Friday, May 02, 2008

I am like this only ya!!!

A certain comment in my Makku post made me go into peals of laughter yesterday. The last comment on that post by an anonymous commentor was the highlight of my day yesterday. For the benefit of those of u who haven’t read it here’s the comment!!

You guys write this blog thinking that it is fun and many people may love it.. But what difference does it make between you and the bloody Indian politicians.. If you arent able to resist even this small temptation and be honest how can you expect a politician who has got a huge power at his disposal not be tempted..

Even more worse comparison is to a bollywood actor or actress who is ready to do anything only for the simple reason that people enjoy how ugly it may be..

Come on guys.. This is not to hurt anyone.. Stop writing bullshit blogs and try to write something that will influence someone..

I seriously don’t know who this is. Is it Mr. Anniyan or Mr.Indian who will roast me in a boiling cauldron of oil (or tea in this case!!) just because I free loaded a couple of teas all of them amounting to 100 odd thereby causing a dent of 100 (gasp!!!!) bucks in my college management’s funds of 20 odd lakhs?

Maybe tomorrow I will find myself in a lonely forest with Mr.Anon standing over me asking “oruthan vandhu oru naal 5 tea thirudina thappa???” and I will meekly say “thappu ila”, and then he will ask me “5 per anju anju naal anju anju tea a thirudina thappa??” and I will meekly say “thappa madri dhaanga theriyudhu” and then finally before pushing me into the boiling cauldron “5 laksham per, anju anju vaati, anju anju tea thirudina thappa” and just seconds before I die I will say “periya thappunga!!”

Oooooh!! I am really scared!! Don’t hurt me Mr. Anon. please!!!
I cant help being sarcastic. I feel sad for these anonymous commentors. I mean when Mr Anon here doesn’t have the nerve to reveal his name and has to hide behind the anonymous tag and leave vile comments, how the hell can he expect to change the world by asking college girls to stop stealing teas?

And with all due disrespect Mr. Anon, I am not asking you to read my blog, I am not saying I will immolate myslef or go on a hunger strike if u don’t leave comments on my blog, so if u don’t like my blog all u have to do is click on the “Next blog” link right up there and leave my page without gracing my blog with your esteemed comments!!

And though I am not averse to the idea of constructive criticism, I detest people who have to hide behind anonymous tags to leave venomous comments and those who think they can do what they please just by being anonymous. And stop telling me what I must write about and what not. Even if you were the last person in this planet i wouldnt want your opinion on what i should and shouldnt write about!! And just FYI this is my blog, not yours and I really don’t care if my writing influences someone or not least of all people like u!!

So thanks for the ethics class and I will convey your thoughts to all the bollywood/kollywood/tollywood/hollywood actresses and tell them to cover themselves and consult you before doing anything “ugly”!!

I just read this post of mine again and this has to be the rudest, most obnoxious and most audacious post i have ever written but it took me 15 mins to type this up (5 of which went in thinking up a suitable title) and i didnt want all that effort to go waste so just posted it :). And oh yeah!! By the way I do not know if anon here is male or female. I just used Mr for the sake of convenience!!


dante said...

the whole anniyan bit was juz hilarious .... i was crackin g up, man ..... maybe if they made anniyan part 2, they could include you as one of the female "villis" (hope i got tat spelling correct ... *grin*)

and i absolutely agree with you juz as i agree with the now infamous Mr. Anon ..... was it Voltaire who said "I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." .... Unfortunately the web is like tat, the knife cuts both ways but i really have to give it to you for the absolutely witty comeback .....

(P.S. did i mention that at the place i work, they have a vending machine on each floor which dispenses free drinks .... is it me or does free food always tastes better *grin*)

Karthik Subbaiah said...
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Karthik Subbaiah said...

ROTFLMAOCMSASCSL at the Anniyan angle... Tea saapadardhu thappa...Its like puravukku pora?? :D
Boy... I dont know why people take things so seriously. I mean.. get a life. Tea saapadardu thappa?? I cant but laugh at Mr. Anniyan for that superlative morality dose and at Revs for thinking up a reply with a fitting title. :)
Some more gibberish -
The world is driven by entropy and orderness cannot prevail...One passing statement -"More of moral police and less of morals would have the police nothing left to police about!!"
Its your blog at the end of the day...Keep writing.

