Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Of train journeys, TT's and sisters with bright ideas!! :P

So this weekend yet another really close friend of mine got married (yet another person gone from our evergreen bachelor club!! :P). My sister preethi had come down from dubai for the wedding and on Friday evening we left for Madurai to attend the wedding. Now given me (lucky me!! :-\) and the affinity which the Indian railways (or for that matter any means of transportation, be it flight, train, bus, car, bullock cart…) has for me I should have guessed that something untoward would happen. The first blow of the day came when another friend of ours who was supposed to accompany us called and informed us that she had been hospitalized and wouldn’t be able to attend the wedding. We were extremely disappointed when we reached the station to board our train.

We came to our compartment and decided to check if our names were present in the reservation chart and discovered that only my sister’s name was there. We checked our tickets to see that though money had been deducted for three tickets we had been allotted only one seat and the other two just said 0000 ,0000. So much for one extra seat. Screw all online reservations. Down with irctc site. Burn all fat dark TTs in black coats!!

Neither were we given one more seat that night nor did the money for the two seats gets debited to our account!! And on top of all this the TT glares at me and says “your name is not there in the chart. You oughta pay a fine”. :-\ . i cant help but ask "Why me God? Why me?? "

So the whole night preethi and I spent sleeping literally on top of each other cramped in one side upper berth, unable to breathe and totally unable to move and realizing that if I moved I would poke her eye and sprain my shoulder and if she moved she would kick my nose and get a back ache. Preethi genius that she is (note author’s voice dripping with sarcasm. :-\) suggested an arrangement and said “Arey shruthi I am telling you. We can sleep really comfortably after this”. Maybe it was the night, maybe I was too sleepy or maybe I suddenly felt like humoring her and I actually listened to her silly idea and nodded my head. they say a picture is worth a thousand words. So in the picture below I have tried to capture the exact arrangement of our arms and legs which preethi suggested!!

Errr. Actually the picture looks way too comfortable. I assure you we were anything but that!! The berth seems too big and And we are most definitely not stick figures. Fortunately we are vertically challenged and unfortunately we are horizontally blessed (in other words, we are short and stout!! :P). With our legs on top of each other (and oh yeah!! Mine stink too!! :P) and dangerously close to each others waists we were at the risk of wiping out all possibility of any future generation of Ramanan’s if u know what I mean. Ultimately after some polite words had been exchanged and I told preethi what exactly I thought of her “splendid” idea in a few un parliamentary words we changed the arranagement!!

After the whole ordeal we came to one conclusion. That both of us badly needed to lose some weight and reduce our girth if in future both of us wanted to occupy one single side upper berth in any train. :-

Well I did mention that I would write no more posts about my travel travails. But as we tried to catch some sleep that night, without maiming or killing the person and were relieved beyond words to finally arrive at Madurai, preethi, all groggy eyed, grinned, gave me one look and said “Write about this on ur blog man!!” and with my head cocked to one side (not in style but as a result of an exceedingly uncomfortable position my neck refused to straighten) I could only grin in approval!!


Nivedita said...

whoa! am commentin first :) :) hilarious.. really descriptive figure, err i mean the stick man figure.. too good...

>>Jass<< said...

ROTFL at the this-is-how-we-slept- sketch! Hilarious post!

Allow me to do what I do best, BLAME you for the problems you faced.
If the ticket said 0000 that meant you were wait-listed and only one of the 3 passengers were confirmed. And you booked the ticket online, and if the passenger is not confirmed even after the chart is prepared, the money will be reversed to the account the was used for booking in three days as the waitlisted ticket will automatically be canceled.
If you travel on this sort of a waitlisted ticket that eventually is prone to cancellation you will for sure have to pay fine!

Actually you were lucky that the TT dint throw you out! :)

Divs said...

@revs - your money will be credited usually a month later..

atleast u were allowed to travel after paying fine!

the TT told us we can't take the train 'coz our master passenger didn turn up.. no the ticket wasn cancelled..

n err.. ahem.. the pic.. ahem..

prajyot said...

hello...nice post..!!

wish to share your web blog link.I have already added u on my list

Revathi said...

heh heh. thanks!!
after i drew that pic i learnt that i cant be an artist ever!! :P

BAH!! :-\

heh heh!! i gather the pic didnt impress u much.
Thanks for visiting!! :)

Thank you so much!! :)

Anonymous said...

lolz...that pic was Rofl...Jamnu-ben and her ben in that peaceful position...lolz..
TTs are a pain at the wrong spots...btw you can raise a hue on IRCTC site and refund your moolah...there's a way...ask me later!! :)

Revathi said...

accha?? haan, tu to terrorist hai. u would know such illegal tactics. hum to bechaare, lachaar abhagan ladkiyan!! :P

Anonymous said...

have you added this to preethification.....not very suprisingly...your sis never told me any of this....any other good ones from the great one??


sneha said...

I was laughing for ten minutes continuously.really good one...