Friday, November 14, 2008

Scrabble with Siddhu!!

So siddhu (my 8 year old cousin) and I have been playing scrabble (playing only scrabble actually) for some days now. I taught him the game some 2 months back and now he plays scrabble all waking and non school hours with anyone who is willing to play with him. So nowadays every evening when I come back tired (?!?!?!) from office he smiles sweetly, gives me place to sit (totally put of character) and waits till I am in a sufficiently good mood to pop the question “scrabble valayada variya?”. Now the warmest welcome that I have gotten from him during the before scrabble days are “Vandhutiya?? No. I cant take my books off from the sofa. You sit on the floor” and I will go “grrrr”. But recently he has been welcoming me with his voice dripping with a sweetness that only an 8 yr old is capable of!!

So taken in by this new show of affection from Sid I have been humoring him and playing Scrabble with him. The other day I was playing with him and losing. Now lets get some things clear. I DO NOT mind losing in a game. In most games I am the loser and I don’t care as long as I am having fun. But with Siddhu I HATE losing coz he HATES losing and LOVES to win and if he wins against me he goes prancing around the whole house saying “Gummu thalakadi Gummmma, Sidhhu na summa va”

@preethi: Yeah!! Thanks for teaching him that!! Its something that every 8 year old kid must know. BAH!! :-\

So anyway to avoid losing I had to desperately make a word which would give me at least 30 points and I had SAD letters. So I decided to cheat (:rolling eyes:) and made the word Linux (which u ideally cant make coz it’s a proper noun) and he protested as usual but I was ready

"There is no word called Linux" he squealed

"There is" I said

"There is NOT"

"Heyy!! You are 8, I am 22, would YOU know or would I know?"

"I would"

"Like hell you would. You can challenge me if you want to but remember you will lose a turn if you are wrong"

(This is my brahmastra. I know he wont challenge me coz he is scared of losing a chance and some points. Oh BTW challenge means if you think the word which the other person makes doesn’t exist you can challenge him and look at a dictionary and if you are right the other person loses a chance and vice versa)

He hesitates like I predicted and says

"What does it mean?" He asks in a small voice

"It’s the name of an Operating System"

"A what???"

“An OS” I say like I know everything. “you know what your computer runs on”


“Yeah. Linux is another thing just like windows. Windows is a valid word right? So is Linux” (I silently pat myself on my back that Thank God he doesn’t know the concept of proper nouns and common nouns yet)

"Ok." He says half heartedly "how many points do you get"

“48” I give the widest grin ever

“what?? Nooooooo” he says

“I made it on a triple word Sid. So 16 points. Multiply it by 3. 48 it is”

He lost the game by 15 points

That night as he was getting ready to go to bed I called him and told him “Hey Sid!! There is no word called Linux. I cheated and won. Ha ha ha”

“Ammaaaaaaaaaa. Shruthi cheat pandra”

“Siddhu. Go to bed. You will get up late and be late for school tomorrow”

“Paaati. Shruthi “bong” aatam aadra”

“Siddhu. Thoonga po”

Me: Muwhahahahahahah!!

Question which is topmost in your minds: what kind of a person cheats 8 year old kids and derives pleasure out of letting them know that they have been cheated?

Answer: Revs kind of a person!! :P

Revs is to the word “mean” AS Obama is to the words “Yes we Can”.

:Grinning Evilly:


GoodEarth said...

Adi paavi!!
why did u have to let him know the fact... :P after all... he will find out only when he grows up to ur age! u cud hav won many more games this way!!:D :D

Nivedita said...

you are seriuosly such an ALPUM! :) :) :)

>>Jass<< said...

Wait till he finds out about your snakes and ladders wala rule! He's gonna kick your ass :P

Kishore said...

Good read...i enjoyed it pretty much....i guess more so because i know all the poeple involved....i could relate to the cheater :-) in you...being married to your sister, i know how the both of do the same things with sid.....paavum...and you sister has the audacity to even try it on vain though...

Lyfs2win said...

Hi revs,

the next game siddu would start framing words like science ma'am,english ma'am..gonna drive your nuts yaar!!u r awesome really

Revathi said...

@good earth
Sighh!! i know. but he still doesnt know that i cheat him in snakes and ladders and ludo!! :P

lol. i ll take that as a compliment. Thank you!! :D

Sssssh!! paagal!! agar siddhu padh lega to?? :P

sighhh!! when will u guys understand. we are just teahcing him to be tougher and face the big bad cruel world out there!! :P
Thanks for visiting Kish! :)

@life is to win
Thank you so much!! :)

Kausikram Krishnasayee said...

yenna ma meenu karuvadu ndu ellam soolara :P

i am baaaaaaaaack :)

Hema said...

Paavam siddhu!!!
revs nee analum romba mosam.. :P
nee avana sollitu enga kitta vanthu
“Gummu thalakadi Gummmma, revs na summa va” nu solra!!! dog!!
:P :P