Jaya S said...

I am an epitome of honesty, and I'll side with Mr./Ms. Anon :). Good, vent your anger, typing all this and not posting it would have been a real waste. I was tempted to leave an anon comment here, but then, I don't really want to be the subject of your next scathing post.

Arun said...

how doya attract these bozos ?!! :D

that read straight outta a rediff comments forum :p !

Revathi said...

lol!! thanks. this post was written in a fit of anger and i guess it shows!! not that i regret anything i have written in this post but strong words have been used!! :).

//Its your blog at the end of the day
exactly my sentiments!! and the problem with many people is that they take life a little too seriously for their own good. i guess mr anon is one of them!! ;) thanks for visiting!!! :)

lol. see. i am not angry at u because i dont mind people having different opinions. you think whhat i did was wrong, fair enough!!Everyone is entitled to their opinion and i respect people who can hold thier own!!what i do mind however is people airing their opinions on MY blog in foul words and hiding behind anonymous tags. :)

lol. i have no clue why my blog seems to attract self righteous people like this!! :)

Karthik Subbaiah said... dint ask whats ROTFLMAOCMSASCSL...
What an insult i say...
I am going to complain to the Yezhthali Makkal Katchi for not noticing the fine points of one's comments while a Mr. Anon's comment drew a blog from you!!
They are waiting to file petitions against people just like other katchis..

Revathi said...

lol!! i really thought it was a typo. i know what ROFLMAO stands for. pray tell me what the rest stands for otherwise my head will brak into a 1000 pieces!!:P

and oooh!! Yezhthali Makkal Katchi scares me more than Mr.Anon!! ;)

Anonymous said...

ha ha shruthi maza aa gaya... if you ask me.. you are only giving bhaav to these bloody dogs by expressing anger against their comments.. lets all hold hands and pray for these tortuous minds and hope that at least in their next birth god remembers to tighten their nuts :P

@Anon: Hey come on ya... dont leave such comments ya...

P :-)

Anonymous said...

Now that you are of the age to get married, you should mellow down and write less scathing replies..lest your in-laws may disown you ...hee hee hee

_ Tormentor

Anonymous said...

Hey what makes u angry if the comment is by Anon and accept different opinions if it is by Jaya.. funny!!!

Milinta said...

Revathi Ramanan I'm ashamed of u... and i completely agree with our nameless, faceless, hopeless anon (wonder how our dear anon survived on earth all this while without a name. how do ppl call u man?? Mr.Nameless?? pathetic!) How dare u steal some 5 ruppees worth dishwater tasting tea from the same guy who charged 2 bucks extra on every cup of noodles he sold ( and he sold a minimum of 200 cups per day) and who would have again made a fortune with all the money he swindled with his exhorbitantly priced cool drinks, chocolates, rin soap, lux, lifebuoy and what not? how did u ever have the heart to do this? you wouldnt even have recovered ur murukku costs with the 'makku tea' money. yenna kaeta, we should have just gone and ransacked and looted the entire stores building one night.

And talkiing of anonymous comments, you should have seen the anonymous comment i got on my 'men' post.. ROTFLMAO kinda hilarious it was!

And i'm tempted to say something very sarcastic to anon above too, but i have a hunch its someone who knows u well and is just pulling ur leg..

- an ever faithful RH

Sheks said...

Come on guys.. This is not to hurt anyone.. Stop writing bullshit blogs and try to write something that will influence someone..

It has influenced Mr.Anon.If it had not,would he have bothered to comment?

>>Jass said...

/*“5 laksham per, anju anju vaati, anju anju tea thirudina thappa” and just seconds before I die I will say “periya thappunga!!”*/

LOL! Hilarious!!
The whole anniyan wala scene got me in splits!

P.S: Mr Anon might be right you know, you should be ashamed of your self you ramanan girl you, You seem to a bad influence for a lotta people !

[Reporter on KalTak]

After chennai now its delhi, Yes! The capital of the country is also now plagued by the disease that has taken half the country by a stride! Not a single tea vending machine has been spared! Reports suggest that almost all tea vending machines in the country have been rendered useless and people have now started attacking pepsi and coffee machines too. Let us catch this live from delhi with our reporter depthi.
Hi we are reporting live from the ramgadh area where just now a new tea vending machine has been installed. People are coming in gangs to try their shot at the free cups of tea. Lets see what the shop owner has to say:
*sob* Loot gaya, mar gaya haai! *sob* Arey latest machine keh ke install karvayi thi aur yeh bhi... *sob* hey bhagwan! Loot gaya!

