Thursday, August 07, 2008

Operation Sunrise - II and a perfect weekend :)

Read Part I of Operation Sunrise HERE

Sometimes in life there are moments which are so beautiful and perfect and their beauty is accentuated by the fact that they are so commonplace, so simple that you would miss them if u blinked. I had many such moments this weekend

Perfect moment 1: 2 o clock in the afternoon, four friends sitting in the theatre and watching dark knight, mouths wide open, eyes wide open and with one single thought in their mind. “Please please let Joker win at the end and batman can go take a hike”. Heath Ledger, I cannot understand what possessed you take your life after that absolutely mind blowing performance as joker in dark knight. Lets put a smile on that face!! Sigh!! Move over George(clooney), heath has my attention now.

Perfect moment 2: 6 o clock in the evening, three friends in a garment shop holding up a shirt, falling in love with it, trying it on, realizing that since they are errr horizontally challenged they cant get into it and looking wistfully at another girl who looks like she has a carrot for breakfast, cabbage for lunch and water for dinner reject the shirt because it is too big for her. Sighhhhh!!!

Perfect moment 3: 7 o clock in the evening two friends in odyssey, buying books left right and center without a care about the price tags (something which we have never done). Reason: errr. We were supposed to be buying books for my sister and she was paying for it. (ok Preethi. close that mouth of yours. i just spent some 2000 bucks of your money. you cant be angry with me for that?? *making shrek pussy cat eyes*)

Perfect Moment 4: 9 o clock in the night, five friends sitting in ascendas drawing a errr ummm graph writing in centre the name of the guys from college whom we liked as much as mallika sherwat likes clothes, china likes democracy and karunanidhi likes jayalalitha, and connecting their names to each other and giggling like a bunch of hyenas while commenting on the four losers sitting in our adjacent table who all had laptops open on their tables and were pretending to be really busy working. Further investigation told us that one of them was orkutting, another was chatting on yahoo and the others were errr watching pics not suitable for children under the age of 18!! :-\

Perfect Moment 5: 12 o clock in the night five friends watching re runs of Friends, laughing at Joey and the craziest of them screaming “Its twelve guys. Happy Friendship Day!!!” and all of them falling on top of each other in an attempt to wish each other happy friendship day.

Perfect Moment 6: 2 o clock in the morning five friends, one dressed in pajamas too tight for her, one dressed in pajamas too loose for her, another errr not very dressed, and the rest still wearing their dirty jeans and not changing out of sheer laziness, talking about extremely profound things like our single and happy status, about why XYZ and ABC who were going around were a not so perfect match and why PQR who told us about it and heard about it from LMN should probably tell EFG that she loves him but was EFG in turn in love with JKL who was broken hearted because UVW had ditched her and ended their relationship when college ended? And the sleepiest friend came up with the brilliant suggestion that maybe PQR wasn’t errr straight and liked people of the same gender!! :P

Perfect moment 7: 3 o clock in the morning, five friends in a dingy kitchen, one making maggi noodles and acting like she is making aloo gobi and butter naan, another one taking a video of her making maggi noodles and acting like she is PC sriram shooting a movie with the top hero and heroine in the industry, another taking an interview of her and acting like she is simi garewal interviewing tarla dalal, and the rest giggling like there is no tomorrow.

Perfect Moment 8: 5 o clock in the morning three sleepy heads falling over each other, one sleepy head complaining that she has to write a mock CAT and needs her intellectual sleep if not beauty sleep, one kozhupu edutha nai (errr. roughly translated as fat filled dog) who kicks the other four in unmentionable places to wake them up and says “Lets finish operation sunrise II. Lets go to the beach and watch the sunrise” and five friends stumble out of the house and walk to the beach to watch the sun rise over the bay of Bengal

Perfect Moment 9: 6 o clock in the morning five friends sitting on the beach, the waves touching their feet, not a word spoken between them, admiring the break of dawn something which we saw during the last operation sunrise an year and a half back and wishing the moment would freeze like that forever.

Perfect Moment 10: 6 o clock in the evening two friends at the beach surrounded by some acquaintances, looking at each other and asking “Where do we go for dinner”, both thinking for a minute, smiling and going “MIK” in unison. Errr. for the uninitiated MIK stands for Murugan Idly Kadai on besant nagar beach and if you haven’t had the butter onion utthapam and Sakkara pongal there you are missing out something big in life.

