Thursday, October 02, 2008

Thanks!! :)

The other day i got a mail from one of the readers of my blog saying

Hi Revs,

Recently I had been to Los Angeles and visited this famous Chinese Theatre where you have hand and foot prints of many Hollywood actors.
Well I took this photo of George Clooney's hand and foot prints. Just after taking the photo the first person came into my mind was you :) (don't know why :D ) so thought of mailing it to you.
Not sure whether you will like it or not :)

Keep blogging :)


and he sent me the following pic

I couldnt stop laughing. and after reading his mail i had this faint hope that if my love for clooney had reached los angeles, the day isnt far when it will reach hollywood and Georgie will come and ask for my hand in marriage after acknowledging my true love for him!! :P

Here i am on Gandhi Jayanthi - a national holiday, sitting in office handling them null pointer exceptions, waiting for them SQL queries to run and fixing them javascript errors but life doesnt seem all that bad.
Thanks Chintan and be rest assured that i LOVED the pic!! :D
Now i have something to worship!! :P


Hemanth Potluri said...

first timer ...but u got some very interesting posts :)..

still reading will comment after it is done :)..


preeti said...

hehe. enjoy Revs :)

Vijay said...

No. Holiday for Gandhi Jayanthi. Is your company in India or what. Even for private sector Gandhi Jayanthi is a declared holiday. They should give u leave. May be u are working overtime.

anu said...

The man does seem to have rather stubby fingers ,Revs...what do u think? :-)

>>Jass<< said...

LOL!! :D

Karthik Subbaiah said...

Duh... Some people!! :P

Solitaire said...

I hope George himself reads this post of yours and realizes how much you love him!

Revathi said...

Thanks for visiting!! :)

Thanks!! :)

errrr. it was a holiday. i had a lot of pending work which i had to complete!! :)
Thanks for visiting!! :)

you are my friend and hence i forgive ur impertinence of calling Georgie's fingers stubby!! :P


unnaku poramai!! :D:D:D

ROFL!! your comment made me laugh more than chintan sending me the pic!! :D
Thanks for visiting!! :)

Anonymous said...

Lolz...Revs...Way too small hands he's got...shoe size 6 I guess..good they say, they come good in small packages!! :D
Now am on the run, as I know you have that slipper already in that "small" hands of yours!! :P
Mein chaliya...

Ria said...

that was a nice n light post. :) Really liked it.

Chintan said...

Good to know you loved the pic and happy to see it in your blog !!

Ekta said...

george cloony is on every girls favourite list!
very sweet of ur friend to actually send u the snap!

Anonymous said...

man u r soooo in to George C. i dont see any reason thu... :)
n he is too old to get married
anyway ur post was interesting
keep it up...