Monday, November 19, 2007

Foul Feet!!!

I have been suffering from terrible foot odor problem for the past 2 weeks. I have no clue why. So much so that when I went to watch Vel with my sister she refused to sit beside me. It was that bad. And because she didn’t have a choice she watched the entire movie with her nose closed with the help of her dupatta. I consoled myself saying that maybe it was because of the movie and maybe she was afraid she would barf if surya’s mom started crying again. She tells me her holding her breath had nothing to do with surya’s mom and everything to do with my stinky feet!! :(
i dunno the reason why my foot is behaving so strangely. I have tried everything. I apply sweet smelling Vaseline on my feet every morning but by the time I reach the fag end of the day my feet smell like mike tyson’s under arms after a fight. (Errrr. Not that I go around smelling people’s underarms but I am just assuming that mike tysons underarms after a fight wont smell like a new born baby. No offense meant to u mikey!!)
after ruminating on this issue for a day or two I thought I would google about it and find out what is this disease I am suffering from. I found the following reasons on this site.

Foot odor often results from wearing shoes and/or socks, especially shoes or socks with inadequate air ventilation, for many hours

Now I don’t wear shoes and socks. Irony is that when I did wear shoes and socks in school I never had this problem. My feet always smelt like a lily!! (author thanking god that there is no way people can affirm this statement!! ;)) . I wear ur normal floaters or sandals which are very open, highly ventilated and do not stink unless u want them to (meaning if u intentionally/accidentally go put ur leg into a manhole or something). So I ruled this option out.

Since human feet are densely covered with sweat glands (and men have larger feet and sweat more), excessive perspiration of the feet is the result

Now I stay in the AC from the time I get up to the time I go home. I do NOT sweat during the day and as far as I can remember though I sweat like a pig, my feet never perspire. They have always been dry. And errr. I hope u noticed the fact that only men have larger feet and sweat more. I am just ur dainty delicate little girl (really!!!) and my feet are really small and don’t sweat!!! So strike two

As physical activity increases, foot perspiration, bacterial growth, and bacterial waste production all increase, causing odor to intensify. Hair on the feet, especially on the toes, may also add to odor intensity by adding increased surface area for the bacteria to thrive in.

Now right now in my life I do 0 physical activity. I don’t exert myself AT ALL. The only physical activity I do is carrying my lunch plate from the counter to the table where I eat. I am putting on unimaginable amounts of weight. No offense meant to the CFO of my company but I squirm everyday when I log on to ch1 and see his blog title which reads “Here at cognizant u grow” and a voice inside me tells me “Ha ha!! He is talking about u fatso!!” and I realise that he is right and I am growing (not literally but what the hell it is growing that matters right??). so excessive physical activity also cannot be the reason. And no I don’t have hair on my feet. And I am not a grizzly bear so no hair on my head and no hair on my feet either.

I visited a lot of other sites and all of them either mentioned dirty socks, excessive sweating or hairy feet as the reason. Not the one to give up I looked up the remedy for foot odor. And I found this

· wear well-ventilated shoes instead of very constrictive shoes, such as boots
· always wear socks, preferably made of cotton or other absorbent materials that absorb a lot of the sweat so the bacteria can't feed on it
· change your socks a few times a day
· buy some absorbent Odor-Eater type shoe inserts
· apply an antiperspirant to your feet

very helpful!!!! :.. the first four points didn’t apply to me obviously. So for the past 2 days everyday in the morning I have been liberally dousing my feet in perfume and spraying so much deo that the makers of Charlie don’t have to worry about their sales dropping or anything.
It hasn’t helped. If anything Charlie has mixed with the odor causing bacteria thereby producing a smell which I think can be used on inmates on the death row to ensure a painless and instantaneous death. Jokes apart an awful and asphyxiating smell emanates from my feet which would have killed me had I not been holding my breath.
I am at a loss. I dunno what to do. I have tried changing my shoes, tried good quality sandals, poor quality sandals. If this persists I am thinking I m going to start coming to office bare feet.

have any of u suffered from a similar problem? if yes and if u have found a solution please do revert back to me. i am at my wits end and would be really glad if i could get rid of this problem!! :(


Bondzie said...

Hi Revati,
I have been reading your blog ever since i started to blog. Its quiet hilarious. keep it up buddy.
Previously i too had this problem of foul feet. Then my sister told one solution which really worked. try it for two days. it will work. i assure you that.

