Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Yay Yay Yay!! finally finally, in spite of the presence of several anti social elements in my office my leave which i have been trying to get approval for, FINALLY got approved.So Revathi Ramanan leaves for Jamnagar this saturday for a 2 week vacation. After 15 long months and 4 long years for a diwali i get to go home!! yay yay!!

Good News:
i am going home
staying with parents
good food
no office
no java code
no bugs
no boss

Bad News:

no bar camp!! :(:(
No Chennai for 2 weeks :(
Jamnagar (eeeeeks!! how i hate that place)

Jamnagar you know how much i hate you so please behave yourself
Chennai you know i love you, don't miss me!! :)


Balaji Srinivasan said...

Happy Vacation!! :)

Shivasubramanian A said...


Vidya said...

Hi Revs!!!
I am a regular reader of ur blog.
You are doing a wonderful job.
Enjoy ur holiday at home

Sree Vidya

Sanket said...

Congrats...have a great time!! :)

preeti said...

First of all ensoooooiiiii :)
err... Revs when ever you feel like cursing Jamnagar, think of me, where I am ,stuck up in Tarkari, tats wat you call my um..village..may be a grooming-to-be-a-village sort of place !!!

Anonymous said...

Finally Chennai gets a breather.. :P

Revathi said...

@balaji and shiv

hye thanks a lot man!! :)


lol. yeah. now i know how u must feel!! :)

ahhh!! as always the politest and sweetst comment comes from u RVN!! :-|
BAH!! :-\


Anonymous said...

I will miss you Revs...who will listen to my cribbing?? How will chat with me in "away" status when you'll be really away?? Who will sarcastically pull my legs??
Sob Sob...sniff sniff...
On the other hand, even Krish will miss you...whom will he call Aunty?? :P
Anyways...since your BOSS approved your leave finally, enjoy it and ya miss me... :D

PS: am not drunk...

Milinta said...

May i remind you that the real purpose of your long stay in Jamnagar away from the fun, frolic and friends in Chennai is CAT preparations which doesnt seem to figure anywhere in the scheme of things you have in mind??
*with a smug satisfied look of having rubbed it in*
Enjoy Revs!! :P :P

Anonymous said...

what horseshit...i havent read such crap in my life...

Anonymous said...

So...will the elder evil also travel to Jamnagar or is she in jail for roaming around without passport?

//what horseshit...i havent read such crap in my life...//

It doesnt look like the person is boasting about his/her knowledge about horse shit..Looks like it has a deeper meaning.

Revathi said...

why do u always end all ur commenst with that disclaimer!! lol!! :D:D

aaarghhhhhhh!! go away u conscience pricker!! :|


@anon 2
i m already in jamnagar A. and the above comment was left by K. for what joy i still cannot fathom!! :-|. went a little soft in the head maybe!!

Anonymous said...

No no..Our man is boasting about his days as horse rearer in Madras Race club..


(BTW not bad you figured out that it was my comment)