Sunday, August 17, 2008

I am jinxed

I am jinxed. I am soooooooo jinxed. Why why why why why me? Why is it always me? Why does Murphy like to **** (four letter English word starting with ‘F’ and rhyming with duck and truck to be inserted here) my life up always.

When I board planes they get cancelled, when I try to get into trains I don’t get a reservation, when I get into buses the bus will break down 9 times out of ten, when I go to withdraw money at the ATM the ATM will run out of money, my only favorite thing on the office lunch menu will miraculously get over EXACTLY when my turn comes. When I am driving the signal is always red, when I am walking the pedestrian crossing is always red, when I watch saina nehwal play a match, she loses, when I ask for a particular book at the book store it is never there, when I write code it, never works, when I am typing a mail or a post and forget to save it, 10 times out of 10 I will accidentally switch the main switch off with my leg, when I sometimes blog/read blogs from office my manager will pass by, when I do an exam well everyone in the entire country does it well, when I do an exam poorly everyone in the entire country again does it well.

I am SICK and TIRED of my wretched unlucky life.

The other day I had to withdraw some money from the ATM and went to the ATM machine in office. The machine worked perfectly for the person just in front of me. my turn came, I went in put my card inside and what does the blasted ATM machine do? It eats up my god damned card and says “Sorry, this ATM is temporarily out of service”. Here I am standing outside the machine without a single penny in hand and there the ATM machine happily gobbles up my card and expresses regret over doing so. I kicked the machine, pressed the cancel button, pressed the exit button, pressed the cancel and exit button together, pressed the cancel button and the exit button in quick succession but to no avail. So I called up the darned bank told them that their ATM machine has this weird problem of gobbling up cards and not giving it back, blocked my card and turned around and what do I see? The machine is working PERFECTLY and the person who was standing behind me is putting his card in, withdrawing money and giving me a condescending look which says “Jeeez, 22 years old and u cant even withdraw money without goofing up?”

I mean it could have happened to the person in front of me, it could have happened to the person behind me, it could have not happened at all but no. even inanimate objects like ATM machine sense a jinxed person and start acting up.

2 days back a friend and I were watching saina nehwal play against some Indonesian player. And she lost and I am like “Jeez. Maybe we shouldn’t watch when India plays in the Olympics. Thank god we didn’t watch Bindra shoot man. Heh heh!!” and my friend says “Actually no, I watched bindra’s shooting live. hmmm’. and I am like “ :-\. Ok great!! Then its just me.” Poor Nehwal she was leading by 9 points when i switched on the TV to watch her play. I mean heights.

I try my level best to be positive and optimistic and try telling myself that it could have happened to just about everyone. I try telling myself that there must be people whose mobiles fall into the lift shaft from the fourth floor EVERYDAY, that there must be people whose buses break down at 12.00 in the afternoon on a really really hot day EVERYDAY, that there must be people who get caught by their manager for having embarrassing messages on their communicator windows EVERYDAY , that there sure must be people whose ipod gets infected by a deadly virus and they end up losing 800 songs everyday!! :-\

I am tired of being optimistic also. I am tired of thinking that there will be a day when I will get up in the morning, open the tap in our house and find water coming out and not rush to my grandmothers house everyday to take a bath, tired of thinking that there will be a day when I will step out of the house and not have my white salwar splattered with dirty water by an insensitive motorist, tired of thinking that there will be a day when I will reach office smoothly without the bus breaking down or getting caught in traffic, that there will be a day when I will enter the restroom in office and find both tissues and soap present (everyday either one will be missing!!), that there will be a day when my code will run without issues, that there will be a day when I don’t accidentally switch off my comp.

I am not being pessimistic, neither am I being optimistic. I am just being practical when I get up everyday in the morning and remind myself that there will be no such day and tell myself “Your day is gonna suck Revs. You might as well be prepared for it and brace yourself.”. This at least makes me value the small things which bring happiness into my jinxed life, like a courier from a friend with a lovely note and a chocolate, a mail from another friend over the seas, a silly chat with my sister, chain mails from college friends, a word of praise from a reader, an uuuu from a friend, music by Rehman, Atif Aslam’s voice. Hmmmm
You know what? Life aint all that bad!! :)

P.S: Read Part I and Part II of Jinxed HERE and HERE.
Sigh!! Now i have started a series!! :(


Anonymous said...

உப்பு விக்கப்போனா மழை யையும், பொரி விக்கப்போனா காத்தையும் அனுபவிக்கிறவர்கள் ஏராளம். Don't worry. You are really blessed and time will soon come to experience how blessed you are.

Arun said...

aww Revs !!! :D
li'l Jinx ! :p

Niveditha said...

awwwwww... poor revs
but then i guess u can be happy thinking everyone's life is as screwed up and jinxed as this one!!!!
sigh... lemme just stop with that self explanatory statement lest i start off a mini post here. :P

Anonymous said...

Now you need to say "I don't care!!" and not when the stupid query doesn't run!! :)
Revs, you are such a darling...if this would help!! Sigh! :D

Milinta said...

C'mon it really can't be THAT bad :P Ur jinxes make for such interesting reading so there... I've just found a very silver lining for your very dark cloud :P Hilarious post or rather a hilarious life you live!!!

GoodEarth said...

Revs, the same feeling here.... every single day of my life these are the thoughts that run across my mind.... Why ME???? Why should i be the only one fighting the losing battle with Murphy?? may be now i can start thinking.... Why US???!!! :D

preeti said...

hey revs think of me. JOBLESS TILL JAN MAN..desperately trying for a prttime job:( no luck yet ...

preeti said...

hey revs think of me. JOBLESS TILL JAN MAN..desperately trying for a prttime job:( no luck yet ...

>>Jass<< said...

I told you earlier, abhi repeat kar raha hoon, teri kismat palat rahi hai! Watchout! :D

Kausikram Krishnasayee said...

have gone through the same friend asked me to try to get down from the other side of my bed and told may be that could help...and yeah when i tried i banged into the wall :(

Jaya S said...

Keep the sequels coming. It is comforting to know that somebody is beating you at the one thing you don't want to be good at :-).

Revathi said...

That was a very very sweet comment. Thank you!! :)

yeah!! :(

ha ha!! reminded u of ur unfortunate days eh?? ;)

Thank you. it does help!! it may not improve my luck but it sure makes me feel good!! ;)

You are NOT supposed to enjoy at my expense. you are NOT supposed to laugh at my unlucky life. my wretched life is NOT entertainment!! :P

Yeah!! i m tired of asking that Q. why us???

awwwwwwww!! it ll be all right!! :)


sighh!! join the club

Lol. loved ur comment!! and i hope there are no more sequels!!

N R said...

Just "your" luck hon! Like in d movie? :)

anu said...

I dunno if it helps but I love u too.... :-)

Paul said...

Wow man. I read your post laughing at how similar we are at times.

Just today I told my brother that I think my ex-gf put a curse on me (she was a wicker or whatever). lol.

Then I realise that at least I am very lucky when it comes to the REALLY important things in life.

Anonymous said...

ROFL Revs :) Arre you write soooo well.. This is a +ve thing.. you make people laugh...