Reporting from delhi, live for kal tak depthi kapoor!

[Back to studio]
Tata says talks are on with intel to make next generation vending machines that are supposedly fool proof, but for now that only seems to be a long dream.

Stay tuned, we ll be back after a short break!

Anonymous said...

Beer contains female hormones
Last month, National University of Lesotho scientists released the results of a recent analysis that revealed the presence of female hormones in beer. Men should take a concerned look at their beer consumption. The theory is that beer contains female hormones (hops contain phytoestrogens) and that by drinking enough beer, men turn into women.
To test the theory, 100 men drank 8 pints of beer each within a 1 hour period. It was then observed that 100% of the test subjects:
1) Argued over nothing.
2) Refused to apologize when obviously! wrong.
3) Gained weight.
4) Talked excessively without making sense.
5) Became overly emotional.
6) Couldn't drive.
7) Failed to think rationally.

No further testing was considered necessary.
Send this to the men you know to warn them about drinking too much beer!
And send it to your women friends to give them a good laugh! If you think they can handle it.

Just compare the kind of reply from the blog writer to the comment with the above internet joke.

She wrote a full page reply for the comment without any relevance or justification to the point.

She became overly emotional and angry even after telling "I m like that only". If she hasnt bothered abt anon comments, what is the need to get angry.


I have nothing to comment.

Revathi said...

@meri pyaari behena
ROFL!! Yeah. We can only pray for the minds of such tortured souls!! :P. and you are right. I think this anon doesn’t deserve all the attention which he is getting!! :)

Lol. :D. thanks for visiting

Don’t u think there is a world of difference between saying “stop writing bull shit blogs” and saying “I disagree with u but its ur blog and u can say what u please?”.

Muah!! Love ya dear ol’ RH!! :) . now I know why you are my best friend. We are both good for nothing!! :)

Heh heh!! Good point. Long time. Where ve u been?

ROFL. Your comment had me rolling on the floor and laughing!! Seriously. The way these news channels go about making baat ka bhatangadh I wouldn’t be surprised if I made the headlines some day though I am not sure if my parents would want me to make headlines this way!! :P. Thanks for visiting!! :)

vijay said...

I want to advice you. I know that you don't like it. Why raise ur B.P. Try to avoid being over emotional since you are a big girl. I perfectly know what your response will be. Even then I am commenting.

anu said...

whoa,lady!!! A volcano just erupted..I can see the sparks from here...calm down...Its ur blog and u are damn right to write what u like...but lets keep an eye on ur BP for the sake of keeping ur hair from falling off due to stress...Having stolen quite a few vadas myself to stay alive when I was in hostel,I really cannot condemn ur stealing teas ,Revs.Ok ok...i can hear u say..u dare not..but I wud say that it probably was the style in which u wrote that brought out the honest citizen underneath the lie-when-convenient layer in all of us.It was just a prank and one most of us have indulged in....thats college..and thats life...Anon has every right to voice his/her opinion but I must say that I really dont think the gentleman or lady is very brave.And u absolutely have no right to tell someone what they shud write,Anon,dear...u seem to be a horrifyingly serious person and while I assume and admire ur very honest nature and ur dedication to our country's future,I assure u that poor ole Revs not stealing teas is not going to make any politician think "wow, Revs does not steal teas from the vending machine?am inspired to be honest"....More likely he will say "Wow..I 'll go steal the vending machine.Wud be a great addition to our party meetings.."
And I hate to ask this but dont u think leaving anonymous nasty comments on someone's blogs goes against ur "honest" nature?Or is that only being sneaky and does not count as being dishonest?

rajesh chinnappan said...

Hey Revz, i think u could'nt have replied it for better!!
Such comments could easily provoke anyone..
As a matter of fact i don't read much of blogs and i always skim thro whatever i read(including urs :) he he..
One cannot write for everyone and we only could wish these Anons to be courteous atleast even if they cannot appreciate what they chose to read...
Forget the Anon Revz...and keep ya posts :)