Is it plagiarism if you borrow a couple of lines from a friend and paste it on your blog??? Naaah. Its just called borrowing and never returning something which we guys have been doing for ages now!! ;)
So quoting Milinta from her post on THIS unforgettable weekend “Give me some memories, give me some laughter and give me some chatter. Or just give me my friends.”
Here’s to another successful Operation Sunrise, another great weekend and a great set of Friends!! :)


Milinta said...

yay!!! i'm the first to comment :) :)
Sigh!!! Reading this made me go all nostalgic again..

//one making maggi noodles and acting like she is making aloo gobi and butter naan
I strongly object to this statement. The hype surrounding the maggi noodles maker, complete with a pair of scissors for a mike and a digi shooting the entire thing as if it was going to be Sunday morning breaking news in CNN-IBN, was err.. a little bit overwhelming and one made use of the opportunity to put some scene ;) ;)

And you are absolutely right abt Perfect moment 9 revs... All of us sat looking at the sea and not a word was said, but i bet we all wanted that moment to freeze forever and would have done anything to hold on to it for a little longer...

And i wonder what the 'Kozhupu yedhutha nai's' reaction will be on being referred to like this in public :D :D surely something starting with "yeyyyyy" :P :P

Lovely post dawg!! :) :) love ya!!

Anonymous said...

w a a a a a a a a aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! i missed it al! :(:(:(:(:(:(:(

- Hema

Akiiiiiii said...

'Kozhupu yedhutha nai's' reaction...
here it is...

wat the hell

operation sunrise II would have been a flop if i din wake u up...
anyways...i had fun doing that...after a long time...wish motti was thr....

but then as mi said...u are right...we din speak a word when v were sitting thr...hmmmmm..... but then one thought made me get up frm thr...wat am i gonna do when i go back to blore...

well read ur blogs...wat else...
sry for the mokkai....

>>Jass<< said...


Anonymous said...

Cool post...aur kuch nahi!! Loved it!! :D

Anonymous said...

Nice.. :) we did that once after an all night party.. drove down to beasant nagar beach.. waited for half an hour and then jus stared without a word.. :P although i do admit we dint sleep the entire night and were too tired to say anything.. :P

waise wont comment on this post.. two reasons..
1. its bout joint adventures.. don wanna get mauled by ur err.. beautiful frends.. :P
2. same as 1.

mast post.. :)

Revathi said...

Bull Shit!! nee scene pottadhu naala dhaan we decided to take video and shit!! :D
man!! we should do this more often man!! :)

awwwwwwwwwww hemu baby!! :)
you figure in the first point sweetie!! :)

@kozhupu edutha nai
//operation sunrise II would have been a flop if i din wake u up

ok agreed!! love ya Aki!! :)
//sry for the mokkai
Naaah!! Thats ok. given ur IQ level of 10 you need not apologise. we completely understand!! :P

Uuuuuuuuu!! :P

Thanks man!!

thanks a lot man. and beautiful friends. sigh!! thank god i didnt put up the photos of that night!! you can continue to live in the illusion that we are beautiful!! :P

Note to Self: Revs in future feature ur friends in all your posts to prevent Rahul from leaving vile comments!! :P

Vignesh said...

"6 o clock in the morning five friends sitting on the beach, the waves touching their feet, not a word spoken between them, admiring the break of dawn"

hmm i wish i could do the same, take ma friends to d beach, make them sit in unison, enjoy the sand and the dawn!! But that will never happen dis way!, someone in us would fart in the middle and we would run for for some good air!:)

great post, enjoyed it all the way..

Prashanth said...

Awesome weekend you had! To be with frenz is the most wonderful gift!

Kausikram Krishnasayee said...

ahhh not now ...not just after my udan pira sahodaran left for america .. :(

Sujatha said...

Beautiful post Revs!!!

Revathi said...

ROFL!!! pudin hara oughta help!! :P
Thanks for visiting!! :)

Thankee buddy!! :)

Awwwwwwwwww!! He will be back!! :)

Thanks!! :)

preeti rocks said...

hey cool de:) super post:) remember the diary milk supplier durin OPN 1 always :)