Monday, October 20, 2008

Taaaaaaaaaaaaag!! :)

Been tagged by Milinta with this rather nice tag I should say. I liked doing it!! :) because I have been really busy and have not been blogging at all (Mr.Chitragupta stop noting all this down. I am just kidding!! :-\). Anyway here goes!! :)

The tag:
Two questions in each category answer them and then tag your friends from the blog-o-sphere. (Simple enough right) Leave a comment on their blog letting them know they have been tagged and you are all set.


Your oldest memory

Date : August 26th 1992 – Madras – JYM Kalyana Mandapam

Partners in crime: Shruthi – age 6

      Preethi – age 9

      Ramya – age 8

Occasion: my uncle’s wedding

Circs: now JYM kalyana mandapam has two floors. Generally the girl’s family gets the ground floor and the boy’s family gets the first floor. Ground floor is sad. It is teeming with mothers who are always thinking that kids below the age of 9 will be up to no good, or teeming with relatives who want to wrench your chubby cheeks off saying “Preethi kutti Shruthi kutti, mama kalyanathukku vandhirkella?” (no. we are 6 and 9 year old suicide bombers planning to bomb this place. Duh-huh?? What else would we be here for?) or teeming with close relatives who go “Shruthi take this veshti to kicha mama” or “Preethi ask sarasu mani to go and give the white color packet to cheenu mama before muhurtham” or some such trivial errands.

First floor on the other hand is relatively free coz the wedding takes place on the ground floor and people normally don’t venture up. So Preethi, Ramya (less of a cousin and more of a local rowdy) and I were very glad that the boy’s “side” had been given the first floor. The first floor had a HUGE hall about 40 feet by 40 feet and many other smaller rooms and the scope of how much of fun we could have playing hide and seek, catch catch, cut the cake etc left us breathless. Here was a whole big house to ourselves, with no furniture to hinder our moevment and no elders to bother us. We started playing when a couple of pesky kids from the “girls” side came up (for the same reasons why we had come up) and wanted to join us (mind you, they just wanted to join us. They didn’t even ask for space to play alone. Now when I think of what I did I feel so silly but hey we were just 6 then. We are more mature now. God promise, mother promise!! :P) and this was the conversation

Them: naanglum unga kuda valayadalama? (can we also play with you?)

Ramya ( in the most authoritative tone. she was pretty much the boss. Preethi and I were her side kicks who stood on either side with our arms crossed like henchmen and showing attitude): Idhu yenga mama Kalyanam (this is our mama’s wedding)

Them: (confused): idhu yenga chitti Kalyanam (This is our chitti’s wedding too. or was it attai. I really don’t remember)

Ramya: mela payyan aathu kaara dhaan irrukanum. Ponnu aathu kaaranga keezha dhaan valayadanum (only the boy’s side can stay on top. The girl’s side has to use the ground floor for playing)

Them: konja neram valayadarome (can we play for some time please?)

Ramya: idhu yenga mama Kalyanam. Yenga mama ku naanga ungla ulla vittom nu theriya vandha ungla thoratthi thoratthi adipaar

(this is our uncle’s wedding. If he comes to know that we let u in he will beat u within an inch of ur life!!)

And they fled, probably thinking “oh my god. We are getting our chitti married to a man who beats little kids”. LOL. this is my oldest memory ever and even know when I think of it, it cracks me up. Shankar mama wouldn’t/couldnt hurt a fly and we painted such a gory picture of him. Am glad the kids didn’t go and complain otherwise Ramya solely would have been responsible for stopping the wedding!! :D:D


Psssst. My oldest memory is Ramya telling pakathu veetu mama’s wife “unga aathukaar ----- pottukala” :D:D:D:D but jeez I cant write about that can I??? ;). This is a public space after all!! ;)

What were you doing 10 years ago?

