Monday, November 17, 2008

Title ko maar goli!!

1. I have this terrible problem of tears magically appearing in my eyes when I yawn and not just couple of drops but whole oceans of tears. It’s a really unfortunate thing when you are in some meeting in office and my body over reacts to words like ‘holistic’, ‘development’, ‘leverage’ , ‘business users’ ,’client’, ‘integration testing’ and the likes. As most of the meetings in office consist of these words its rather tough to control them yawns and in turn them tears. So it so happens that every time the person who is talking looks at me he sees a girl with a bright red face and pursed lips, flared nostrils and eyes full of tears desperately trying to hide a yawn which is threatening to reveal itself.
Tip: Never try to hide a yawn. Might as well yawn it away than suppress it. a suppressed yawn causes more agony than a full bladder in a meeting room.

2. The only question in CAT 2008 which I answered confidently was a question in verbal. That question had a couple of lines from my favorite book (unaccustomed earth by Jhumpa Lahiri) and I had to correct the grammar in it. I aced that question!!! I wish CAT had more questions on books by PG Wodehouse and Roald Dahl and Gerald durell and rohinton mistry and James Herriott and….. Sighhhh!! I would sitting in those IIMs now!!

After-thought: Thanks for gifting me Unaccustomed Earth for my birthday Aki. Pssst... I want Hitchhikers hide to the galaxy trilogy for my next birthday!! :P

3. Asking friends to meet you outside one of the statues in marina beach is a BAD idea especially if the friend of yours doesn’t know Chennai. So I had asked sheikhee to meet me at marina on 5.30. By the time we met each other it was 7 and both of us had a lot of kind words to say to each other. :-\. He was standing on one end of marina saying “hey I m front of a round white building (ullavar statue)” and I was at the other end saying “hey I am front of a round white building too (Thanthai periyar maligai)”. Sighhhh!!
Idle Musing: I was just wondering how people survived before the invention of cell phones. I mean if this had happened 10 years back what would we have done? Thank god for technology!!

4. Nowadays I am scared to check my yahoo mail. Everyday either in one of my school groups or college groups I see someone’s wedding invite. People my age getting married or engaged or having babies (no kidding!!) and I scream silently. How!! How can people decide who to marry, get married and have babies at the age of 22??? I am jealous. I cant even make simple decisions like “do I want to eat my idli with chutney or sambhar” and I spend 5 minutes every morning wondering if I oughta eat idli with chutney or sambhar and there are people MY age who are making life altering decisions.

5. I am relationship, commitment and responsibility phobic. I hate responsibility of any kind. If I sense the slightest hint of responsibility I bolt. I get along extremely well with people who have no expectations from me, which is great because I have no expectations from anyone. I do not expect people to call me, mail me and message me and hate feeling bogged down. My closest friends are people who would talk to me the same way if I called them every day or once in two months. I remember in school I had a couple of friends who would go “Revs, you promised to sit with me and instead sat with XYZ” or “Revs, you said you would call me last evening but you never did” and it would suffocate and choke me and make me feel like I was losing my freedom. No wonder I am not in touch with any of them now. Even if I tried to it would be a string of “you never kept in touch, you never called, you never mailed etc.” I have never understood possessiveness or the need to be answerable to anyone except my parents. I am extremely wary of sensitive people and people with any kind of emotional baggage. They scare me.
Ok now that’s a lot of introspection shit, so I will stop right here!!


anu said...

Yay!!!For once,am the first to comment.And let me add to that list of phobias in the 5th point.Terrified of ppl who burst into tears the moment u act mildly irritable and go "Booohoooo...hooo..I like u so much and consider u my best friend and u are (sniffles)sooo mean to me...BOOO...HOOOO....HOOOOOO...".If earlier u had been irritable cos u were stressed out,then by now u are wishing the person off the planet and as far away as Pluto.And if you make the mistake of telling the person to stop being silly,God help you!!!

Srinath S said...

so how did CAT go?

Revathi said...

LOL!! yeah. thats what i meant when i said sensitive people!! :) i dunno how to react when people burst into tears for something as silly as "u replied to A's mail on that chain mail but didnt reply to mine!!" i am like WTH!! :)\

Aaah!! CAT!! well time will tell!! :)
Thanks for visiting!! :)

Anonymous said...

18 when u completed plus 2,22 when u completed BE,and adding 1.5 years after that,u shld be anywhere between 23.5 to 24 years...
So what happnd to the 2 years?lol
24 is a good age to get married and have babies

Revathi said...

17 when i completed 12th, 21 when i completed B.E, 22 years and 5 months old now.
i hope i have accounted for all the years!! :P

psssst. learn some manners anon. You arent even supposed to ask a lady her age let alone talk about it so openly in a public forum like this!! :P:P

Anonymous said...

ha ha..point noted, madam :)
anyways 22.5 is not dat too early to get humble opinion!!

Sree said...

That was too much of an interrogation..jeez...nice you stopped it!! ;)

Aman said...

Hey Revs,

Glad to know ur still continuing to yawn in office :) no wonder Cogni's in such a bad shape :P

Osheen said...

..girl with a bright red face and pursed lips, flared nostrils and eyes full of tears desperately trying to hide a yawn which is threatening to reveal itself...

hahaha... I could so easily relate to this... wonderful post :)