Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Jamnagar diaries

1.     So I got a sexy looking hair cut today (yeah!! When u go to the beauty parlor and the lady there asks you “step cut, layer cut, mushroom cut, v cut, w cut??? Which one do u want?” and u say “errrr. Nothing. Just trim my hair. Can u just cut the ends off a bit. I want to get rid of the split ends” and she shows u 2 inches of hair and says “can I cut this much?” and u absent mindedly say “hmmm ok” and she cuts bloody 6 inches and u r left with exactly 4 inches of hair on your head what u get ultimately is a sexy looking hair cut!! :-\). Whatever !!! My hair is wayyyy above my shoulders now and I m feeling kind of insecure now. Yeah insecure. It feels like stepping out without clothes and going “ueee man. Itni thand kyun lag rahi hai”!! :P

2.      So yesterday my dad took me on a walk and asked me “errr. Shruthi. You know. If there is someone in Chennai whom u get along well with you should tell us. We wouldn’t mind”. Fully understanding what he was trying to say I acted and innocent and went “I get along well with everyone appa!!” and he is like “no. I mean for life”. God. My dad is cute!! :). The conversation ended with me telling him “I don’t want to get married and live with a man appa!! please”. I hastened to add “errr..neither with a woman. I just want to be alone” when his eyebrows kind of shot up!! :P

3.      So now that I have lots of time at my disposal I spent the entire weekend watching “Indian idol”. More than the actual show the auditions are really funny and hilarious. Sample this. The judges went to London to pick a couple of contestants and this girl sings “aap jaisa koi meri zindagi mein aaye toh BAAP ban jaaye”. Ha ha ha ha!! OMG. Even as I m typing it my face just broke out into a huge grin. :D Javed akhtar hastened to tell her  “beta..baap ban jaaye nahi, BAAT ban jaaye”!! my mother and I have been giggling like little school girls ever since. :D

4.   .  Today I went on a cycling trip around the township with mom and dad. That is the advantage if u have a mother who is a school teacher. She just has to call a couple of students and within 4 minutes we have 20 kids outside out house saying “teacher teacher, take my cycle.”, “no no ma’am take mine. Naya hai” and I went and picked this ladybird. Its been ages since I rode a cycle. Last time was in 12th I think. I had a red color BSA SLR then I think. I always craved for a ladybird but a BSA SLR is what was handed down to me by Preethi (that’s the disadvantage if u have a sis who looks after things very well. If she had broken the cycle my parents would have been forced to buy me a new cycle. But no. she polished it, cleaned it, rode it well and ultimately gave it to me!! :-\). So where was I? yeah cycling trip. It was lovely. The township looks lovely and I had a capital time cycling with mom and dad. Both of them were way ahead of me and I was panting and puffing to catch up with them.  I can still ride a cycle with both my hands off the handle bar *big accomplishment grin*. All through the trip my mom and dad tried to convince me to quit my job in chennai and come and live with them. The township is beautiful, the mall is great, there is a huge multiplex, the air is salubrious, food is great, and i would save a huge chunk of my salary but.. So why don’t I want to come and live here?? I dunno. I guess Chennai is home now. Sigh!! I am so confused

5.  My sister got her passport!! Yay yay!! Ok. For uninformed people she lost her passport while in a foreign country, one day before she was supposed to come to india after 6 months and she was devastated. She even went and tried telling the passport officials “hey, I look like an Indian. Please let me go to india”. LOL. Last heard the passport officials in dubai have been warned about a crazy looking Indian woman desperate to go to india and willing to try anything. Anyway after 3 weeks of plain AGONY and pure determination she got her passport. You gotta hand it to that girl. When she learnt that one of the passport officials had lived in neyveli for exactly 3 months of his life she went and told him “you are from neyveli? My great grandfather is also from neyveli. Can u please give me the passport now”!! :D :D. I think he gave it just to humor her. So congrats preethi!! :)

6. .  Yesterday my mom was cribbing saying “OMG. Township has become so crowded shruthi. I cant tell you”. Find below pictures of peak hour traffic in the township. First one was taken at peak hour in the morning and the second was taken at peak hour in the evening. I could only gape and feel glad that my parents weren’t in Chennai.  Where is the traffic u say?? Duh-huh. Our car was on the road!! :P


Shivasubramanian A said...

