and have a look at how the sages live
3. Need to apologize to my colleague
4. Need to be more tolerant
5. Need to accept the fact that not everyone likes Wodehouse and not everyone can appreciate Atif's singing. (But for crying out loud how can u not like stuff like this "A melancholy-looking man, he had the appearance of someone who had searched for the leak in life's gas pipe with a lighted candle" or "I should like to start by saying that since the first human being crawled out of the primeval slime and life on this planet began nobody has ever loved anybody as i love Gertrude Wnnkworth".Sheesh I am doing it again.)
6. I really need to follow this need to list!!


Ragesh said...

well dude, everything is relative, tastes are very subjective, and art is very subjective, get a broader outlook. phew! i didn't know u could become this angry. take this incident as an eye opener dude,

Ragesh said...

i am not trying to become critical here, i understand how emotional u are with PGW. There are ppl who hate Sachin, now he is the PGW of me, but gotta be cool abt it, sometimes you have to challenge the "gods" he he

Praveen said...

Tsk Tsk... Che Che... someone who hates PGW.. would probably need a new course to be taken in having his sense of humor refurbished or maybe undergo a brain operation to have his circuits that have gone haywire.. rewired :)