Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Holiday Hangover

Its Monday morning and Monday morning blues have never been as pronounced as they are today. I hate long weekends. They get over so soon. It just seems like yesterday that I boarded the train to go to Bangalore on Wednesday night and now I am sitting in this cubicle and its Monday morning already. Sigh!!
I have had an absolutely fantabulous and mind blowing weekend (week actually) and coming to office today is such a spirit dampener. Like my sister says its so depressing to land at Chennai central at 4.45 in the morning (yeah the bloody train leaves Bangalore at 12 in the night and before u can close ur eyes u reach Chennai.). its like after u have served a person chocolates and ice creams and sambhar sadam, potato subzi, palak paneer and aloo parantha for four days, on the fifth day u ask him to have oats for breakfast lunch and dinner. That exactly how I am feeling now. After having visited jungles, going boating, taking long walks and long drives for 4 days now suddenly some one is rudely asking me to sit and code some nonsense which I do not understand.
So right now I look like someone who has had ten pegs of whisky last night, not slept and forgot to wash his face. I hate these holiday hangovers. I soooooooo want to write about the wonderful kabini trip and so many things which happened in the course of those four days but right now all I can think of is the fact that I have to work for 4 more days till Friday.
I wanted to put this up yesterday but never found the time because of work.
And yeah I saw Vel yesterday. Please. Even if u r given free tickets plus free popcorn plus a free chauffeur driven car to go to the theater and back just politely but firmly refuse the offer. The movie sucks BIG TIME. And people are telling me that of all the diwali tamil releases vel is the best. Ye Gads!!! Thank god I didn’t watch ATM. I almost cried out of frustration after the movie got over. Loud comedy, unnecessary songs, using women as objects of ridicule/sex/desire, absolutely no story line and irritating mothers who say aluvadhenga yaarum aluvadhenga at the drop of a hat when all they have been doing throughout the movie is cry cry and cry for a son she left on a train!!! :-| . This is vel in a nutshell. Trust me. Don’t watch it.
Will try to do a write up about my kabini trip soon. Maybe this weekend. I just wish this week flies!! :-\


Dinesh said...

sorry Revs, I'm an Iyengar :P

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Revathi. Long weekend will come very, very soon. So you can enjoy time-off again.


ashwin said...

Landing in chennai @ monday morning is the first thing a person can ask... I landed back from a weekend trip today morning & m gonna sleep in the office i guess :) wish mondays don't exists :)