Take a small tub or bucket with mild hot water. ( hot + cold ).
Now take two to three camphor ( karpooram ) and power it.

now mix the powered camphor in the bucket with with mild hot water.

put your foot in the tub or bucket and after 30 mintues ( till the water becomes cold ) take your foot out of it. and dry your thing with a clean towel.

do this steps twice a day for 2 days or 4 days. morning and evening. Your foul smelling foot with again smell like a lily.

trust me. You know who i am. I m also from your college studied in CSE A. You would have noticed me. ok. try this n tell me.

my e_mail id is


Dinesh said...

Trust me, nothing works but dettol. I faced the exact same problem when I started working. The stench was just so terrible :-(. I think I even wrote about it on my blog.

When you get back home, run into the bathroom and first wash your feet thoroughly to rid yourself of that icky sticky feeling. Then fill a bucket with hot water and pour half a cap of dettol into it. Then stand in the bucket and rub your feet against each other. I know this sounds really word but its the only thing that works. I spent 2 years in software and I have tried countless remedies : clean socks, insoles, special powders...only dettol..only dettol can save you.

Revathi said...

Thanks a lot for that tip man.
as for my foot again smelling like a lily i am not so sure!! ;)
and i hate guessing games man!!who are u?? i am sure u have a name!! there were 64 people in CSE A. which one are u??

Aaaah!! dettol u say?? will try and revert back to u. but beware if dettol doesnt work or aggravates the smell no iyengar girl for u!! :P

Dinesh said...

trust me, if you dont try dettol there wont be an iyer boy for you ;-).

It will work, dont worry. Its just a matter of getting used to it.

Revathi said...

Its just a matter of getting used to it???
Errr. getting used to what??
are u saying that eventually i will get used to the smell and hence it will cease to worry me??is that what u r saying?? :P

Anonymous said...

Well Madam,
I hate to spoil your party...but could not stop myself from asking you "have you tried washing your leg, twice a day" COz, i am a man, big feet, hairy ones at that and i do sweat, but feet dont smell that awful.
Living with a wife, like your sister, i dont think i would have survived a day with stinking feet.....or is your sister putting up with me, her "pathi dev"
Jokes apart...go to Bata, and ask them for a bottle of "i forgot the name" but it comes in a yellow plastic me it works...
I know, the description is vague and you would comment on that but, Bata does not sell many things in a container and it is not that very difficult to locate...
try and get back

Revathi said...

Aaaah. i can almost imagine a conversation between the dudes at Bata and me
Me: errr. i would like to have a bottle of "i forgot the name" but it comes in a yellow plastic container.

Bata dude(thinking): maybe this was the one which escaped from kilpauk today morning
but obviously being the shop keeper and for fear of offending me he doesnt say it out loud

Bata dude(says): Errr. could u be more specific ma'am

Me: Errr..Ummm. u see. actually i have been suffering from foot odor and i heard the content of the yellow plastic container can help prevent that

Bata dude cursing himself that he doesnt remember the number of kilpauk mental hospital by heart and thinking "not only is this one completely loony she also has smelly feet"

Errrr. jiju i am not too sure. maybe u should really find out the name of that yellow plastic container and tell me!! :P
jus kidding. thanks for that helpful tip. next time i go to bata i know what to ask for!! :)

P.S: my sister aint the kind of woman to let u in the house with stinky feet and i think both of us know that!! ;)

Dinesh said...

I meant getting used to standing in a bucket of hot water and dettol :-). Enough talk, go do it. You will be amazed. Everyone will want to sit next to you! You will no longer be lonely!

Anonymous said...

As usual this one also quiet hilarious. You are so good at writing. Keep it up.


Anonymous said...

Oh is this why i am having a sudden wheezing trouble, blocked nose and headache? I met you at cognizant gate with P and I am sick from then.

Dettol or kerosene or grease. Do something fast. You have victimized a newly married guy..

- Tormentor

Revathi said...

i aint lonely dinesh. just smelly!! ;). and lets see if dettol amazes me and if all those iyer boys come running to get me!! :D

Thanks a lot man!! :)

@anon a.k.a the tormented
kerosene??? grease???? dude!! what has marriage done to u?? not that u were sane or anything before marriage but this....
and r u sure all that illness is not because of P??
whatever!! looks like the Ramanan's are completely tormenting u buddy and u call urself a tormentor!! tch tch!!:P

Smelly Shoes said...

In India you should be able to buy a powder called mycoderm - in drug stores.

It does the job. In fact, I use it to de-smell my shoes.