Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My sister preethi just finished crying. She cried because she had to go to dubai, leaving Chennai, leaving her house, leaving my grandmother, leaving parents, leaving her friends, leaving all relatives, leaving cousins, leaving a country which has been home to her for 25 years now. I hate to see her cry. I consider myself a fairly strong person but I can’t see my sister in pain, can’t see her cry. I feel helpless because there is absolutely nothing I can do to lessen her misery. She has these big shrek pussy cat kind of eyes which fill up to their brim with tears and it breaks my heart when I see those big fat tears roll down from those doe shaped eyes on to those big fat cheeks. My sad jokes and equally sad sense of humor do nothing to alleviate her grief and I know it is only a matter of time before my resolve breaks down too.
I wish she wouldn’t cry and I wish she didn’t have to go.


Jaya S said...

You're going to set me off now. Why do we have to go away from home?! (Why don't rhetorical questions have any answers?)

Karthik Subbaiah said...

Look at you talking all senti about the same sissy who you not so long ago called as a 'stuffed animal'..hehe..
Wait... let me me mail this piece of info to her and we'll see who'll do the crying... :D:D
But yeah... Feels pathetic when someone cries to me and all I can do is think of some pathetic jokes to make them cheer up... :(

P.S.: Havent read the travails blog... Sleep is taking over my urge to read that. So...laterz...

Kausikram Krishnasayee said...

no worry! tell her to jolly ah go and come. tell her you will remember her ..and that you will offer her a subbaiyya bajji toast every week.

Revathi said...

aw i dunno. well u definitely MUST go away from home and fend for urself. gives u a lot of perspective. question is do u have to go away from ur country!!

@karthikeyan MS
Thanks for visiting man!! and yeah sad jokes can let u down at times when u need them most!! :P

ur comment cheered me up immensely man and reminded me that its been almost 2 months since i had bajjis at subbaiya's. people drink to forget their sorrow. self will eat bajjis!! :P. thanks a lot!!