Roads look good!!

>>Jass<< said...

Having capital time eh revs ? :)
Nice nice!
Hmm you think I can try out for Indian Idol ? :D
[Okay! Dont answer that!]
P.S1: Got the passport ? Wonderful!
P.S2: Like the second road shot, i dunno why i have a thing for road shots!

Anonymous said...

Haha...heavy (tu, aur kaun? :P) in traffic!! ;)
Cool post...loved that u guys went cycling...its been a while since I have cycled with hands in the air...I do it with my activa though!! :P
Hair gone for today kya?? wah!! Baal baal bachgaya! :P
To confess, even I thought it was "Baap" till about this time 2 yrs ago...my dad corrected me one day as I was humming that song!! ;) But don't you think "baap" makes it more meaningful??? :P
Err...did you tell your dad about the pending proposal from loony Georgy boy you are waiting for??? Hehe...
yay! to your sis finally getting a chance to hit the Indian shores!!! :D

preeti said...

Hey Revs, I mourn the death of your hair. Thank god, its atleast releived from your ever meddling fingers :) congrats preethi :) she should have given him a doze of aunty's summer and winter menus. Job would ve been easier :):) and the jamnagar roads are like tarkari :) except, no tar roads, jus natural mud and more greens on the sides :):) happie cycling :)thanks for the tag :) this is my first :)

R@hul said...

Holy cow!

That's our Jamnagar..?? No way! Looks more like Jam-Angeles or Jamerly Hills..!!

Balaji Srinivasan said...

Heavy traffic in jamnagar!! LOL!!

Nice post Revs!!

Twisted Elegance....stupid brilliance said...

You and your sister have both got some real good humor. A very nice write up. Feeling very light after reading it :)

Keep writing and God Bless

Sanjeev said...

“I don’t want to get married and live with a man appa!! please”.
rofl..nice naughty comment..

and high five for calling chennai home :) where ever we go.. we ll start missing chennai after a week at the max..

preeti said...

hey revs twisted elegance.. has mixed up :):) He thought your sis preethi to be me :):)rofl:)

Revathi said...

Thanks a lot!! :)

ohhhh. they have started indian idol for the retarded is it?? i didnt know!! :P
well, in that case go ahead my son!! i am sure u ll win the competition hands down
Thanks for visiting Jass!! :)

tu bhi baap hi gaata tha??? ROFL!! :D. i mean kaise yaar?? how did u think that was possible? just imagine every time someone came into my zindagi they would become baap!!?? ROFL!! koi mujhse dosti hi nahi karega!! :)
thanks a lot man!!

Thanks for visiting!! :)

namaskar Rahul ji. aapka swagat hai!! pehli baar koi sarcastic comment nahi choda aapne!! :P
and yeah man. u should make a trip to the township soon. it has become a nice place!! :)
Thanks for visiting!! :)

Thank you!! :)

@teisted elegance
heh heh. well this preeti who is commenting on my blog is a good friend of mine. my real sister preethi (with an 'H') reads but never comments. :)
Thanks a lot for visiting!! :)

heh heh!! oh well. i didnt intend to be naughty. i was actually very serious!! ;)
and yeah namma Chennai ku yeppo vara poren nu kaathindriken!! :)

heh heh!! set things straight!! :)

Anonymous said...

:O No post for 3 days???? are u ok?? is everything al rite??? :)

btw am dissapointed... i thought u would write a post on "The Return of Anniyan" and hence left an anon comment last time!!! :)

-Mrs. T'tor!

nan said...

reading ur blog for the first time!nice post:)

Revathi said...

sighhhhhhhhhhhh. dont embarrass me man!! *insert very embarrassed smiley here*
sorry!! :'(

Thankee!! :)
Thanks for visiting!! :)

dante said...

Here's wishing u and ur family a joyful deepavali ....

Revathi said...

Thank you!! Wish u the same :)

Labakku Das said...

Revathi-Shruthi ? Naam kya hai aapka? Stumbled upon your blog reading Pallarnu arayanam post and have been reading most of your old posts since then.Good work! And i have many cousins in CTS,Chennai!!