Monday, November 03, 2008

Finally the results of the short story contest have been declared. (First time visitors read THIS) And the entry which I had predicted would definitely win the contest won it. You really really MUST read the story of the winner HERE. Her story is flawless (or rather, I couldn’t find any flaws in it!! :P). I loved the attention to detail, loved the Brahmin flavor, loved the style of delivery.. everything. I completely fell in love with her story. And I am mighty glad she put it up on her external blog too so you guys can read it and enjoy it!!
Congratulations Deepa. Way to go!! :) :)


KASHUR said...


Anonymous said...

Sahi mein...nothing could have stopped Deepa!!! The winner was decided as soon as one had finished reading the story!! BLISS!! :D

deepa said...


Sanjeev said...

Wonderful blog.. the concept of writing the flow as a letter was so novel :) as good a blog as I have ever read.. great work..

Revathi said...

errr. bhagunanu (though i have no clue what that means!!) to u too!! :P

yeah!! :)


thankss. do let deepa know!! ;)

boobesh said...

Thanks for posting her blog link jus too good and deserves the prize...btw thank for Tag...