1998 – Class 8 – JH Ambani Vidyamandir – I was the minister of discipline or cleanliness or red house captain or some such nonsense. I used to LOVE my school and LOVE Jamnagar then. Not anymore. The school has gone to the dogs, the kids are having love affairs in class 6th, my favorite teachers no longer teach there and the principal has changed 4 times since I left.

Happy times those were. Times of school uniforms, sparkling white socks and black shoes, smart red sweaters, hair in plaits and ribbons, a life of innocence, fun, frolic. What a carefree life. The thing which I worried about most was the fail mark in Sanskrit. Ahhhh!! Jaane kahan gaye woh din!! :(


Your first thought today morning

No thoughts in the morning. Got up only in the afternoon at 12.30!! Ah!! Vacation. I love that word. When else can u get up in the afternoon on a Monday unless it is august 15, jan 26 or October 2nd!! :|

If you built a time capsule today what would it contain?

Hmmm. Books for sure (all kinds. Archie comics, tinitin, PGW to rohinton mistry to Gerald Durrell. Hmmmm. EVERYTHING). Couple of friends. (mandatory)

Jeeeez. I cant think of anything else.

Hmmm food maybe, music, couple of good movies and a laptop!!  (optional)


This year ….

Started off on a euphoric note with me getting a call from TISS, then there was the double disappointment. TISS bombed and sis left for Dubai!! :P. after the crest and two troughs it has been just a normal monotonous year. And oh yeah!! Chennai trekkers, one of the best things ever to happen to me. made a lot of new friends this year thanks to trekkers and my blogs. 

Hmmmm. On hindsight i made a LOT of friends actually. After college got over I didn’t think I would make a single decent friend in office. But no. I have made some great friends and that too with people whom I have never met but only exchanged mails. Its an amazing thing when u have never seen a person but know that person like the back of your hand (Anu, am tagging u with this tag!! :). you get the GBCI award for revelation of the year and "nicest person whom i have never met" award too!! :D) I also spent a lot of quality time with college friends and now i m spending quality time with my parents.

on the whole it has been a satisfactory year with a lot of reading and writing. discovered a lot of great authors. Been reading some good fiction and non fiction. hmmmm. what else? two more months to go. lets see what they bring!! :)

What do you see yourself doing 14 years from now?

I see myself as a 36 year old. Nothing more, nothing less. :P

Sorry. But I don’t know what I am going to do 4 minutes from now (ok, for the smart ass who just went “you will be publishing this post Revs” – THANK YOU! :-\). I am eternally clueless and perpetually confused.

And heck!!! 14 years from now who knows if I will be alive?

Ahhh!! Now comes the exciting part where I get to tag people.

I tag



Nive - new to blogger

Rahul (because he loves being tagged!! :P) 


R@hul said...

It pains me to inform you that Google's adsense is displaying ads related to "Iyer matrimonials" on the top of your blog.


Did I say it pains me? I'm sorry... I meant delight.

Anonymous said...

16 yrs ago you did all that you did...
Now you are doing all that you are doing...
14 yrs later you'll do all that you will do...
Phew...For the first I think I dropped some sensible comment in this sane place!! :D
Kya bolti tu, Jamnu-ben?? :P

Revathi said...

aaaaaaaargh!! i was supposed to irritate u with this tag not vice versa!! :|

actually this comment seemed more nonsensical than all ur other comments put together!! :D
Thanks for visiting sree!! :)

Twisted Elegance....stupid brilliance said...

lol lol lol. Its always nice to read about other people's life. But am disappointed that you haven't revealed something scandalous :D
I wouldn't mind if you write up and mail such a thing :D

Revathi said...

ahhhh!! something scandalous eh?? whats your mail id?? i ll mail u the "unga aathukaar ---- pottukala" story!! :D:D
kidding man.
if i had to write abt all the scandalous things that i have done i would have to write a book!! :P

Thanks for visiting!! :)

Anonymous said...

revs akka,

u have an excellent memory power. i appreciate u for remembering the incident particularly with date and name of the kalyana mandapam at the age of 6. really great.