Thursday, November 22, 2007

Spring Cleaning - I

This is a blog which I wrote on sulekha a looooooong time back. I keep forgetting my id and password and the name of my page on sulekha and i didnt want to lose this so I just thought I would post it here!! Hope u guys like it!! ;)

The last time I went home my mother decided that since she had help (yeah!! I am talking about me. I can be a help at times too. I am not always a pest. Sometimes I try being nice and helpful for a change) she decided she would do the spring cleaning she had been wanting to do for a long time but had been putting off because of lack of help.
So one bright Sunday morning I was woken up by my parents and we started cleaning. Let me start with each room

(If we finish off the kitchen first then I can cook and u and appa can clean the rest my mom suggested)

I started emptying the shelves and asking amma if she needed the stuff or wanted to throw it

Me : ( holding up a tablespoon with no handle and just the scoop part of it): amma...why do u need this?? I mean what purpose does it solve??

Amma: ila ila...keep it. I use it to keep oil, leftover paruppu and sometimes water and besides I would never throw it she says her eyes misting. those were the vessels appa gave me when I got married in 1982. appa is no more at least I can keep the vessels

me:(thinks): with all due respect to thatha I think he would be infinitely happier if amma had used a bowl to store oil,paruppu and water and not a broken table spoon!

Me: (says): right!! ok

later as we proceeded to clean the kitchen I unearthed 13 dabbas with red lids(only six of them actually containing stuff,the rest empty), 6 horlicks bottle (4 with caps,2 without caps, all empty), old dabbas of kerosene, some million rags to clean the kitchen (the blue one is for oil, the red one is for dry stuff, the white one is for water and the magenta one is to clean the gas my mother explains) loads of those free glasses u get with gulab jamun mix, lots of plastic dabbas from eat outs(no no.dont throw them.keep them.tomorrow when u r going back to Chennai those will be helpful to pack food for u she says. its a different thing that she ultimately decides to use zip lock bags to pack food but she wont throw them. I can’t go running around searching for them when I need them, so just let them be she argues)
I don’t understand my mother's fixation with wanting to keep the most useless of things without throwing them. loads of plastic spoons, empty tin dabbas and plastic dabbas all to be used at a later time


my dad and I started cleaning the bookshelf. as usual I had to bring down each book and ask him if he wanted it.
he has three shelves of readers digest and three more of national geographic.

me: appa why do u need a readers digest dated 1962

appa: oh my god. is it still here? I thought we lost it while shifting. give it here.
I oblige

appa: wow!! imagine a time when readers digest were only 4 rupees and I used to beg appa to lend me 4 rupees every month so I could buy these.

he goes into the nostalgia mode, smells the digest and starts reading. we have been living in the same house for the past four years and he has not realized the existence of the book but he wants to keep it...

me: appa please!! a national geographic dated 1983???this is heights of madness!!

appa: show me show me!! children these days, no appreciation for nature. look at this issue. did u know that the African grey hornbill advertises its presence with a pee-o pee-o pee-o call and it can also be used as a mating call???look here are the pictures

me (thinks): what???how does it affect me how the African grey hornbill shouts and woos its girlfriend???please!!

me: hmmm

The next are baby books("how to understand ur baby", "being a mother and more" , "pregnancy and motherhood" , "loving ur child" were some of the names) which were gifted lovingly to my mother thinking that she would be blessed with angelic babies (since she wasn’t, the books remain unopened waiting to be passed on to my sister hoping at least she would produce angelic babies!! so they stay too!!)

ultimately after we were done with the bookshelf I only thing I threw away was one subscription offer for national geo (he wanted me to keep that too but i convinced him whe n i showed him the text on it which said "hurry...offer closes on dec 31st 1986" :-\ )

Store Room:

this was the worst. with absolutely 0 exaggeration the following were the items we found in the store room (which have been collecting dust for the past gazillion years). the text in italics are my parents' reaction when I told them I am going to throw the stuff

1. two cycle pumps (one without the handle and the other without a nozzle). FYI we don’t have a cycle at home.amma gave my cycle away in 2001. (suppose we buy a cycle where will we go searching for a pump??)

2. three cycle tyres (all punctured. no don’t throw them. if the washer comes off from under the centre table or the stool we can cut pieces of cycle tyre and use them as a washer for the centre table!!)

3.some 20 pairs of shoes right from the squeaky ones which my sister wore when she started walking and I wore when I started walking (if preethi has a kid tomorrow it will be like a family heirloom and the child will get a feeling of attachment. I do not express my apprehensions and tell them that the only thing the child will get is psoriasis if it wears slippers whose rightful position is the archaeological department - Mumbai or antique collectors club)

4. some 15-16 pairs of mismatched rat eaten socks. (don’t u dare throw them!! we can put bits of soap into each of the socks and it can be very handy in cleaning the kitchen sink!!)

5. my sister’s broken pram (I have been meaning to fix it up. yeah right!! he has been meaning to do it from 1988) or eight curtain rods(no no. its good steel. will help me fix up the pram)

7. 5 boxes of shoe polish(1 brown, 4black and all dry. Keep them. We can use kerosene to make them usable again)

8. to support 5 boxes of shoe polish mentioned above we have 5 tins of kerosene!!

phew!! that’s when I stopped counting and told my parents that I had had enough of spring cleaning. in part II I will re count the other things I discovered(unearthed) from the bedrooms and bathrooms. they deserve a separate post!! so if u haven’t slept off or moved on to the next blog and are still bravely reading this then please be as patient as u have been and read Spring Cleaning part II as well!! ;)


Anonymous said...

I am glad atleast you helped Amma with cleaning some what. My mom also always cleans the house every Sunday. I don't help at all. I feel sorry for her though.


Anonymous said...

Thanks GOD for little mercies....
Jamnagar and Chennai are atleast 1000kms apart, and they wont allow you to load this kinda stuff in either the railways or the flight...the onl way of transporting them would be in a lorry...(i hope to convinve your parents)which would be more expensive than buying them new...
Well in any case your grandma should have another container of stuff which would eventually find their way to Ceebros....
Yipee...i will have to deal with only one set of ottai odaisal!!!!

Disclaimer: If you happen to say anything to either your parents or grandma...then i havent written this...

Revathi said...

lol. i did more harm than help that day!!
thanks for visiting!! :)

Aaahaa. u thought if u hid behind the anon tag i wouldnt find out who u were eh?? lol. u r soooooo dead!! :D

Jaya S said...

Your mum and mine are so mum doesn't even let the useful things stay :). What about the sequel? It was great fun reading this.

Revathi said...

ha ha ha ha!! yeah the very fact that my mom has let me stay implies that she lets only USEFUL things stay!! ;)
thanks for visiting. second part coming up soon!! :)

Mythili said...

I am Priya's family friend and i thoriughly enjoyed ur blogs. Here i am to request ur permission for using some of udr witty statements for a humorous speech in toastmasters.

Revathi said...

thanks a lot for visiting. which priya are u talking about? and yeah please go ahead and use my stuff. i am flattered and honored!!:)