Friday, November 16, 2007


Ok shoaib malik. Ok. We agree you are a professional and we also agree that u have to live with it. But frankly u didn’t have to tell us the same thing, three times on national TV. We heard u the first time u said it. Even if we hadn’t heard u then, we heard u the second time. But no!! u had to say it again the third time. And I ll let u in on a secret. Hindi is the national language of India. U didn’t have to necessarily speak in English and make a fool of yourself. You could have spoken in hindi and we would have understood u much better. Actually u could have spoken in Hindi, Urdu, Pashto, Swahili or any language which pleased u coz we don’t care a damn about what u have to say. India won the match and its all that matters to us. We don’t really care if u r a professional and if u can live with it!! ;)
For people who have no clue what I am talking about u should have heard shoaib malik’s presentation speech in the fourth ODI at gwalior. Hilarious it was!! Poor fellow. Kept saying the same thing again and again. Lol.

I read this article and it psyched the day lights outta me. Every time I snap my hair into place with a rubber band I keep imagining that I am going to contract syphilis, gonorrhea or AIDS. Heights of recycling I say. What next?? Maybe next china will come up with an “innovative” idea that car seats and car tyres can be made using used C******!! Ewwwww!! I wonder who gets ideas like this. Hmmmm

One more thing. Just yesterday I saw a stray red dot on my cluster map in the middle of the sea (to the left of north ameirca) and I was really intrigued. I went to google maps and I have discovered that I have a reader from Honolulu!!!! :). I dunno why but it really thrills me to know that there is someone in Honolulu who has read my blog. Whoever you are thanks a lot!!

I am in a really happy mood today. Maybe because it Friday!! :)

Yay!!! Its Friday. Two days of peace, joy and happiness!!! Om shanti Om and Saawariyaaaa. Here I come!!!

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