Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Wednesday!! Mind Blowing!!

I saw "A Wednesday" yesterday.
it re-affirms a statement a friend once made about me when i told him i love richard gere and george clooney. He said "Why do u always have a thing for older men?"
Sighhh!! Naseerudin Shah for the kind of acting that you have done i have totally absolutely and completely fallen in love with you. you absolutely rock in the movie

1. the chacracterization of everyone in the movie has been done so well, somewhere in the middle of the movie you forget the fact that its a movie you are watching and thse people are "acting". its amazing

2. Deepal Shaw cant act. Deepal "beta" please go back to doing "mere nasseb mein tu hai ke nahi..." kind of nonsense wearing no clothes and the most disgusting pout i have ever seen. thats what u do the best. Werent you ashamed to share the frame with stalwarts like Naseerudin shah and Anupam Kher? ok. maybe i am being too harsh but she was just blecccch!!

3. Jimmy Shergill never looked so awesomely cute before. Kya attitude maara hai. Maan na padega. the centre of his hair kinds of stands up due to static or someting and he looks "O so cute" with that hair of his, when he is chewing a gum, wearing his coolers and walking down the alley to beat the bad guys. Sigh!!!

4. Not wanting to spoil the l'il "twist" in the end, all i want to say is that personally i think this country needs more "Wednesdays". Go figure!! :P

5. some of the dialogues are like AWESOME!!! there is one where anupam kher says "kya guarantee hai ki if i release the terrorists you will tell me where you have planted the bombs" and naseerudin shahs says "guarantee??? kya mai aapko fan bech raha hoon???". lol lol lol. :D:D you are so dude Naseerudin Shah. I so love you!! :)

6. Everytime the terrorists came forward and introduced themselves they would say "mumbai 1993 (name of the bomb blast and organisation) fakr hai" and everytime i heard it as "fuck*r hai". sighhhh. I have a really dirty mind. i oughta read more ramayana, mahabharata and scriptures!!:-\. :P

7. I heard that because of huge ego problems between Anupam Kher and Naseerudin Shah they refused to share the screen for more than one scene. i wish we see more of these two actors together. They are just AMAZING. i mean it seems like they started acting from the time they were born. my dad was so overwhelmed he is like "ask Naseerudin shah to act like a worm and he would do it with panache". i couldnt agree less. he is the star of the movie

8. My mom and dad who had already seen the movie and came with me just because i hadnt seen it were sitting on either side of me and acting all smug because they knew what the suspense was and i did not. how i begged amma to tell me what the twist was but all i got in return was a supercilious smile. i am glad she didnt tell me. the twist is worth waiting for in the movie!! :)

9. The Jamnagar which i had left looking like Mamta Banerjee some 17 months back has had a complete makeover and looks like Angelina Jolie (no kidding). we have a beautiful multiplex within the township which screen all the latest movies (it was a different thing that when the message "all patrons are requested to stand up for the national anthem" flashed on the screen only my parents, i and three others stood up in the whole theatre. we were the only "patrons" in the whole theatre!! :P)

10. Please go and watch Wednesday. its the best hindi movie in recent times. Trash like "hello" (based on the equally trashy book "one nite at the call center") oughta be banned or their directors should be blown apart the way the terrorists are blown apart in Wednesday (ooops!! did i just let the cat out of the bag?? :D:D)


Balaji Srinivasan said...

You saw "wednesday" on Monday?!! :D
Cool post as usual. :)

Balaji Srinivasan said...

You saw "wednesday" on Monday?!! :D
Cool post as usual. :)

Anonymous said...

I agree...I saw it last night on DVD...12 30 am to 2 am...imagine how much active it kept me all the while...I felt like a bomb!! ;)
Agreed that Deepal Shaw can act like a nut...I didnt recognise her infact...cant blame me, she didnt show her navel!! Ahem..
Loved the way Naseer and Anupam played their parts...loved Naseer more...his act was crisp and to the point...even the tea he sipped was with style!! :D
Absolutely yes...Jimmy was attitude personified..best part I was liked was his "Arre bolke maarna yaar" when he was shot on the arm with a bullet...awesome! :D

Over all box-office didn't "bomb" on "Wednesday"!! :P
Loved your post Jamnu-bhen!!! :D

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Renu said...

lovely review, everyone has been praising it, so I will have to see.
I am delighted to read those hindi sentences..mana padega....wow:)

Anonymous said...

very interesting review...
u had written every character in its very good form n opinion...

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Ashwin said...

Yeah..A brilliant movie after a long time and N.Shah's voice modulation and dialogue delivery is too good to miss..

Anyway...dint quite understand why the stupid movie star getting threatened scene was in the movie..

Revathi said...

yeah. i wanted to see it on a wednesday but sigh didnt happen. thanks for visiting!! :)

jamnu-ben?? ROFL!! :D
pagal. Thanks for visiting!! :)

errrr. bleaaahhhhhhhhhhh!! (thats the most intelligent reply i can give you!!:P)

@renu, muddlehead
Thanks a lot!! :)

mm. i guess that is just to show the kind of mundane things anupam kher has to deal with and them boom!! N.Shah comes and hits him in the face!! :)
BTW long time sir!! :)